• Short, but Sweet - 60,000 Tracks

    Dez 14 2008, 6h31

    My 60,000th Scrobbled track was Peter Broderick's A Song For The Cranes.
    I don't even know where my music taste has gone, or come from, or where's it's headed. Signs would point to it getting stranger, as my most listened to band for the last few weeks has been Amon Amarth, but with a decent smattering of T.I. in there as well. Combined with Peter's gorgeous music, it's an unusual three artists to be obsessed with at the same moment in time.

    Personally, the sheer fact nine out of the top ten artists I listen to have over one thousand plays is pretty awesome.
    Mogwai are still number one. That's unlikely to change anytime soon.
    Tool have reached the position of number two, which is excellent. They were my gateway band of sorts into music as a whole.

    That's 10,000 songs in the span of six months.

    Not a lot else to say about music lately. I'm just going to keep on listening.
  • 50,000th Track

    Jul 11 2008, 2h05

    Hilariously, I have to log in for the first time in weeks to post this. You can tell I care when...

    My 50,000th track listened to on Last.FM was (by my calculation) Dirty Water, by k-os.
    I find that kind of funny. iTunes was simply on shuffle for that one.
    Amongst all the other music I've been listening to it's one of my old favourites that shines through for number 50,000.

    Oh well. See you at 60,000?
  • How mainstream am I?

    Abr 15 2007, 23h17

    Last.fm-Mainstream-O-Meter result

    shdw_wlkng_fl is 28.26 % mainstream


    Well that was a way to waste five minutes. I'm starting think I've got studying induced A.D.D.
  • 30,000 (A full reflection)

    Nov 6 2006, 19h27

    15.) Explosions in the Sky
    10,000 tracks ago, they were at number ten. This doesn't mean much, they still have a lot of plays, but not as many recently. Why? My music has been undergoing steady change, as this chart might reflect.
    I still believe that my life soundtrack would include some Explosions in the Sky. Their music is beautiful.

    14.) Metric
    Ah yes. Last time they didn't chart. This time, though, I've seen them live! I was blown away. They now are a major fixture in the music I listen to often.

    13.) Conjure One
    Number nine last time. They're on their way out of my charts, slowly, but surely. Good music, but far too many of their songs remind me of a time I don't want to remember right now.

    12.) Ray Montford
    Number seven last time. Same story as Conjure One, great music, don't want to listen to it right now.

    11.) Muse
    Muse are just awesome, okay? Their new album helped to bring them back to my attention. They were number fifteen last time, and I think they've definately improved in their work, as Black Holes and Revelations is one of my favourite releases of the year so far.

    10.) A Perfect Circle
    I still listen to APC! They were one of the first bands I saw live, and really, really fell in love with their work. They are defiantely one of those bands that make me thing of good times, and good friends.
    They were number fourteen.

    Interestingly, I said they "weren't my style" anymore, likewise with Muse, but both have moved up towards my top ten this time.

    9.) Queens of the Stone Age
    Also awesome. They fell back by a spot, but they're still great.

    8.) Tom Waits
    Also falling back a bit, but Tom Waits is almost unique on my charts in being one of the artists I got into when I was young and stayed into. His music is amazing.

    7.) Modest Mouse
    Their new album will be my last album purchase of the year. By my guess it'll take me to my fourtieth purchase, and it'll be amazing. Everything these guys have done is great. They moved up from number eleven last year, spurred on by the way they remind me of good times with my favourite person. <3

    6.) The Tea Party
    Fell back one spot. Good music, but god damn Jeff Martin's solo album is sucky.

    5.) Nine Inch Nails
    Trent falls back one spot too. Why? Well...You'll see.

    4.) Lunik
    THE BEST BAND YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD. Unless I've given you copies of their music. ^__^
    Tragically unknown, but amazing Trip-hop, kinda pop music. great stuff. I still listen to them a lot, but they too have fallen back a spot.

    3.) Tool
    OH HELLS YEAH. They climbed from spot twelve, all the way into my top three. For the simple reasons that:
    a.) New album
    b.) I SAW THEM LIVE.
    The live show was intense. One of the best I've ever seen. I'd never been to a full on stadium rock show.

