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  • public_library

    Hey there, shitty. My last fm days are few and far between lately so sorry for the late response. I'm doing how I've always been doing. Jobless and miserable, but life goes on. Music, videogames, movies. It's the same old stuff but it's alright. How about you?

    Ontem 13:23 Responder
  • missionair

    sorry for being so slow at responding but thats how i roll, usually. everything in my life seemed to be so constant and dull for the longest period of time until some recent "temporary enlightenment" as it was put in a brilliant "Human Traffic" movie. So I was shown the way, an opportunity to be a better person and have a fulfilled life with no sense of guilt or dread. It's hard but that's how good things work. You say "wrestle" and that's a good word to describe the way of being up to own standards, both physically and mentally. This age of my little personal renaissance has been accompanied with a growing interest in a variety of electronic music genres and artists outside "imaginary horror soundtracks" scene I've been into for quite awhile. Get some of this or that. Be sure to lose tour mind to these beats

    15 Mai 18h45 Responder
  • yuggoth_spider

    Did you make it to the 2nd Pedestrian Deposit show? They killed it at Cherry Park. I don't think we've met IRL, but Johnathan said you couldn't make it to that one. Shannon plays a mean amplified spring, in addition to her cello. Breathing Problem was pretty good too. The girl stuck a small mic in her mouth, then she and Rusty locked lips and both started screaming, which was then obliterated in a cloud of distortion.

    9 Mai 23h55 Responder
  • cosmicwyrm

    Fuck yes indeed. Hit me up when/if you come north

    7 Mai 4h02 Responder
  • drunkyokai

    haha yeah, i didn't "officially" start using it til a couple weeks ago. how you been dude?

    5 Mai 17h48 Responder
  • cosmicwyrm

    They weren't even on my radar until fairly recently, but definitely one of my favorites of the genre, especially the early stuff.

    25 Abr 20h46 Responder
  • nestingdoll

    nm just saw what you wrote on their wall. Fffffff. Sissy can't come 'round soon enough.

    24 Abr 19h11 Responder
  • nestingdoll

    Dan Deacon fucking slayed it, but he usually does. Seconding Yuggoth asking about John Wiese. That weekend ended up being a load of "jus' fuck me up."

    24 Abr 19h08 Responder
  • yuggoth_spider

    So how was John Wiese?

    20 Abr 5h05 Responder
  • Rrah

    Pah. And you?

    14 Abr 7h44 Responder
  • cKHAVIKk

    Ah, you know he scoop, mang: same shit, different piles.

    12 Abr 2h27 Responder
  • SmellyMichelley

    9 Abr 4h08 Responder
  • missionair

    but what a class bands we still have in common! tastes differ, interests change and that's how life rolls. you can only accept the way it is and chill. besides abstract matters, whats up? I would be extremely surprised if you're still a student. your studies are neverending from my prespective. eternal student. that's how you're written in my book!

    2 Abr 19h32 Responder
  • mquestionable

    Death Grips were pretty cool a few years ago because nothing really sounded like it at the time. I like the B L A C K I E-style noise beats and unconventional sing/scream/rapping. I kind of lost interest after The Money Store though to be honest. Horrible fanbase lol.

    1 Abr 22h08 Responder
  • SmellyMichelley

    Damn please have my babies

    31 Mar 4h30 Responder
  • AFatalCure

    shit man yr going to swans in SA + ATX as well - nice.

    25 Mar 6h52 Responder
  • yuggoth_spider

    Don't think I'm going to make it, though I'll probably regret it.

    14 Mar 8h35 Responder
  • cKHAVIKk

    What up doe? Been a minute since I talked to you last. How it hang, esé?

    11 Mar 17h55 Responder
  • P0st_Ir0nic

    21 Fev 9h31 Responder


    5 Fev 17h15 Responder
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