Rusting in Seasons


Set 27 2010, 14h20

On Friday September 24th I witnessed one of the greatest concerts I've ever been to. In the list of great shows I've seen, the [event=]American Carnage[/event] show now sits at number 2. Who is number one, you may ask? The first Iron Maiden show I ever saw is going to be a hard one to beat. But this came very close to matching.

To start out the show, one of the hosts from the VH1 show That Metal Show came out. He told some jokes, poked fun at rap music and made fun of Obama. That was funny, and well worth it. It was cool that he was letting people know about how long before the bands were ready to come out.

Anthrax took to the stage, to the sound of an air raid siren. They started off the set with Caught in a Mosh. Then did a good take of Got The Time. After that they went straight into Madhouse, then came the sing-a-long track Antisocial. After that Joey said a few words, then introduced the next song by screaming out "Cry for the" and the crowd responding "Indians. Next they played one of the all time great Anthrax songs, Only. I was impressed with Joey singing that one. Its a great song live! Next Joey said "We love coming to Texas, because you are all Metal Thrashing Mad! Joey still sounds great, kind of like he has not aged that much in the last 20 years. Finally they played I Am The Law! Once that song was over, the band came up front and took a bow. This was the first time I had ever seen Anthrax live, and I was impressed.

While we were waiting for the set change and Megadeth to take the stage, a friend of mine called me up. One of his friends had been given some comp tickets, which had originally started out in the hands of Kerry King! So we wound up moving up closer to the stage, in a major seat upgrade. From the last few rows of seats, to about 10 rows behind the pit. That was awesome!

As the next set was starting, there was the sound of an air raid siren and a speech talking about a curfew and how people that disobey the laws woudl be shot in a totalitarian system. Megadeth came out and jumped straight into Holy Wars...The Punishment Due. Hangar 18 came next. Megadeth playing the entire Rust In Peace album from front to back continued with Take No Prisoners, then Five Magics. Poison Was The Cure was next, followed by Lucretia. Dave Mustaine came up to the mic and said thanks to the crowd. That was the first time he had spoken to us since starting the set. Then they jumped right into Tornado Of Souls. Dawn Patrol started up. Since it is a bass and drums only song, every one left the stage, except David Elleffson. While the song was being played, Vic Rattlehead came out in a suit and tie and pantomimed what the song was talking about. Then they played Rust In Peace...Polaris. Dave Mustaine came back to the mic after the song was over and said "That was Rust in Peace." Then they started in on Trust. I think thought that was awesome. Plus Dave came out with a dual guitar to play different parts. Then Dave came up to the mic and told the crowd the wanted us to sing a long with him on the song Headcrusher. It didn't seem that most people knew the song. By the time the chorus was done a second time, we all had it. Next they played A Tout le Monde. Thats such a great song! After that they played Symphony of Destruction, another great song! Everybody knew the chorus to the song and it was loud having everyone there sing a long. Finally they played Peace Sells. Everyone knew all the words. Dave wouldn't even have to sing if he didn't want to. After that, Megadeth came out and took a bow. Dave Mustaine came up to the mic and said his usual: "You've been great, we've been Megadeth! Thanks for coming!" Then they left and the stage crew came out to change for sets. Seeing Megadeth play Rust in Peace from start to finish was amazing!

Before Slayer took the stage, a huge white sheet was raised in front. When they started playing, the Slayer logo was lit up all over, and spinning. The band played the opening to the title song from the World Painted Blood. Then they followed that up with Hate Worldwide, also from the World Painted Blood album. When that was done, Tom, the singer/bassist, came up to the mic and said "Are you ready?" to which the crowd cheered. He said "No, no. I don't think you're ready." In response the crowd roared back. Then Tom screamed into the mic "War Ensemble! Which they ripped into. With the first notes of War Ensemble I was surprised how loud it was. I could feel the sonic beating. It was like my bones were being shaken inside my body. I could feel the drums pounding more than any other concert I can remember ever going to. The show continued on with Blood Red, then the seriously heavy Spirit In Black. Next they ripped into Expendable Youth, which seemed like the crowd knew all the words to. Then came the ultra awesome [track artist=Slayer]Dead Skin Mask, my personal favorite on the Seasons in the Abyss album. Next they played Hallowed Point, followed by [track artist=Slayer]Skeletons of Society. My second favorite song from Seasons. Then Temptation, Born Of Fire and Seasons In The Abyss were all played, with almost no break between. The song Seasons in the Abyss is one of the greatest Slayer songs ever written! With the live rendition of the entire Seasons in the Abyss album from start to finish done, Slayer jumped into some more of their concert staples. South Of Heaven was amazing. Then they played Raining Blood. Thats got to be one of the greatest concert songs of any band ever! Then they played Aggressive Perfector, which I am not very familiar with, but it is a great song live. They ended the set with my personal favorite Slayer song of all time, Angel of Death.

The show was amazing, and I was really happy I got to go. The seat upgrade was an added plus, but just seeing the show was totally worth the price. If anyone reads this, and you didn't go, you missed an amazing concert!! I counted myself as a fan of all three bands before the show. It was one of the greatest concerts I've been to. I was also kind of sad when the show was over. There are no newer current bands that in 20 years are going to be playing albums that are anywhere near the amazing quality of Rust in Peace and Seasons in the Abyss. If/When Anthrax, Slayer and Megadeth come back this way, I know I'll be ready to go see them again. Maybe next time it will be all the Big 4!?


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