    2.) Mogwai
    I Know You Are but What Am I? is still the best song I've ever heard.
    They're an amazing band, but they fell from number one last time...

    1.) Jakalope
    But Jakalope released their new album! Go get it. It's more industrial, and more punk...and it's just great. Their debut, It Dreams, still has some great songs, but a bunch of them are a little played out for me now, where Born 4 is fresh and still exciting.

    This time I also give an honourable mention to:

    I can't not mention them. I've listened to them for only a couple months (since the Tool concert). Since then they've ended up at number eighteen (430 plays since August 27th!), and given another month, they'll be in my top fifteen or top ten for sure.
    They make some of the most amazing, beautiful, crushing, mind blowing music I've ever heard.
  • 30,000 Tracks

    Nov 5 2006, 7h27


    I have submitted 30,000 tracks to Last.FM (formerly Audioscrobbler!).
    What was this song? The Other. Makes sense. I'm a little bit obsessed with Isis lately.

    Still, would have been interesting to have it be a band I don't usually listen to. Or one that is in my top two or three (Jakalope, Mogwai, Tool, etc.).

    Later on this week I'll probably make a journal about my charts as a whole, how they've changed between thousands of tracks.
  • Weekly charts: 24 Sep - 1 Oct

    Out 5 2006, 5h04

    10.) Skinny Puppy 12 Plays

    Well, that's an alright start. Skinny Puppy are pretty amazing.

    8.) Opeth 15 Plays

    ROCK ON. Still looking good.

    8.) Gorillaz 15 Plays

    Also pretty awesome, whether they fit in with Opeth and Skinny Puppy.

    7.) Mogwai 24 Plays

    Ah, easily one of my favourite bands. Gotta love them.

    5.) Muse, Tool 27 Plays

    Holy awesome bands. Still going nuts from seeing Tool live. Loving the new Muse album too.

    4.) A Perfect Circle 28 Plays

    Yup. Still pretty awesome. Saw them live years ago. Tool put on a better live show.

    3.) Isis 30 Plays

    Awesome band, who I think have been in my top ten since I saw them open for Tool. Isis stole the show for sure.

    2.) Metric 37 Plays

    Not very much beats the total energy of Metric. They were also awesome live this summer.

    1.) Lillix 61 Plays
    BAHAHAHA. >_<
    Whoops. I like music that is actually pretty terrible, apparently. I mean, the total value of my chart is amazing. Some of the best progressive bands, pioneers in their respective genres, and highly respected musicians.
    And then there's Lillix. Don't get me wrong, they are a very fun spin on the current revamped New Wave/Pop scene, but they don't fit in with the rest of my charts.
    Aye. They'll be up there this week too, I know that for sure.

    Interestingly, Jakalope don't appear anywhere in my top ten, and aren't on my chart until number 18, behind bands like Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, Matthew Good, and Girls Aloud.
    Hilarious all things considered.
  • The New Jakalope CD

    Jul 26 2006, 22h42

    Okay, so I wrote a review a while ago and simply didn't post it. It seems a good time to post this, considering the freaking concert is tomorrow! :)

    Anthem 2: The preview of this song I heard made it sound like a massive, different, and unique opener. In a way it is. The song is crunching, heavy, and an amazing way to start the album. When I first heard it I got chills, and found myself ignoring the length of the song, which on repeated listens is my only problem with the song (and the album in general). It's too short.

    Instigator: I like Instigator a lot, but I wouldn't call it my favourite song. It's a leap above where It Dreams was in terms of style, in that I can't see it fitting in with that set of songs. Allie's vocals are an interesting change that I couldn't decide on at first, but now I really enjoy. I also got chills on this one when I first listened.

    Upside Down: The only song I skip regularly on the album at this point. I doubt I need to comment on this song much, as it's mostly designed for a pop radio audience.

    Throw It Away: Looks like they're still following the Nine Inch Nails school of naming songs. Oh well. This song is just sort of there for me. Really good, but it doesn't reach out and grab me like some of the other's. Either way, it's a good pop song that could do very well on radio in my opinion.

    Code 4 Love: I love the drums here. It's an interesting take on pop, and it's my favourite of the "trilogy" (Upside Down, Throw It Away, Code 4) as another member of the Jakalopefan forums put it. Still, there's something about this song that doesn't seem to mesh to me.

