Facts of my top 10


Set 23 2009, 23h06

1. Bright Eyes
First heard: At the Bottom of Everything
Fell in love with: Something Vague
Current favourite: A Perfect Sonnet

2. Brand New
First heard: Jude Law and a Semester Abroad
Fell in love with: Play Crack the Sky
Current favourite: Bought a Bride

3. The Rural Alberta Advantage
First heard: Don't Haunt This Place
Fell in love with: Four Night Rider
Current favourite: Edmonton

4. Dashboard Confessional
First heard: Screaming Infidelities
Fell in love with: Hands Down
Current favourite: Even Now

5. Nine Inch Nails
First heard: Hurt
Fell in love with: We're in This Together
Current favourite: Starfuckers, Inc

6. Hope of the States
First heard: Sing It Out
Fell in love with: Left
Current favourite: Forwardirektion:

7. Placebo
First heard: Nancy Boy
Fell in love with: Pure Morning
Current favourite: The Never-Ending Why

8. Aiden
First heard: The Last Sunrise
Fell in love with: Genetic Design For Dying
Current favourite: Breathless

9. The Academy Is...
First heard: Checkmarks
Fell in love with: Down & Out
Current favourite: Beware! Cougar!

10. Muse
First heard: Plug In Baby
Fell in love with: Muscle Museum
Current favourite: New Born


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