Tell me this genre exists outside my head.


Mai 3 2008, 2h05

There's a whole group of bands that were on the radio when I was in high school, and they have a really distinctive sound, and I want a name for this sound. My filing requires it! Man, iTunes and perhaps do not combine well with compulsive tendencies.

But, but, there's a real grouping here, I swear! I mostly think of it as "things that sound like EVE 6," because EVE 6 is my favorite out of the type. And it has all the qualities I'm thinking of. The heavy guitars, the energy, the tendency to be upbeat without being silly. Inside Out was the first song where I really heard this sound and went, "hey, whoa," although I think On The Roof Again displays it better. There are a whole bunch of others, though.

Vertical Horizon's second two albums sound like this, but not their first two at all, acoustic guitars and whimpering about how your girlfriend was taken away by the angels is not what we're talking about. Sunshine is completely the right thing, though. Lit is one of them, and Third Eye Blind, and Matchbox Twenty. It isn't just me that hears this, is it? Am I losing my mind over here? Can I make up a name if no one else has, yet?


  • PinkFloydrulez

    I dunno, like, generic 90s alternative rock? not that that's a bad thing, though :D

    Mai 4 2008, 16h27
  • arcat

    90's alt-pop-rock. Eeggmhn. I don't know. You're describing everything I love about my life, so it must be present outside of your head. But. Like. I love Third Eye Blind most, no matter how awesome Inside Out is.

    Mai 7 2008, 3h07
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