• Sureker

    Iron Maiden went behind the Iron Curtain on World Slavery Tour, where no metal tours had been held before and on Somewhere Back In Time World tour they did a show in India, where no international metalband had played before.. Coincidence?

    Dez 2 2008, 21h45
  • sablespecter

    No coincidence! Always blazing trails and pushing into new frontiers! One reason why they continue to be legends thirty years on! They have my bet to be the first metal band to play the Moon!

    Dez 7 2008, 7h33
  • GrantRS

    I've just spotted the glaring lack of Stevie Ray Vaughan in these lists. Couldn't Stand The Weather must surely warrant at least an honourable mention. Personally I'd put it comfortably in my top 5 of '84. I understand it may not be as appealing to you, but surely it doesn't deserve to be in complete absence of your list?

    Jul 6 2009, 10h53
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