• Updating my tastes

    Jul 31 2009, 22h10

    I think I've found a place where my music taste is at. Or one of the places.
    I think the music someone likes is based around what they heard when they were having a good time of life. I listen to music on that reminds me of times when I was at school and university which, though I hate to admit it, actually is quite a long time ago. I was recently pointed in the direction of music that I would like if I were at that stage in my life now. sort of like replacing Tori Amos with Fiona apple. I hope this makes sense but somehow, I doubt it. :)
  • Sophie b Hawkins

    Jul 31 2009, 22h02

    wow, I'm listening to as I lay me down by Sophie b Hawkins I've only just re-discovered it.

    I hadn't noticed but its kind of a part of me. its in there. I think at the time it came out, I didn't really see it for a good song. I was a bit more of a rock chick and this was more of a charty song so it wasn't cool for me to listen to this kind of stuff. I did but it wasn't cool. I'm glad I absorbed this song. its fantastic to listen to it now and I don't mind saying so.
  • Female Vocalists

    Abr 4 2009, 0h47

    There's a debate on as to whether 'Female Vocalists' should be a tag. In that it isn't specific. I've thought about it and, although still undecided, there is something in it. I have to agree that there are a number of female related tags that are vague but there is often something in common with the style of music as well as the obvious thing that they are sung by women!

    The specific 'Female Vocalists' tag refers to PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette, Fiona Apple. I think although the tag sounds vague, it refers to music where the female voice is a very powerful lead and a key instrument of the band. there are always unusual artists listed but after a second thought it may not be so vague after all ... just a thought ;)