• S4SPW

    Mai 20 2009, 10h19

    Cold Shoulder
    Chasing Pavements

    Amy Winehouse:
    Tears Dry on Their Own
    You Know I'm No Good
    Back to Black

    Angus & Julia Stone
    Just a Boy

    Band of Horses:
    No One's Gonna Love You
    The Funeral

    Bernard Fanning:

    Biffy Clyro:
    Solution Devices
    Only One Word Comes to Mind
    All The Way Down
    When the Faction's Fractioned
    breathe her
    Let's Get Smiling
    Folding Stars

    The Black Keys:
    Have Love Will Travel
    she said she said
    Your Touch
    Midnight in Her Eyes

    Bob Evans:
    Pasha Bulker
    Don't you think its time

    British India:
    I Said I'm Sorry
    god is dead, meet the kids

    Warning Sign
    What If
    Square One
    The Hardest Part
    In My Place

    Hanging on Too Long
    Rain on Your Parade
    Breaking My Own Heart
    Stepping Stone

    Pioneer to the Falls
    The Lighthouse
    Slow Hands

    Johnny Cash:
    I Walk the Line
    Ring of FireGod's Gonna Cut You Down

    Josh Pyke:
    The Lighthouse Song
    Sew My Name
    Forever Song
    Make You Happy
    Line On Palms

    Kate Nash:
    Merry Happy
    The Nicest Thing
    We Get On

    Kings of Leon: (basically every song by kings of leon tbh)
    King Of The Rodeo
    Spiral Staircase
    True Love Way
    I Want You
    On Call
    California Waiting
    Wicker Chair
    Use Somebody
    Four Kicks
    Day Old Blues
    The Bucket
    Molly's Chambers

    The Kooks:
    Always Where I Need to Be

    Led Zeppelin:
    Communication Breakdown
    Rock and Roll

    Lisa Mitchell:
    Neo Politan Dreams

    Marmaduke Duke:
    Kid Gloves

    Morgan Page:
    The Longest Road

    Regina Spektor:

    Without You
    Miss You Love
    The Greatest View

    I Will Never Love You


    The Strokes:
    When It Started
    Take It or Leave It
    Alone Together
    I'll Try Anything Once
    You Only Live Once

    The Subways:
    With You

    Tegan & Sara:
    So Jealous
    I Bet It Stung
    Walking With A Ghost
    Call It Off
    Dark Come Soon
    Take Me Anywhere

    Twin Atlantic:
    I Cave In
    Audience And Audio

    The Vasco Era:
    When It First Showed Up
    When We All Lost It
    Honey Bee (When It Was Making Wierd Love Songs)

    The Vines:
    Autumn Shade
    Autumn Shade II

    We Are Scientists:
    It's A Hit
  • i am 35% mainstream

    Abr 7 2009, 5h53

    #1 Kings of Leon - 891,063
    #2 Biffy Clyro - 168,439
    #3 Tegan & Sara - 521,746
    #4 Interpol - 1,056,480
    #5 The White Stripes - 1,226,006
    #6 The Vines - 468,970
    #7 Led Zeppelin - 1,248,210
    #8 The Strokes - 1,189,946
    #9 The Beatles - 1,685,182
    #10 Bloc Party - 1,242,538
    #11 Beck - 1,332,023
    #12 The Cribs - 293,089
    #13 Gyroscope - 21,952
    #14 The Black Keys - 301,341
    #15 Queens of the Stone Age - 975,181
    #16 Coldplay - 2,184,282
    #17 The Raconteurs - 419,256
    #18 Band of Horses - 392,603
    #19 Kate Nash - 496,088
    #20 The Pigeon Detectives - 270,371
    #21 Amy Winehouse - 977,655
    #22 Late of the Pier - 233,436
    #23 Marmaduke Duke - 10,213
    #24Kasabian - 782,379
    #25 The Enemy - 158,285

    17,800,082 listeners
    divided by 25 = 712, 003
    divided by radiohead (2,022,212 listeners) = .35209131

    so roughly 35% mainstream? thats ok (Y)

    mad time wastage right there.
  • cant sleep. just think.

