• 50,000!

    Out 29 2007, 17h42

    Wow! I can't believe that in a year and two weeks I've managed to hit 50,000 tracks played - when I say I'm addicted to music ... I'm definitely not lying!

    Anyway, I decided to steal j_dub's idea of writing down what my profile looks like at 50,000. I'll do it at 60,000 just for the sake of comparing & contrasting them. ;-)

    Top 20 Artists

    1. Fall Out Boy - 1,894
    2. Jonathan Larson - 1,785
    3. Michael Bublé - 1,482
    4. Rascal Flatts - 1,354
    5. Tori Amos - 1,290
    6. Happy2BHardcore - 955
    7. Barenaked Ladies - 833
    8. Evanescence - 794
    9. Keith Urban - 790
    10. Enya - 751
    11. Pink - 606
    12. Lily Allen - 597
    13. The Wreckers - 590
    14. Tegan & Sara - 589
    15. Spice Girls - 586
    16. Texas - 570
    17. Aqua - 552
    18. Melanie C - 540
    19. Fergie - 533
    20. Brad Paisley - 477

    Top 10 Tracks

    1. Inner Smile - 565
    2. Big Girls Don't Cry - 485
    3. Reason - 311
    4. She's Everything - 272
    5. Let Love Lead the Way - 254
    6. Everything - 253
    7. Bubbly - 231
    8. Taxi Ride - 211
    9. Everything - 192
    10. Next Best Superstar - 191

    See you at 60,000!
  • Matching Game!

    Ago 28 2007, 9h55

    Step 1: Open your music player.
    Step 2: Put all of your music on random.
    Step 3: Pick the first twenty songs
    Step 4: Write down the first line of each song, no matter how embarrassing!
    Step 5: Put a list of what songs the lyrics came from.
    Step 5: When someone guesses correctly, strike out the line and list the correct name of the song next to it...

    1. I walk the maze of moments, but everywhere I turn to begins a new beginning.
    2. Grew up on a tightrope, learned to smile even when I was falling down.
    3. There’s two things I know for sure, she was sent here from Heaven and she’s Daddy’s little girl.
    4. Out of the tree of life I just picked me a pun, you came along and everything started to hum.
    5. The D.A. is dressed to the nines, in the mirror he practices his lines.
    6. Finding my way back to sanity again, I don’t really know what I’m gonna do when I get there.
    7. On the edge, windowsill, ponders his maker, ponders his will.
    8. Words get tangled on your tongue and you stumble on your feet, when you miss somebody…
    9. He said, "I was in my early 40’s, with a lot of life before me, when a moment came that stopped me on a dime."
    10. If one day you discover him, broken down he’s lost everything.
    11. Allright, so this is a song about anyone, it could be anyone, you’re doing your own thing and someone comes out of the blue and they’re like “can I get your digits?”.
    12. This is my Church, this is where I heal my hurts.
    13. You can run on for a long time, run on for a long time, run on for a long time, sooner or later gonna cut you down.
    14. It started way back in third grade, I used to sit next to Emmylou Hays.
    15. I know that every morning you go thumbing through the personal want ads.
    16. Have a itty bit of love on a itty honeymoon, you have a itty dish and a itty bitty spoon.
    17. From the moment that we met, my world was turned around, upside down, to some degree I still regret my memory for keeping you around.
    18. I never had all the answers, I never had enough time.
    19. Don't tell me, if there's ever no more me and you, just let me keep on thinking the grass is green and the sky is blue.
    20. Sleep with all the lights on, you're not so happy, you're not secure.

    Breathing – Lifehouse
    Measure Of A Man – Clay Aiken
    The Best Is Yet To Come – Michael Bublé
    Single White Female – Chely Wright
    Butterfly Kisses – Bob Carlisle
    Deep – Pearl Jam
    Tennessee - The Wreckers
    Check Yes Or No – George Strait
    Anywhere Is - Enya
    The Swiss Army Romance - Dashboard Confessional
    Wave Goodbye – Chris Cornell
    God Is a DJ – Faithless
    Knock 'em Out – Lily Allen
    Pieces - Rascal Flatts
    Live Like You Were Dying – Tim McGraw
    Everyday America – Sugarland
    You’re Crashing, but You’re No Wave – Fall Out Boy
    Itty Bitty - Alan Jackson
    God's Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash
    No More Me & You - Amanda Wilkinson
  • Bored....let's play a game!

    Jun 24 2007, 20h52

    *Stolen from the lovely Ibkhaki.

