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Jan 18 2009, 2h41

Name your top 12 bands.

1.: Red Hot Chili Peppers
2.: Muse
3.: Radiohead
4.: Coldplay
5.: The Cooper Temple Clause
6.: Porcupine Tree
7.: The Pineapple Thief
8.: Elbow
9.: Death From Above 1979
10.: Sufjan Stevens
11.: Bat For Lashes
12.: Minus The Bear

Ok, now answer some questions about band

Number One: Red Hot Chili Peppers

How did you hear about this band?:
Always known them, really.. I remember listening to them right from I was a young kid of about 3, perhaps earlier

How long have you been listening to them?:
As long as I can remember...

Name one band member:
Anthony Kiedis

How long have they been around?:
Formed in 1983 I believe.. as a joke.

Is this your favorite band?:
Ahh yeah, pretty much.

Number 2: Muse

Write some random lyrics by this band.:
“How could you send us so far away from home when you know damn well that this is wrong? I would still lay down my life for you. And do you think you deserve your freedom? No I don't think you do. There's no justice in the world, and there never was.”

Are they all girls? Or all guys? Or a mix?:
All guys.

Can you name each member of this band?:
Matthew Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard

What was the first song you heard from them?:
Might have been Muscle Museum..

How many guitar players does this band have?:

What kind of music do they play?:
Somewhere between Alternative and Progressive with some classical influence.. winners.

Number 3: Radiohead

Do any of your friends like this band?:
A couple with good taste haha

Is this band mainstream or indie?:
Indie in a mainstream way ha.

How many cds of theirs do you have?:
All 7 studio albums, plus a live album

Have you ever seen them live?:
No! They skipped us on the In Rainbows tour, damnit!

Are they still together?:

Number 4: Coldplay

Do you have any merchendise from this band?:
Nah, not as of yet

Write some random lyrics by them.:
“When it started we had high hopes, now my back’s on the line, my back’s on the ropes. When it started we were alright, but night makes a fool of us in daylight”

How many full-length albums have they put out?:
4 so far. Probably for good too, considering Chris Martin is apparently dissolving Coldplay once they’re done touring.

Why do you like this band?:
Ahh just cos I fell in love with their sound after A Rush Of Blood To The Head.
I haaated Yellow with a passion so I never got into Parachutes until X&Y actually haha.
WHY they released Yellow as the first single, I’ll never know.

Are they an older or more modern band?:
Modern, I guess

Have they ever written a song you hate?:
Yes. Yellow.

Number 5: The Cooper Temple Clause

How many members do they have?:
Initially 6, then 5 after Didz left. Now none, cos they broke up :’(

What's your favorite album of theirs?:
Couldn’t decide. I love all three.

What was the first song you heard from them?:
Been Training Dogs

Are(were) they on an indie record label or a major?:
Indie. Thoroughly.

Do they have a logo?:

Name two members:
Ben Gautry, Tom Bellamy

Number 6: Porcupine Tree
Write some random lyrics by them.:
“God is in my fingers, God is in my head, God is in the trigger, God is in the lead”

How many albums of theirs do you own?:
3, ‘In Absentia’, ‘Deadwing’ and “Fear Of A Blank Planet’

Is this band well-known?:
Yes and no..
No because they’re no commercially mainstream, but yes because in the right crowds they are.

How long have you been listening to them?:
About 4 years

Do you like their band name?:
Heck yeah, but people laugh at it when I recommend it to them. Bastards!

Do you know anyone else who likes them?:
Yeah a few (y)

Number 7: The Pineapple Thief

Have they kept the same lineup through their whole career?:
Nah, 2 guys left.

Do they swear a lot?:
Nope. What a class act.

Do they have videos on Mtv?:
Hell no. After 6 albums, they’re still not known. It’s criminal!

Name a band member:
Bruce Soord

What kind of music do they play?:
Alternative/Progressive/Indie type stuff

Number 8: Elbow
Why do you like this band?:
Because they’re brilliant!

Are they better than, worse than, or equal to band #2?:
Both great for different things

When did they first form?:

How old were you when you first got into them?:

How many band members are there?:

Do you own any of their merchendise?:

Number Nine: Death From Above 1979

Are they closer to hard rock, or pop rock?:
Hahaha hard rock.

Write some random lyrics.:
“I don’t need you. I want you”

How old is the lead singer?:
Ummm well he was born in 1979... so assuming 29 unless he was born somewhere between January 1-18

Are they still together?:
No! :’(
After only 1 album.
One awesome album.

Do they swear a lot?:
Hmm actually no

Do they write serious lyrics?:
Haha not really.

Number 10: Sufjan Stevens

What record label are they on?:
Asthmatic Kitty I think

When did they first form?:
No idea actually.. but maybe 10-12 years ago? For the amount of stuff he’s put out..

Was their latest album any good?:
Haven’t got Songs For Christmas..

How many members are there?:
There’d only be Sufjan (live) if he could play every instrument on his own lol.

What's something distinctive about them?:
His kind of baroque sound.. it’s pretty cool

Which of their cds has the best artwork?:
The Avalanche or Seven Swans.. or Illinois.. I don’t know.

Number 11: Bat For Lashes

Name some lyrics. (this is the last time, I swear.):
“The smell of redwood giants. The banquet for the shadows. Horse and I, we're dancers in the dark.”

What was their best album?:
Fur and Gold.. as it’s the only album released, but it was so very good. Can’t wait for the follow up in April

Is the lead singer a guy or a chick?:
A girl

Do they have any videos on Mtv?:
Not that I’ve ever seen.. and barely anyone I know is into BFL, I’d say no.

What kind of music do they play?:

How long have you liked this band?:
Since I got her album, beginning of ‘08

Number 12: Minus The Bear

Why do you like this band?:
Cos they’re such a great math rock band..go listen!

Can you name each band member?:
Hmm no :|
I know Jake Snider is lead singer and plays guitar. Dave Knudson is also a guitarist.. but the rest I don’t actually know. Rats.

Do they still have their original lineup?:
All but 1. So, no.

Is it likely you'll find their cds and merchendise at the mall?:
Barely. But yesterday was a good day. Found Planet of Ice at JB Hi-Fi.. winners!

How long have they been around?:

Are they lyrically talented?:
Haha yeah, they come out with some cool stuff.

FINALLY, name you favorite songs by each band.

Okay, at the moment, therefore subject to change, they’re..

Band 1:: ‘Venice Queen’, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Band 2:: ‘Hysteria’, Muse
Band 3:: ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’, Radiohead
Band 4:: ‘Yes’, Coldplay
Band 5:: ‘Talking To A Brick Wall’, The Cooper Temple Clause
Band 6:: ‘The Sound of Muzak’, Porcupine Tree
Band 7:: ‘Snowdrops’, The Pineapple Thief
Band 8:: ‘Weather To Fly’, Elbow
Band 9:: ‘Black History Month’, Death From Above 1979
Band 10:: ‘Jacksonville’, Sufjan Stevens
Band 11:: ‘Sarah’, Bat For Lashes
Band 12:: ‘White Mystery’, Minus The Bear


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