    Mar 10 2008, 14h18

    songs im keen on and why
    read if your bored XD

    Kings of Leon
    King Of The Rodeo
    I had always liked this song, as soon as i downloaded it. (yes illegally, shoot me!) Aha Shake Heartbreak is by far my favourite record by KOL and i must say, they have some extremely vast lyrics. King Of The Rodeo stands out to me though because it is different. It may be fast like Four Kicks, though it screams individuality. If you hear it i'm sure you would agree, nothing sounds anything like it. King Of The Rodeo reassures me that the world is a beautiful place and that we should always be happy and smiling. You know... "good time to roll on"? This song can remove me from any state of depression.

    Tegan and Sara
    Dark Come Soon
    Man, this is one gruesome song. Tegan and Sara always find a way of creating dark songs involving, well.. love. I actually don't find it strange that it was probably written about a girl/girl relationship, seeing as the two twins are both lesbians. I think their messages are beautiful regardless. This song appeals to me as its about being unsure in love... and once i was. I regard myself as being able to understand or interpret this song, but i could be completely wrong for all i know. I just think Dark Come Soon is magical and well written. The Con for the win!

    If there was a sexier lyricist than Paul Banks, can someone let me know? Narc is the most brilliant piece of music i think i have ever heard. Pauls voice goes right up my spine... i tingle just listening to his deep murmur. & the guitars? i can't even explain the sound. Its evocative, sensual.... eccentric. I dont even care that these songs aren't written from personal experience. This song almost justifies what sex is, and thats impossible.

    The White Stripes
    A Martyr for My Love for You
    I've been a meg white & jack white fan since about the age of 11, they basically helped me form my love for music. Never have i really had a 'favourite' song by them. I don't know why, and i've only just thought of it recently... but is there a need? I appreciate all of their songs in different ways, there doesn't have to be a superior track in my opinion. I chose this song as it is off their new album, which i reckon' is great. It doesnt necessarily refer to anything in my life... yet i still think its sad, and i believe jack when he sings it. Yes he is one hell of a rock god, but the golden songs are those where he is soft and caring. I like the story about the older man with a young pretty girl. Not in an erotic sex fantasy way... but as in, love can find you anywhere. I disagree with the critics when they say Icky Thump was a flop. I loved it, and everyone else must've too if they sold over 250,000 just in the UK. Get this song, NOW!

    Biffy Clyro
    Solution Devices
    I've had the album Blackened Sky on my computer for quite some time now, but i didnt pay attention to this song until a few weeks ago. It may not be the hardest rock song in the world, but i still feel its a song filled with hate and anger. Solution Devices actually makes me happy because it reminds me of a peroid in my life when i was quite pathetic, and the fact that i've gotten over it now just makes me incredibly proud. My friend Sam introduced this band to me, and i have so many songs that remind me of him, and how happy he makes me, but this song means a lot to me as i base it on an awful time i once had. Its the only angry song i feel a connection to. I believe a lot of people like songs that are happy and fun, but this one is dark, demeaning and thought provoking... and not to mention fucking awesome. I love biffy, and i love so many of their fantastic songs, but this one just stands out to me.

    Don't Make Me a Target
    I know the lyrics to this song a) because its catchy b) because britt doesnt sing fast and c) because my sister played it non stop for about two months. So i should know what the song is about right? WRONG. I have no bloody clue. I actually don't even give a toss because i love it regardless. This song live was on of the best live music experiences i have ever had. Have you ever seen hippies at womadelaide dancing to john butler trio? well thats how i danced. and it felt good! it felt normal! no-one cared about what we looked like, it was all about spoon. They created such an electric atomosphere.... aaah it was orgasmic. I think this is why i appreciate this song so much, because it makes me smile simply thinking about it. Spoon you are ever so talented; you texans are certainly cuties :)

