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  • cottonball46

    aew we talkin bout school blocks tht keeps you from going to certain sites? just curious

    Nov 8 2006, 1h55
  • shallamar13


    Nov 8 2006, 15h51
  • bawitback

    I've always used port: 8000. If it doesn't work, try searching marketscore proxy. I forgot the exact url, sorry.

    Nov 23 2006, 16h43
  • Gamester1 worked for us for ages till they admins caught on and blocked that too.

    Dez 12 2006, 12h40
  • shallamar13

    yea a lot of the proxies are blocked and we can't use search cuz they blocked it with the keyword proxies

    Dez 12 2006, 19h44
  • cottonball46

    well theres [/u][/u] if you havent used that yet

    Abr 23 2007, 2h26
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