    Forecast 42: Interesting vocal harmonies, and a song that does seem to tell a story. The numbers to words thing is a strange way of doing things. It works though.

    Intervention: Intervention is a great, but I'm not sure exactly what the lyrics are supposed to reference. Is it drugs? I'd hope not. And I'd say that ink under your skin does drive you a bit crazy (tattoos, from personal experience, do drive you a bit mad). It's a question I'm tempted to ask Katie, simply because I'm very curious to know which it is.

    Digging Deep: Digging Deep has some of the best female vocal harmonies on the CD, and has great guitar work. It's a track that leapt out at me when I first heard it, and has stayed at the front. Most definitely one of the better new tracks. The guitar solo is fun, and the lyrics are also just plain fun on what is otherwise a heavier track. Some water references here, which are my favourite kind of metaphor.

    Star 24: This song seems like it's almost a response to the 80's New Wave revival, which is good. I like it. The bass line and almost 70's era guitar effects are fun, and overall it's a very clever pop influenced song, that could be a comment on the media perception of Jakalope (at least in Canada).

    Get It Back: Mid to slower tempo song. Relationship song. It's different, but it also seems to be one of the few songs that would have fit in very well on It Dreams. Electronic and upset. Another good song.

    Unsaid: Huh. Well, it's different. More water references. Really, Jeremy Fisher seems like an alright fellow (he toured Canada with just a bike, or so I've heard), but I would have prefered a song with Dave doing vocals. Badream was one of my favourite songs from the previous album. All in all though, Unsaid doesn't sound like Jakalope.

    Something New: This song surprised me in a very good way. I can definitely see this being played at clubs, and I would like to see it played there. The mixture of electronic and acoustic samples is dancey. I tend to do a little dance in my chair to it. A good way to end the North American version of the album.

    Buried: I like the idea of Buried. A slower song, not designed in the direct to radio format like most other Jakalope songs, and standing out as the better of the two bonus tracks on the import CD. However the song, for whatever reason, is enough to make me sad. It has a very melancholy feel that makes it difficult for me to listen to. Very good though.

    I'm not going to bother with the pretty life remix. I didn't really like having it on the CD.

    Overall, the songs are short, as is the CD. It's good, but I'd prefer a slightly longer disc. The stand out songs for me have to be Anthem 2, Digging Deep, Intervention, and Something New. It was really worth the import charges to get this CD ahead of August 22nd.

    Oh, and so I don't forget. Jakalope. :)

    Jul 8 2006, 7h39

    w00t new Jakalope!

    Expect a review sometime soonish.

    Also, spending fifty dollars on an import CD = less than smart.
  • Concerts, and etc.

    Jul 6 2006, 2h52

    It's a little bit sparse, but hey, it's what I can afford.
    July 10th - Metric
    July 27th - Jakalope
    August 24th - Tool

    Fuck yes.

    Anyways...Lately I've been relatively absent from last.fm, as well as the internet itself. Something about the internet has been boring me to tears, I don't seem to want to interact with the people out there, and hell, the most I get out of the internet these days is the occasional game of Starcraft. Woo.

    Back to music, I've been listening to a lot of different music lately. Mostly focusing on the bands I'll be seeing, but also listening to bands that are just plain awesome. The fact that I now use my iPod (and iSproggler) to track my listening allows me a huge freedom in what songs get tracked. My workout mixes get tracked (hence the presence of Three Days Grace, As I Lay Dying in my weekly charts more often), and my casual listening that I can do at work gets tracked (usually Pink Floyd, The Tea Party, or Modest Mouse).

    Right now I'm waiting for the Japanese Import of Jakalope's new album to show up. Damned if that isn't a tough wait. From what I've heard, it's supposed to be a bit heavier than the first one. Which would kick ass. Either way, I can't wait.

    And as a final note:
    Wolfmother kick a bunch of ass. Check them out if you haven't.
  • 20,000 Tracks and my Top Fifteen

    Abr 25 2006, 22h24

    Okay, so I'm bored, and with little else to do, I decided to comment on my having played 20,000 songs on this here last.fm thing.