    Think I'm In Love
    I honestly think Beck Hansen is an inspiration. I think so highly of him, i'd even compare him to Frank Zappa *shock* *horror* !! Beck dares to be different. His lyrics on The Information may not be of such a brilliance as his past billion gazillion albums, but they still do him great good. His 'junkyard' sound is one of a kind. How could anyone think of combining hip-hop with funk and electronica? He has his guitar riffs, piano solos, tambourine jams...a child choir... and he gets away with it! He is amazing, and think i'm in love appeals to me because it isin't like any of his other crazy stuff. It is relatively normal, so really, its different. Its a cute piece of work, and it makes me want to get up and dance, even if that isn't the actual aim of the song. Beck please come to Australia!!!
  • concerts & gigs i have attended.

    Mar 10 2008, 8h54

    previous gigs (that i can remember)
    (this will be updated ...occasionally)

    December 2003
    Christina Aguleria with Emmanuel Carella

    January 2007
    The Killers
    My Chemical Romance
    The Vines
    Eskimo Joe
    John Butler Trio
    The Butterfly Effect
    Sick Puppies
    Little Birdy

    June 2007
    Something With Numbers with The Inches and The Lazy's

    July 2007
    Christina Aguilera with Lowrider [who are shit]

    August 2007
    The Hot Lies with New Season Black and Stealing O'Neal

    September 2007
    The Hot Lies with Mere Theory

    October 2007
    Gyroscope with Horsell Common and Calling All Cars

    November 2007
    The City Riots

    Kisschasy with The Hot Lies and Horsell Common


    December 2007
    My Chemical Romance with Circa Survive and The Getaway Plan

    Zappa Plays Zappa

    Tyger Tyger


    February 2008
    Rage Against the Machine
    Enter Shikari
    Hilltop Hoods
    Arcade Fire
    Kate Nash
    British India
    Something With Numbers
    Josh Pyke
    Operator Please

    Interpol with Leader Cheetah

    The Presets
    I Heart Hiroshima
    Dappled Cities Fly

    March 2008
    Motion City Soundtrack
    Scary Kids Scaring Kids
    Killswitch Engage
    Mindless Self Indulgence
    The Offspring

    The Cops
    Tyger Tyger
    British India

    The Getaway Plan with Stealing O'Neal and Elora Danan

    April 2008
    Smashing Pumpkins with Queens of the Stone Age

    Horsell Common with Trial Kennedy and Mere Theory

    Foo Fighters with The Mess Hall and Kaki King

    June 2008
    zep boys

    The Black Keys with Lady Strangelove

    August 2008
    The Wombats with The Shiny Brights

    Nov 11 2007, 4h50

    so its about ten and a half months late; but i thought i'd write about my experience at the big day out this year


    it was about 37c and myself along with cc friends sam reannen el and em walked about 5 minutes to the train station(late already), when el suddenly realised she had left her I.D at home. It took us about three minutes to decide whether or not to go back, the result if we didn't being refused entry to BDO or if we did, missing the train and waiting another hour. *sigh* so we ran all the back in the scorching heat to her house, and somehow amzingly made it to the train station just as it pulled in! I ofcourse, was carrying the bag with everyones crap in it, so i was even more agitated we had to go back!

    The train was packed with obvious BDO attendees and the place was absolutely buzzing. After getting off, we merged with hundreds of bodies and strolled over to the adelaide showground.

    After a long line up to get in, we headed to the main arena, to the orange stage where the butterfly effect were performing their hit 'a slow decent'. I myself aren't that bigger fan, but i enjoyed watching them, a) because reannen was bopping up and down to them big time and b) the lead was topless and his pecs were glistening in the sunlight (tragic i know, but oh so ATTRACTIVE!)

    after watching a bit of butterfly effect, we headed over and sat in front of the blue stage, awaiting NZ act evermore. I sat there with the guys for at least 30 mins, cross legged, sweating from the harsh rays of the sun, but in the end it was all worth it! The boys came on and everyone had the time of their lifes singing along to 'running' , 'light surrounding you' , 'come to nothing' and 'unbreakable'. The three brothers are great entertainers and got the crowd involved by askign for requests. They ended up playing stand by me, which i absolutely adored. I recorded it on my phone; & to this day, i don't think ive seen such a good acoustic song live.

