• Its been a while

    Set 17 2009, 1h19

    Woot back on, its been a while since i last used it, i wonder if anyone i know still uses it xD

    Woot de vuelta en, ha pasado mucho tiempo desde que lo use lol, me pregunto si aun lo usaran mis amigos o_O
  • Killing time (by Tsumetai_Kaze)

    Set 8 2006, 14h44

    Post the top ten bands/artists on your profile, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favourite.

    First Song: Riraito
    Fall in love: Loop&Loop/Denpatou(both are awesome xD)
    Current Favorite: Haruka Kanata ^^U

    First Song: Milky Way (I think o.O)
    Fall in love: Dive to Blue
    Current Favorite: Blurry Eyes (woot woot)

    3)YUI (YUI for Amane Kaoru)
    First Song: Tomorrow's way
    Fall in love: Feel my soul
    Current Favorite: It's happy line ^^

    First Song: Lu:na (one of my first songs of j-rock)
    Fall in love: Secret garden
    Current Favorite: Mizerable

    First Song: Hachimitsu
    Fall in love: Sharara
    Current Favorite: Cherry/Kaede(it's hard to pick one xD)

    6)植松伸夫(Nobuo Uematsu)
    First Song: FFIV theme :P
    Fall in love: Aerith's theme
    Current Favorite: One Winged Angel >D

    First Song: Wonderful
    Fall in love: Coast to Coast
    Current Favorite: Last kiss (gantz rocks XD)

    First Song: Summer Parade
    Fall in love: Summer Parade xD
    Current Favorite: Wedding bell

    First Song: Virtual Insanity =D
    Fall in love: Virtual Insanity xD
    Current Favorite: Don't give hate a chance (new album :D)

    10)Blink 182
    First Song: All the small things (not sure..)
    Fall in love: What's my age again?
    Current Favorite: Easy Target

    woot that was fun xD