15 top artist check.


Fev 1 2007, 13h09

Date: 01.Feb.2007

1. Coldplay

First song: Clocks
Fell in love with: See You Soon
Current favorite: Low

2. Jack Johnson

First song: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
Fell in love with: Dreams Be Dreams
Current favorite: Questions

3. Oasis

First song: Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Fell in love with: A Bell Will Ring
Current favorite: Force of Nature

4. Die Ärzte

First song: Männer sind Schweine
Fell in love with: Es ist vorbei
Current favorite: Elke (live)

5. Red Hot Chili Peppers

First song: Under the Bridge
Fell in love with: Scar Tissue
Current favorite: Savior

6. Snow Patrol

First song: Run
Fell in love with: Same
Current favorite: It's Beginning to Get to Me

7. John Mayer

First song: message in the bottle (cover)
Fell in love with: Goodbye (acoustic)
Current favorite: Kid A (Radiohead-Cover)

8. Manu Chao

First song: Clandestino
Fell in love with: La vie à 2
Current favorite: Merry blues

9. Lenny Kravitz

First song: Believe In Me
Fell in love with: Sister (acoustic demo)
Current favorite: circus (acoustic)

10. Robbie Williams

First song: Rock DJ
Fell in love with: The Road To Mandaly
Current favorite: Mr. Bojingles

11. Augie March

First song: The Keepa
Fell in love with: Owen's Lament
Current favorite: The Hole In Your Roof

12. Mando Diao

First song: God Knows
Fell in love with: Ringing Bells
Current favorite: Bring 'Em In

13. José González

First song: Heartbeats (Acoustic)
Fell in love with: Down the Hillside (live)
Current favorite: Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division Cover)

14. Jimi Hendrix

First song: Voodoo Child (Long Acoustic)
Fell in love with: Manic Depression
Current favorite: Hear My Train A Commin' (Acoustic)

15. Radiohead

First song: Everything in Its Right Place
Fell in love with: Motion Picture Soundtrack
Current favorite: Lucky


  • speedyconkiwi

    hab ich mal geklaut....... *schuldig!*

    Fev 3 2007, 16h54
  • schnurrel

    joa läuft hab ich auch nur geklaut ^^

    Fev 3 2007, 18h02
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