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  • JungleDisturbia

    Are you still into k-dramas? I've been watching one called "It's Okay, That's Love" over the past six weeks or so, it's really good. I'm really enjoying it!

    3 Set 13h34 Responder
  • BabyMillie

    If you make one, let me know so I can add ya. LOL it usually is for me, but hopefully it it gets more enjoyable when I get older. Where do you work? I feel ya, but at this point, if I'm not working I feel soooo lazy. This upcoming week is my break, and I made sure to keep as busy as I possibly can. I know, I had no idea either. I'll probably bawl the next time I see Aladdin.

    17 Ago 2h32 Responder
  • BabyMillie

    Hey, do you have an Instagram? I follow Marissa, but never asked you if you had one (unless I did and forgot lol then my bad). It depends on where you are on Eid and who you're around IMO. Big crowds make it fun I'm sure. LOL right? Hopefully I'll get into the habit of running. I weigh the same as I did during Ramadan but I feel like I'm gaining more body mass which sucks. You ready for school to begin again soon? And OMG did you hear about Robin Williams passing? I almost tore up last night....I had just watched Dead Poets Society the night before last. Can't believe he's gone.

    12 Ago 22h13 Responder
  • BabyMillie

    It was alright. A bit more eventful than last year but still so-so. Last year, I just worked and was at home. This year, I tagged along with my parents to two desi parties, so at least I had some good food on Eid! Aw I'm sorry! Yes, at least the month is over now! For me, this was the easiest month of all Ramadan months in the past. However, NOW that it's over, my appetite is messing with me. I'm having tummy troubles again with irregularity and for the first few days after Eid had this huge gap in my stomach, even after I'd eat a lot of food. It's not as bad as it was a few days ago, but it's such an issue. However, I'm gonna try working out to balance out however much I eat these days. I half ran/half walked today for like 40 minutes and almost keeled over. I'm so out of shape lol.

    2 Ago 6h43 Responder
  • BabyMillie

    Good for you girl! I told myself I was going to stop listening to inappropriate music during Ramadan, but I just was not that disciplined to do it. Eid Mubarak BTW! How are you celebrating today? How was this past month for you?

    28 Jul 21h24 Responder
  • JungleDisturbia

    "Red Light" music video: / 'Red Light' album: <- f(x) did it once again!

    7 Jul 5h34 Responder
  • BabyMillie

    I only heard Charli's song Boom Clap, which I like. What do you think of Lana's album? Hey, since I am queueing stuff, there are a ton of repeats. There's this that has been posted: and the exact same pic that you edited again at the bottom of the queue. I didn't delete it since it's yours but just brought it over to the queue for you to check out.

    2 Jul 18h08 Responder
  • JungleDisturbia <- f(x) album teaser, it sounds pretty good! I love the Diplo/Major Lazer vibe of some of the umptempos. The lead single/video is coming out tomorrow, I'll link you to that. My f(x) hype is at an all time high lmao.

    2 Jul 17h38 Responder
  • JungleDisturbia

    I mean Azealia deserved some sort of backlash for her comment (she started shit for no reason) but TI took it way too far and this wasn't something to threaten someone's life over. :/ Her music in 2012 was gold but then it tapered off as she got more involved in twitter drama, it's sad. Btw f(x) just announced their comeback today!! Check out Krystal's teaser pic: <- It looks so dark and gothic compared to what we're used to with f(x) so I'm really excited. Their new album 'Red Light' is coming out on July 7, not even two weeks away ahh.

    27 Jun 6h21 Responder
  • JungleDisturbia

    Everyone is in the same boat tbh, I know so many big Lana fans who are/were apprehensive about listening to this album. I put it off for a while because I didn't want to be disappointed either. Well all I can say about the album is that it IS good, but it's a grower, so it might take a few more listens to get into it. The singles beforehand really put me on edge but they all sound so much better within the context of the album. In saying that, I don't really have many standout songs yet and I haven't learned the difference between most of them but as a piece, from start to finish, it's solid. Maybe not the best album for summer tho lmao.

    24 Jun 6h21 Responder
  • JungleDisturbia

    nn music is my life. :'( Just curious, is it shallow if my interest for countries around the world stems from music? Like to me I want to know why music is the way it is and how genres and sounds form/develop due to the culture of different places. But my interest in said-countries falters like every year depending on how invested I am in specific genres nn. I'm sure there a lot of people out there who watch for the eye candy haha, I mean contact sports are so homoerotic in general I don't understand why they're used as a measure of perceived masculinity. I actually don't mind NFL tbh, I don't really understand the rules but it's still an exciting game. My favourite sport is AFL (Australian Football League) but that's because my family are like obsessed with the game and always have been. I was always the detached one from the sport but I've warmed up to it now. I can't believe TI basically threatened her life on IG like... o.o

    24 Jun 6h16 Responder
  • JungleDisturbia

    (Sorry for the third post but...) With the mention of Lana in my previous post did you listen to 'Ultraviolence'?