    JUST as evermore finished on stage, came scribe. Running madly over to the orange stage me and reannen caught the whole song 'if any'. we danced and sung, a long with thousands of other fans, and some random in a dog suit?

    Feeling a bit peckish, we left the stages and went to go eat some tucker. pretty cheap- yiro's starting from 9.00 !!! ??? ofcourse only el could afford it, so she got into that whilst me n sam, em & reannen tucked into hot chips. A few minutes before my chemical romance was due to perform, el and em complained of sick stomachs. we pretended to feel remorseful and stuck with them for a few minutes, until our urges became unbearable, and we ran over to the blue stage for MCR.

    what a show. Gerard Way was a brilliant performer. Everyone including the trillions of emos that were there enjoyed it thoroughly, although im sure they missed it when he yelled (with his finger up) "YOUR ALL A BUNCH OF FUCKED UP EMOS!!" ha ha. i lolled =] Welcome to the black parade was awesome, it got everyone jumping - except my friend sam. It took reannen and I around 15 minutes until he complied and started moshing with us :) but he soon got into it and thrashed his head along with everyone else to the oldies 'thanks for the venom' and 'to the end'[ which are my faves ]
    By far ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ was a crowd favourite and the volume of the crowd singing along signaled the big bands had started.

    After dragging ourselves out of the heatstricken sweat pit, reannen sam and i managed to catch a glimpse of eskimo joe. None of us huge fans, but all enjoyed 'black fingernails, red wine' which undoubtenly made them famous. Didnt stay for long, 5 minutes max... the reason being we felt bad for our sick ridden pals so we went over to check on them.

    We were greeted with evil laughter, as reannen and my makeup had smudged and our once straightened hair had become a mass ball of curls. The girls looking not sick at all funnily enough thought it was hilarious, so me and reannen ran to the toilets. We applied foundation once, but as the day increased, we realised EVERYONE looked like that, and no-one really gave a fuck.

    we strolled around as no BIG acts were playing at the time. I dragged my friends over to the green stage to see my beloved kasabian <3 'clubfoot' and 'shoot the runner' were real crowd pleasers, although i myself enjoyed 'empire'. I absolutely loved their accents !!

    we then went to the converse stage just as trivium were finishing up. Filled with metalheads with black t-shirts and long wavy hair, the girls and I felt quite out of place, whilst sam chatted to some chill randoms.
    As soon as trivium finished. Reannen Emily and I RACED over to the stage awaiting the arival of the vines!!! &hearts; We stood there for around 45 minutes until they came out. As soon as Nicholls picked up his guitar and played the first note..... it went MENTAL! 'ride' was the first song, and the crowd went crazy. For the whole performance I could barely move my arms, they were pinned on my sides, whilst my entire body was being thrashed against sweaty topless guys. ha ha as gross as it sounds, you don't even notice. Everyone is in the same position as you, so no-one cares. The Security continued to spray water on us moshing tards, and craig continued to go loco. I was a bit depressed as they didnt play 'anysound'. a great song off of their new album i had purchased a few months before... but it all was ok, cos the atmosphere, and the fact that craig nicholls was ooh, around two metres away? yeah it was awesome =]

    After the spectacular ending from craig, which included slamming his guitar into the stage, jumping over the drums, n rolling on the big drum at the front and throwing crap into the curtain behind him, i was ready for a rest. Reannen Emily and I dragged ourselves from the somewhat delerious ( most probably high) crowd and headed off to find samuel n eleanor.

    we ran them n found out they were back at the orange stage awaiting the killers to come on stage. Emily met up with them n wandered in. But reannen and i were buggered, so we sat in the grandstand nearby and sang aloud to ‘When You Were Young’, ‘Mr Brightside’, ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ and ‘Somebody Told Me’.

