• theCherneymin

    I was there also and I was trying to put together a setlist of the songs that played. Any chance you remember what songs she played in what order? I have 14 songs that I remember her playing, but it all went by so fast! xD

    Out 16 2011, 2h50
  • scottdoesntknow

    Oh dear, I can't remember the order (I'd had a couple of drinks before she came on!), but I'm pretty sure she opened with "Surgeon" or "Chloe In the Afternoon". These are the other songs I distinctly remember, if it's any help: From Strange Mercy: "Surgeon" "Chloe in the Afternoon" "Cruel" "Cheerleader" "Northern Lights" "Strange Mercy" "Dilettante" "Neutered Fruit" "Champagne Year" "Year of the Tiger" From Actor: "Actor Out of Work" "The Party" (during the encore) "Marrow" "Just The Same But Brand New" (introduced with the anecdote about the upper-East side old woman) .... I also want to say that she played "Black Rainbow" but I can't remember exactly From Marry Me: "Your Lips Are Red" Miscellaneous: "She's Beyond Good and Evil" (Pop Group cover) So that makes, 17? Unless I imagined that she played "Black Rainbow", which is quite possible. And I can't remember what she played after "The Party" during the encore... I wanna say she played "Your Lips Are Red" after it, because I remember it being the only song she played from her first album. I'll search around online for a possible set list, I've looked for the concert online but nobody recorded it (or at least haven't put it up yet), which SUCKS because I'd KILL for an mp3 of that Pop Group cover. She played it at another concert and it's posted online, but she didn't have the whole band playing so it's not as intense as it was at last night's concert.

    Out 16 2011, 6h49
  • scottdoesntknow

    Okay, I was wrong about "Black Rainbow" but I think she played "Save Me From What I Want". GAH!

    Out 16 2011, 7h34
  • theCherneymin

    That looks like about what I have, but I forgot about "Dilettante". I too had a few drinks before hand... lol. And yeah, it was definitely "Save Me From What I Want". I have the same 4 starting songs ending with "Champagne Year" and "Year of the Tiger", and the encore I know is right ("The Party" and "Your Lips Are Red") but everything in between is an awesome blur. Sweet, I really appreciate your post! ^_^

    Out 16 2011, 18h11
  • cheapwedding

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