Hole at Bumbershoot (Seattle, Washington), September 5, 2010


Set 6 2010, 23h44

Bahhhhaha... finally saw Hole last night at Bumbershoot. Wanted to get this written down while it's fresh in my mind so that I can keep tabs on my best concert experience ever.

A friend of mine had told me before I left for Seattle that Courtney Love was pissed about an illustration of her in the Seattle Weekly, to the point where she was considering pulling out of the event, which she was headlining with Weezer. I saw it online, and it wasn't funny— it was basically a cartoon version of her, face plump and eyes swollen and drooping, as she injected botox into her lips via a handheld version of the Space Needle. Clever but offensive, and besides, that was so 5 years ago. She's back to resembling her older self. Once I got to the Seattle Center, though, I started to worry that she may in fact not show— there were newspaper bins and tables at the gates with copies of the newspaper! Not cool, especially for someone who is headlining a festival.

Nonetheless, I waited for the mainstage to open that afternoon, and got in early to stand through the Rise Against show before Hole came on. Waited for about an hour sitting at the base of the stage with a bunch of people, and then spent the following hour and fifteen minutes fighting my way through a conglomeration of rabid 15 year old Rise Against fans, while trying my best to avoid the hardcore mosh pits. It was worth it, though. Before Hole came onstage, a local female radio DJ came to the mic and said something about not knowing what to expect from Courtney, and that we would "all wait patiently for Miss Love" (code for Courtney is running late). Turned out she wasn't too late, because about 5 minutes later she was onstage, asking how we've been, greeting with "Hello, home" - everyone was cheering. She joked with us by harmonizing the opening lines of "Buddy Holly" by Weezer, followed by "oh, wait, I'm not in that band!".

She then opened with "Pretty On The Inside", as an interlude into the Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil". About 1/4 into the show, she asked for a cigarette, and kept on going. She had a good mix of songs— "Samantha", "Skinny Little Bitch", "Pacific Coast Highway", and "How Dirty Girls Get Clean"— a song that she wrote "In the spa", which we all knew was code for rehab. "I don't have to kid around with you guys, I was in rehab— I just tell everyone in the Hamptons that I was at a spa", she said.

As for the old favorites, we got "Miss World" (which she wrote in Seattle, she says), a faster version of "Doll Parts", "Celebrity Skin", "Violet", "Malibu" (I can't be near you, the light just radiates— the song's closing line which she repeated roughly 10 times, telling us she could "do that all day"), "Reasons To Be Beautiful", "Asking for It", and "Plump" (which I was surprised to see them play- "your milk's in my mouth... WHAT?").

Midway through the show, she turned to Micko, current guitarist, asking "should we do that one thing"? That "one thing" turned out to be a cover of Pearl Jam's "Jeremy", which she all informed us she had played in Paris prior, and felt it was appropriate as the song had been written in Seattle. "We suck at it", she let us all know. "We're charmingly awkward at best, and I'm gonna bury this song here— never gonna do it again, but I've gotta get it out of my system... check this out, I suck at it". She actually didn't suck at all; it was a good cover.

They finished their set in just under the allotted hour and fifteen minutes, and Courtney jumped down off the stage to greet some fans on the far right before disappearing.

Overall, it was the best concert experience I've had, and I'm so happy to say that I got to see her live. Granted, since it was Seattle, there were quite a few Nirvana fans who were there to boo her; one girl behind me kept screaming "Fuck you!", which was repeated by several people in front of me. She looked at them, started laughing, and just gave them the finger right back. At the beginning of the show she flipped us all off, which I and many others returned out of respect (only in Courtney's world).

So, minus almost getting locked in a parking garage, everything was wonderful.


  • jadedingenue

    So she didn't offer a "fuck you" to Seattle Weekly? Sounds like she handled it pretty classy. She said Seattle was fun. I think she was a little late for us, too. about 50 minutes or so after the opening act; and I heard she arrived right before the show and headed out immediately after, both in a private cab. The rest of the time in the city? Shopping, no doubt. LOL We also got "Plump"...well, you saw my set list on fbook: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=31592375&id=1097589908&ref=fbx_album There were two songs not included, "Northern Star", which was right before "Never Go Hungry" and "Samantha" somewhere in there 'cause someone requested it, but she was hesitant because "we haven't done it in two weeks and it's hard on my voice". Glad you had a great time! :)

    Set 7 2010, 8h49
  • scottdoesntknow

    Oh man, I wanted them to play Northern Star SO BAD- it's my favorite song off Celebrity Skin. Either that, or Boys on the Radio. But Reasons to be Beautiful worked! And no "fuck you" to the Seattle weekly. There was a small secret show though for VIPs at the festival, and I read an article about it from someone who was there to see it (http://thesunbreak.com/2010/09/06/gather-round-children-and-hear-the-story-of-courtney-loves-bumbershoot-secret-show) and she mentioned the Seattle Weekly cover page, calling it the "most irresponsible thing" she's ever seen.