    I was happy to see some familiar faces throughout the day. My mate Nicola was lining up for drinks like us, and as soon as i spotted her n started talking, our friend jai sauntered over. I also saw Alba & jamie-lee before and after the killers which was good =]

    Em&el&sam had been crowd surfing during the killers, and reannen and i were extremely jealous. But i figured, as i was wearing a skirt, it probably wasnt a good idea anyways. After calming our hardcore friends down [haha] we went over to a grass area for a bit of a rest, some food and drink and time to reflect on the day.

    The sun was going down, and all you could hear whilst we were munching on our junk was the john butler trio playing 'funky tonight'. We had sat in a good position as you could see through the large gap of the grandstands, out to the blue and orange stage.

    We could make out john butler running about on stage with his guitar and harmoica strapped to him.
    reannen and i went off to look at merchandise, and danced whilst they played 'zebra'. Everything unfortunately was sold out, and all that was left was an ugly muse t-shirt ( sorry muse) and another fugly BDO shirt ( sorry BDO designers). As we headed back to the grass, reannen and i decided to take a shortcut, and found ourselves in a total other arena.

    The 'boiler room' is known for its rave like qualitys. along with the fact that apparently the majority of the crowd are on E or some shit. It was air conditioned, so we stayed in there for a few minutes, unable to understand a word the singer was singing. [funny that?]

    Getting back to the grass, everyone agreed they were ready for the next act. at this time it was about 7.45 and muse was on at 8.30. I desperately wanted to see them, but being the only one actually knowing muse, it took a lot of convincing until they agreed to come with me to the orange stage.

    We walked over and soon discovered we were in for a rough time. the whole oval/race track was PACKED. and it was impossible to get anywhere. Everyone must be lining up for muse. We pushed through to the gate (a tentish thing in between the two stages you have to go through) and waited for ages until we actually got inside the thing. I somehow got infront of my mates, and was squeezed through the tiny tiny gates. At one point, no joke- i thought i was going to lose my breath. I was being squeezed so hard because of the amount of people pushing to get through the gates before they closed for the remainder of the night.
    It didnt help that i had some sling bag across my body, and as that pushed into my stomach, i was left gasping for air. The fact that i had lost my friends in a crowd of thousands didn't help the situation. I panicked, and dropped my bag, but thankfully found it a few minutes, after i had pushed through; later lying in the gates. el&reannen&em&sam got through around five minutes later, and i had never been so happy to see any of their faces!! We ran into the muse arena and only had to wait a few minutes until they came on.

    Muse impressed just about everybody that got to witness their show and they proved that they were definitely a stadium rock band. There were close up cameras on the microphone, drums, piano and around the stage to give great vision of Muse to those that couldn’t get as close as they wanted as well as inject some Space Invaders into their music. 'Knights of Cydonia' was the first song, and as it came on, the whole arena exploded into a ball of crazy muse mad fans. I was the only one with any knowledge of this band, but soon enough reannen got into the groove of things. The others left, but we stayed until almost the end. We ended up getting out of the crowd just as my favourite muse song at the time 'stockholm syndrome' started playing. I was a bit gutted, but you could hear the tunes for miles, so i was ok.

    We didn't stick around to see tool as none of us knew them very well. We heard them right throughout the place, and later on when we got to my uncles house near the showgrounds. Apparently tool had the honour of being the first band to have a 90 minute time slot! so i was a bit sorry i didnt stick around; they were supposed to be brilliaant.

    well that was my day.
    & i had a fantastic time.
    & i cant wait to go back next year.

    & yes i DO have a life.
    i was just extremely bored this arvo.

    ha ha

    hope u enjoyed emmas BDO experience!