    22 Jun 16h12 Responder
  • JungleDisturbia

    I know DJ Mustard's work is all very similar but to me it's the Lana/1D situation again where they have all this music that sounds alike, but it's all awesome. I think it helps that he's a producer so it's always a different voice on his beats, it keeps things fresh. I listened to YG's album again earlier tonight and it was actually better than I remember it, even though I already really liked it. More lyrics clicked into place and the story made more sense and I love the atmosphere the story creates, especially with the production. I'd say YG's album is also Mustard's ~best~ work from an artistic standpoint but in terms of replay value his best work is with Kid Ink imo. Azealia and T.I. already had beef before that song dropped but basically Azealia went in on T.I's wife because Azealia didn't feel the song title "No Mediocre" matched his wife very well nn. So horrible on Azealia's part but did you see T.I's meltdown on instagram over it, talk about tragic.

    22 Jun 16h11 Responder
  • JungleDisturbia

    Lmao, you've exposed me. :'( I am only going for SK because of the music, but that was the same for me and Britain in the last World Cup. You can't judge me though when you were originally rooting for looks haha. That AUS vs SPN match is going to be so anticlimactic because they both know they're going home. :( Can I just say I'm actually surprised that you guys also say 'soccer' (or are you just going along with my post?) because I thought Australia were like the only place to call it that. Everywhere else it's 'football' lol.

    22 Jun 16h05 Responder
  • BabyMillie

    orly? I never check what's in the queue. I just assumed you only queue your own posts from the drafts, which is why I only pick out mine. But I'll try and queue some of yours too. Just make sure you're also pulling from the bottom. Is her music similar to Iggy's? I assume she doesn't rap tho. I don't have a link, but I just found it by googling Lana's new album name and 'torrent' after it.

    22 Jun 4h29 Responder
  • JungleDisturbia

    Everyone is talking about the World Cup but I haven't watched a single match, lmao. I'm going for Australia and South Korea but I literally couldn't even tell you if they're still in or not (I don't think Australia are and I have no idea about SK). I didn't know you were a fan of soccer though to the point you're invested. How long have you been a fan? I think that's pretty awesome tbh. And why are/were you going for Spain in particular? | Ugh, another Mustard production that I really love; <- I am in love with the sample/hook ("rhythm is a dancer..."), since that sample is in one of my other favourite songs of the past year. On the topic of DJ Mustard, did you end up listening to T.I. and Iggy's "No Mediocre"? I swear I cannot get enough of this dude's productions. I know I have fanboyed before about his beats but he just won't stop delivering lmao.

    21 Jun 14h30 Responder
  • BabyMillie

    IKR? I pull all the way from the bottom of the drafts and it literally takes over 5 minutes to get all the way down to the bottom. I've only listened to Charli XCX on that song. Haven't heard any of her solo stuff. Have you heard Lana's new album? I'm listening to it rn.

    20 Jun 3h07 Responder
  • JungleDisturbia

    ff @ your ruthlessness. Well that's a shame, do you need a new genre or something to spark your interest? I could try and give you some recommendations if there's a particular sound you want to hear lol.

    19 Jun 8h46 Responder
  • JungleDisturbia

    Poor Drake in the friendzone 4 life. :'( Did you see the PNP video and did it make you think differently of the song? It was so messy imo and I feel Nic is a couple of years late with all those ~pretty aesthetics~ and not much underneath. There's a theory going around her pills n potions are her Beats Pill and Fragrances (basically saying she vents her frustration into her business) but I think it's a stretch. Clean Bandit's album was dancier than I was expecting but it sounds so perfect for summer! Wait, not even SZA's "Warm Winds"? I assumed that song would be right up your alley lmao. Well my favourite song of hers is "Shattered Ring" which is the one that sounds just like "Blue Jeans" but I do like the rest of her 'Z' EP too, especially "Julia". Also are you a fan of Kimbra's new sound? I didn't mind 'Vows' but it never clicked with me, but her new song "90's Music" hits all the right spots for me;

    12 Jun 9h41 Responder
  • JungleDisturbia

    Well the song gives off the same vibes as "Right Thru Me" and "Moment 4 Life" so I'm surprised it's not acting as such, haha. I'm waiting for Nic to drop said-killer hip-hop track and just destroy everyone. I watched Nicki's set, but it was really messy. You could barely hear the crowd and Nic had mic issues for most of it. I feel like the sound guy got fired afterwards, lmao. I saw pictures! They're so cute, nn @ Drake moving onto Nic right after he was done with Rih tho he ain't slick. Btw Clean Bandit's album is out and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it because just from my first listen, it's already an extremely strong contender for my AOTY.

    2 Jun 14h57 Responder
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