    15.) Muse
    Well damn. I haven't even listened to Muse in at least six months. Maybe a song here or there, but hardly enough to have them this high on my charts still.
    They're good though. Just not what I'm in to now.

    14.) A Perfect Circle
    Ditto for APC as it is for Muse.
    Still a great band, just not my style now.

    13.) Charlotte Church
    Ka-boom! She explodes out of nowhere, and gets a high position on my charts. Then I get sick of her pop album really quickly, and stop listening to her. *shrug*

    12.) Tool
    Now that's what I'm talking about. Steady climbing for these amazing four musicians over the next few months.
    With a new album on the way, they are certainly going to do very well in my charts, as well as other peoples.

    11.) Modest Mouse
    One of those bands I need to listen to more, but just don't. They are awesome. Quite totally awesome. I often have trouble describing them to people. "Poppy, rockish, strange, somewhat drug inspired, ranty, cool music". Doesn't have a good ring to it.
    And I refuse to describe them as "indie". That is a stupid term to try to describe music. It has so many conotations, and it's far better to describe music based on the simple things. Guitars, drums, strings, vocals. Describe these to me, don't use "indie" god damn it.

    Ah, the real stars of the show! The top ten!
    10.) Explosions in the Sky
    Some of the most amazing instrumental post-rock music out there. Music I'm listening to while typing this even.
    It fits so many situations, and if I had to have bands (and could get ideal bands to do it) write a soundtrack to my life, there would be some Explosions in the Sky on there.
    How they do all the things they do with ordinary instruments is beyond me.

    9.) Conjure One
    Ah, how the mighty have fallen. I'm really not into Conjure One anymore, as the time where I needed Mr. Fulber's help seems to have gone away.
    I should put some on one day, see if the vocal electronic mixture of Conjure One still holds any interest for me.

    8.) Queens of the Stone Age
    One of the bands I like, but don't listen to in many moods. They rank with some of the best modern rock bands, but I just can't seem to enjoy them all the time.
    Oh well.
    Songs for the Deaf, incidentally, was one of my favourite albums of 2005.

    7.) Ray Montford
    Another incredible artist. Lately, however, I've been growing away from music I've listened to a lot. Ray Montford is someone I'd suggest everyone give a chance. His music can bring forth incredible emotion, and he is an amazingly good guitar player and overall artist.
    His music is almost completely instrumental, and is the perfect music to bring to the forefront, and to function as a background if you need it.

    6.) Tom Waits
    Ah the incredible gravely voiced man. A few years ago, I wanted to be able to sing like him. Now that I realize the life he's lived to get a voice like his, I think I'm happy with my own voice.
    He's still amazing though.

    5.) The Tea Party
    How many bands have saved your life? They saved mine. No, no one hears that story. I can count how many people know what happened on one hand, and I intend that to stay that way.
    Amazing rock band.
    I still feel that if they'd stayed together and gone down the right roads, they could have been the next Led Zeppelin.

    4.) Nine Inch Nails
    Oh yes. Angst rock! Er. Industrial music. <3 Trent.

    3.) Lunik
    One of the few trip-hop acts to stay on my charts. I still think Lunik are the best band you've never heard. Artists from Europe rarely get to make a splash in North America. A pity.
    And holy crap! I just checked their website, and realized they are in the studio right now!

    2.) Jakalope
    Arguably my favourite band, considering they have only one album out for now (new on on May 30th!) and are just short of 1150 plays on my chart.
    They still seems to have fused the best aspects of pop music with the lightest elements of industrial music. From what I've heard, the concert they had this past weekend showcased some much more pop oriented songs, but I'm okay with that.
    I can't wait.

    1.) Mogwai
    Also, arguably my favourite band. Considering that in the span of a few months I've played them 1200 times...I've said all I can say about Mogwai. I post about them anytime I do a weekly chart, because they end up near the top.

    So, in my top fifteen it appears I only have four predominately female vocal bands (if you count Conjure One). I also have three bands that play primarily instrumental music.
    I also don't think there is a single band in the fifteen that doesn't use a guitar on at least one song.
    Hurrah. Analysis done.
    Time has been eaten.

    End of journal.