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Dez 2 2007, 13h39

Well, have some time to spend so i am writing down as many bands as possible that i have seen live.Most of them played in Thessaloniki.

I know I miss a lot...

with no particular order

Moonspell (4times, amazing shows but I have enough of them)
Rotting Christ (more than three times, guarantee of success!)
Depeche Mode (professional show,one of my best memories)
The Raveonettes (poor show)
Soulfly (powerful but only 60 minutes)
Archive (twice,great shows)
Schiller (once is enough)
Type O Negative (the worst ever)
Sisters of Mercy (a dream come true, if even it wasn't a great show)
Katatonia (did not touch me)
Lake of Tears (already forgotten)
Active Member (several times, genuine shows all the time)
The White Stripes (hard to believe that two people can produce so much great sound)
Porcupine Tree & Blackfield (almost felt asleep)
London After Midnight (huge failure, check the review below)
Manu Chao (3times, dancing and jumping all night long)
Satyricon (having listened "mother north" i can now go to hell)
Kreator (dynamite)
Celtic Frost (a true legend)
Nine Below Zero (long live rock 'n' roll!)
Γιάννης Γιοκαρίνης (αναμνησιακή εμφάνιση)
Savage Republic (twice, wonderful experiences)
Mayhem (cult moment)
Wooden Shjips (psychedelic moments)
Paradise Lost (there is a greek word 'floros' that i cannot reproduce in's not a good word)
Atrocity (fun and decent ones)
Mecano (the dutch band, not the spanish shit, pure,strong and quality art)
Ντίνος Σαδίκης (αρχηγός!)
Διάφανα Κρίνα (καλή φάση)
Slayer (they know)
Dirty Granny Tales (a complete performance)
Ινφο (πολύ καλό γκομενάκι)
Nouvelle Vague(twice, pleasant nights)
Fields of the Nephilim (a very touching night, historical moment)
Johnny Winter (his guitar is his oxygen)
Pro-Pain (devastating band....)
Ojos de Brujo(twice and boring)
Dub Trio (sometimes great sometimes boring)
Manowar (haha...didn't pay any attention at all)
Rammstein (more show less concert)
Nick Cava and the Bad Seeds (amazing concert, 2hours+)
Pink Martini(too pity that they produce such poor sound with so many instruments on stage)
Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics (mr. mulatu...thank you!)
Patti Smith (huge respect)
Kultur Shock (twice, great dancing moments, so powerful!)
Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar (the best balkan brass)
amadou and mariam (great music)
The Residents (still missing my 35euros I paid for bullshit)
Red Snapper (twice, I wish they come again)
Samael (into the pentagram)
Keep of Kalessin (not the norwegian style I like)
New Model Army (twice, they have all my respect)
Ska-P (amazing night, one of my best memories)
Loreena McKenitt (a fairy lady in human body)
The Tiger Lillies (not as good as expected)
Murder by Death (a worthseeing band)
minor mine (wonderful music)
The Prefabricated Quartet (great dark moment)
Woven Hand (it would have been perfect if it had lasted a bit more)
Gogol Bordelllo (a not to miss live band, dancing night but very crowded)
Mono (strange japanese people)
Metallica (they are idiots, but on stage they are fantastic)
Alice in Chains (cool moment)
Megadeath (disappointment)


  • mamercus

    Έχω μια ισχυρή ένσταση και την καταθέτω πάραυτα (γενικώς συμφωνούμε στα περισσότερα που από κοινού έχουμε δει): Οι Sisters ήταν ΑΠΟΤΥΧΙΑ! Κι έχει διαφορά το όχι σπουδαίο σόου από την ΑΠΟΓΟΗΤΕΥΣΗ που κατά τη γνώμη μου πρόσφεραν! Συμφωνώ απολύτως για το όντως πιο διεθνές live επί ελληνικού εδάφους που ήταν αυτό των Depeche Mode, κι αναρωτιέμαι γιατί δεν έγραψες για το ΜΕΓΑΛΕΙΟ που λεγόταν Roger Waters. Σου οφείλω πολλά που μου άνοιξες τα μάτια για τον McAvoy και τα άλλα παλληκάρια...

    Dez 5 2007, 22h23
  • satan_my_lord

    sigoura oi Sisters den enthusiasan kai apogoiteusan poly kosmo.Ostoso imoun apolyta proetoimasmenos gia ayto kai gia ayto den eixa high hopes for the show.Thymamai malista oti eixa katevasei ena live pou eixan dosei liges prin stin ameriki kai mporo na po pos opos paixan ekei etsi paixan kai edo, paromoio setlist,gyro sta 70min and same sound...episis idia itan pano kato kai i timi tou eisitiriou. Pantos etyxe na tin do apo to epano meros tou principal, opote evlepa kai kati, giati osoi itan kato tous efage kakia omihli! roger waters den eida

    Dez 6 2007, 10h45
  • Kreator82

    Wow you´ve seen Kreator live! I envy you!

    Dez 7 2007, 18h56
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