    List your top six neighbors, their top three artists, and where those artists stand on your own chart:

    1. MisguidedRoses (SUPER music compatibility)

    1. Jonathan Larson - [1]
    2. Fall Out Boy - [2]
    3. One Less Reason - [-]

    2. Cabeysoup2056 (SUPER music compatibility)

    1. Jonathan Larson - [1]
    2. Rascal Flatts - [3]
    3. Evanovich, Janet & Hughes, Charlotte - [-]

    3. Kathylutz (SUPER music compatibility)

    1. Jonathan Larson - [1]
    2. Fall Out Boy - [2]
    3. Acceptance - [-]

    4. amandaxxmmkay (SUPER music compatibility)

    1. Fall Out Boy - [2]
    2. Jonathan Larson - [1]
    3. Dane Cook - [-]

    5. Knight4Evr (SUPER music compatibility)

    1. Jonathan Larson - [1]
    2. Rascal Flatts - [3]
    3. Bon Jovi - [-]

    6. kissedbypixie (SUPER music compatibility)

    1. Fall Out Boy - [2]
    2. Rascal Flatts - [3]
    3. Panic! at the Disco - [-]

    So it would seem that if our first couple of artists are the same chart wise, we're neighbours. Huh, interesting.
  • 10,000 Mark :-)

    Jan 19 2007, 0h07

    Wow, since the middle of September (five months) I've listened to 11,013 songs. I always knew I listened to alot of music, but I never realized how much until this. It seems that I listen to about 600 songs a week, with the highest being 1090 songs in the first week of december (holy shit, what was I listening to!?) and the lowest being 414 the 2nd week in November when I was crazy busy with my dad's visit and YSB's Youth Rec Event.

    But, overall, I listen to anywhere between 500 to 700 songs a week, most often one of those songs/artists being around the 200 mark. And it's a different song or artist every week. Right now it's Rascal Flatts, last week it was Tegan & Sara. I just listen to what I like, not a specific genre or group. And when I like something, I tend to overplay it and be a bit obsessive about it. oops?

    So 10,000 tracks in five months. Will it take me another five to get to 20,000?

    mmmm pizza. /drool
  • It's HappyHardcore Time!!!

    Dez 1 2006, 21h08

    Definition - "Happy hardcore is a form of dance music typified by a very fast tempo (usually around 165-180 BPM), often coupled with male or female vocals, and saccharine lyrics. Its characteristically 4/4 beat "happy" sound distinguishes it from most other forms of breakbeat hardcore, which tend to be 'darker'."(www.

    This is my FAVOURITE style of techno, and they definitely don't play enough of it in Ottawa at raves.

    My favourite DJ of HappyHardcore is Ottawa's very own Anabolic Frolic. He used to host 'Hullabaloo' in Toronto from 1997-2005, which was considered (at the time) the standard to which all other raves are compared to. At the time Frolic found the North American version of raves had veered into a darker, more techno influenced direction - rather than a pure party atmosphere - and, fustrated with the lack of raves featuring his prefered music of happy hardcore, Hullabaloo was born. It was modeled after the UK's biggest promotions of the time, Dreamscape and Helter Skelter. (

    I'm very sad that I didn't get to experience what Hullaballo was all about - I am a HUGE fan of HappyHardcore and an entire rave series devoted to just that genre of music would have been my Nirvana.

    Anabolic Frolic (real name: Chris Samojlenko) is also known for his "Happy2bHardcore" album series. These 7 albums span from January 1997 to January 2003. On his myspace page, a blog entry dating September 20th, 2006, he basically gives 'permission' (term used loosely here) to download any/all of these tracks if you can find them, as he does not get paid anything if you buy them in stores (due to his record label going out of business).

    I have since found every album and gladly added them to my music collection. They will definitely be on repeat for quite awhile to come.

    So are you Happy to be Hardcore?

    I say,
    "Hulla yeah!!"

  • OverDosing on Country

    Set 17 2006, 14h31

    Ladylike in mama's shoes, I tried but i don't fit them. Ladylike in cowboy boots, in diamonds,lace and denim. A woman redefined - I'm ladylike -- Ladylike - Lisa Brokop


    yep. its official. i am a country girl. i now have 4 hrs, 53 min and 33 seconds of just country music on my computer.
    With 98 files to choose from, it was incredibly difficult to highlight just a couple of songs. Especially with country - other styles of music I have to be in the mood for to enjoy - but with country I am very indiscriminatory....makes it twice as difficult!


    I definitely discovered some old classics/favourites which I hadn't listened to in just about forever, namely; Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Fishing in the dark, Travis Tritt - It's a great day to be alive, and Cheyl Wright - Jezebel.

    Absolute Classics

    I also re-discovered the triology of the best love songs to ever grace my short existance. I play them in this order b/c it just makes sense; Alison Krauss -You say it best (when you say nothing at all), Travis Tritt - Best of Intentions, and Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses.

    Favourite Artists

    Everything that certain artists release as singles, I fall in love with. In particular - Brad Paisley, (f: The World & Alcohol)
    Rascal Flatts (f: Skin (Sara-Beth) & Love to love you out loud),
    Joe Nichols (f:Tequila makes her clothes fall off).

    Top 5

    1) George Canyon - My Name
    This song sends shivers throughout my body and sometimes almost makes me tearful. It is about a stillborn baby, written from that perspective, and it's very moving. Plus he just has an amazing voice.
    "This love is my only emotion...never knew any fear or pain..."

    2) Gretchen Wilson - Homewrecker
    3) Toby Keith - Little Whisky Girl
    4) Big & Rich - Holy Water
    5) Lisa Brokop - Ladylike


    Anyway, that's long enough for my first post. I'm going on 24 hours of no sleep. Need caffiene. Lots of it.

    [ * seraphyna * ]