    Set 7 2010, 17h48
  • scottdoesntknow

    oh yeah, and remember the white Hole shirt you had with Courtney and the red, white, and blue? They had it! It didn't have the concert dates on it, but I got the plain black t-shirt with the classic Hole logo. They were also selling all of Hole's albums at the festival in some FYE booths, and I FINALLY got a hard copy of "Pretty on the Inside", which I've been hunting forever!

    Set 7 2010, 20h16
  • jadedingenue

    oh, cool, cool! I didn't know POtI was still in print.

    Set 10 2010, 1h43
  • jadedingenue

    I forgot to ask, did women throw their bras on stage this time? Did they play "Letter To God"?

    Set 11 2010, 16h44
  • scottdoesntknow

    Haha, no, they didn't. There were several pushy middle-aged women though who were shoving their way in front of me (they wanted to get up close to see Courtney), but no bra-throwing, unless I somehow missed it- would have been hard though, cause I was up near the front the entire time. None on the microphones though :) They didn't play "Letter to God", but they did play "Skinny Little Bitch", "Honey", "Pacific Coast Highway", "How Dirty Girls Get Clean", and "Samantha" from the new album. And yeah, I was stoked about Pretty on the Inside. That album is NOWHERE. I've looked at every new and used record store in Portland and nobody carries it. I was browsing the FYE stand at the festival and saw Nobody's Daughter on vinyl for 10 bucks, and ALMOST bought it, until I looked over and saw all of Hole's CDs on a shelf a few feet away; and low and behold, Pretty on the Inside! They had Bob Dylan's entire discography there, too, and everything from all the other headlining artists. I've wanted that CD forever, though. I was going to consider looking up record stores in Seattle to try and find it there since nobody in Portland had it.

    Set 12 2010, 6h21
  • jadedingenue

    Aww, too bad about the lack of bras. lol "Letter To God" is a must; love it. I caught it on video in its entirety but problem: I'm stuck with dial-up and have no way to upload it. It turned out great, though; she was smoking a cigarette and at the end was handed back her guitar and was about to start "Asking For It" when she pointed at a girl and said..." I love you too, but you need to shut up. *waves arms*, YOU need to shut up! Yeah, you! You're insanely loud, you're like this totally like the insane loud girl...I was NEVER that loud! if you're modeling yourself after me...I'm sorry, I was never that loud - It's a really bad caricature!" *smiles, takes last puff of cigarette, throws it down and stomps on it* Couldn't have asked for a better moment to catch! :D Classic.

    Set 12 2010, 13h45
  • scottdoesntknow

    I know! It's a pretty song. You have dial-up?!? That's almost unheard of these days. I grew up with that though, back in the '90s and stuff. I love it how Courtney is such a smartass to her audiences. At bumbershoot, some girl had a sign that she was waving in the front and Courtney was like "Is that the same girl that had the fat sign? Let me get a good look at you, are you cute?.... You know, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels... hey, I didn't say it, Kate Moss did!" I have NO idea what she was talking about, or if maybe she'd seen this same girl at one of her concerts before, but it was funny. I wish I could have gotten that on video. Hold onto your recordings, and someday you can put them on Youtube to share with everyone! I saw the pictures from the Hole concert you went to and it looked like fun. I mean, bra throwing? It doesn't get any better!

    Set 13 2010, 20h42
  • jadedingenue

    Yeah I know, I'm the last living person with it. Someday I will go in the record books. LOL Kinda hard to explain but my living situation makes it difficult + I once tried to install hi-speed and couldn't figure it out. Technology gets tiring. Explaining this to people also gets tiring! lol Soon, hopefully, I'll be able to gather money and decide to actually spend it on a wireless thingamajiggy other than anything else I want (it's actually low priority compared to concerts I really want to go to, and such) and actually have a clue. Ohhh, believe me, I'm holding onto it! In the bathroom afterwards, one girl was holding her bra, another asked "Didn't you throw that on stage" and she said "she gave it back". Courtney gave her back her bra....*sniffle* awww. hehe or somebody gave it back...in any case Courtney didn't steal 'em.

    Set 13 2010, 21h52
  • scottdoesntknow

    I have a love/hate relationship with all technology. It's all useful and fun its own ways, but it's also really distracting at times. Hahaha, that is funny. I would feel honored if Courtney kept an article of my clothing! I read about a show she did in D.C. at the beginning of summer (the signature "trainwreck" Hole show), and she took some girl's bra and put it on onstage!

    Set 14 2010, 5h46
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