"Epilogue" on Cleveland's October Kamelot Show!


Nov 12 2008, 5h43

Fri 17 Oct – Kamelot, Edguy

It's kinda funny how this blogging thing works: you get a few interested readers and then the thing turns into a hungry beast that demands to be fed! I've had a number of people in RL and here waiting patiently for a recap of the Kamelot show - already almost a month ago - and since I already have up the review of Sunday night's In Flames show, I had better get this one up, too, before they pillory me! So here it is, much-delayed. Thanks for waiting & reading!

I'll get this out of the way first: I hate seeing a show at Peabody's. They CANNOT start a show on time. Or maybe it's just when Kamelot plays there. I've only actually been to Peabody's to see them since I don't generally see the really small club shows. But the last time we saw them, they started really late. We thought that was because Kamelot had had problems getting their gear to town, but this makes twice. My buddy even called ahead the day before to ask for sure what time the show would start, but we still stood there with absolutely NOTHING happening for TWO-AND-A-HALF hours before Edguy even came on! WTF?!?!?!

Anyway, the show turned out to be a pretty good show once they got going. Edguy definitely like to have fun. They do not take themselves too seriously at all, with looks on their face the whole time like they can hardly believe that they're lucky enough to be playing to an appreciative crowd. They've been working hard for it for quite a number of years, though, and this undoubtedly is what keeps them going. Along with their relative youth, since after all this time they're still only about 30 years old.

Theirs is the prototypical, epic European . It's not exactly something that I own a lot of, and in fact I only have their song "Superheroes." Unless you really hate power metal, though, you can't really dislike these guys. They're good, and they're funny, poking fun at each other and themselves. Vocalist Tobias Sammet likes to especially tease drummer Felix Bohnke ("Alien Drum Bunny"). They also mercilessly tease the roadie (note: roadie, not roadies). Kinda deserved it, though, or else they just need new mics because what they had was crap. "He fixes everything for us? When are you going to fix this? Yeah? But after the tour will be too late!"

The funniest moment, though, was when Tobias was the target of a come-on from some girl in the crowd. "After 15 years of touring, there's finally somebody that wants to have sex with me!" No arrogance there...

Here's the setlist:
Lavatory Love Machine (I think - lyrics seemed right but sounded different)
Tears of a Mandrake
Vain Glory Opera
Encore: King of Fools

I was glad to have a chance to see Kamelot again after seeing them just about a year ago. It's actually about time they stopped touring and got on with writing another album, since this is technically still a tour to support Ghost Opera, but since this was only my second time seeing them it didn't really matter if they had some overlap with last year's setlist. Anyway, last time around Khan was sick, so his performance was better off this time.

The fanbase is definitely passionate, with a number of fans showing up similarly dressed for the part, if you can visualize what I mean. (Is this true of other bands?) The crowd at Kamelot shows also tends to be a little more well-mixed age-wise than a lot of shows that I see. Most of them still under the legal drinking age (which makes me think the long delays are not an attempt to inflate the bar's take...), but also a number of older folks like myself enjoying this sorta well-kept secret in seeing Kamelot in a small club.

Frankly, I think Kamelot is well-established enough that they could probably be playing a bit larger of a venue like the House of Blues or Agora. It was interesting that with all of the touring they've done, they vividly remembered playing Cleveland and especially Peabody's (maybe for similarly negative reasons as my own!) Roy Khan did specifically remark on how damn hot it is in that place. On the other hand, though, it makes it easy to get great pix and high-five the band if you can work your way to the egde of the stage, which only sits a couple of inches above the floor. It's also small enough that everybody got tired of hearing that one really persistent loud guy bleating out, "Play The Spell!" during every small pause in the action. Well, I suppose he left disappointed...

The only disappointment for me compared to last year came with the performance of my favorite track, "The Haunting." Last time around, we were fortunate enough to have Simone Simons along with Kamelot to deliver her awesome performance live. Not so this time, with her part being handled by, uh, whoever that woman is who's been handling female backing vocals. Anyway, she has a great voice but nowhere near the power of Simone and frankly just couldn't play off Khan effectively.

Anyway, I'm sure if you were waiting for this review because you were wondering about the setlist, I'm sure that you may have found it elsewhere by now, but here it is anyway for the record:
Rule the World
When the Lights Are Down
Soul Society
Pendulous Fall
Center of the Universe
Descent of the Archangel
Human Stain
The Haunting
Eden Echo
(keyboard solo)

Ghost Opera
March of Mephisto

\m/ (ò_ó) \m/


  • sablespecter

    [quote]my goth gear...[/quote] Now [b]that[/b] I want to see the next time you update your avatar! :D [quote]Simone sounds amazing live...[/quote] She is! Awesome enough that I wouldn't mind seeing Epica if they rolled through town. I'm glad we got to see her last year because the girl that does the backing vocals (can't find her name) just can't deliver that song. She's got perfect pitch and sings it right on, but just doesn't have the same power.

    Nov 13 2008, 0h38
  • sablespecter

    In case your still around under a different profile (and even then doubt you'd see this by now): thanks for the thoughts on Peabody's. I did not pay attention to anything inside the door, but I also did not go in the main door. Given my age, I was able to skip the line and go in through that bar upstairs, but even so, if we called to ask what time the Edguy/Kamelot show was starting, you would think they'd tell us what time that show started, not the time for some local openers. I didn't even realize that there is a second stage, other than that bar upstairs! How could we have not even heard that other band? Well, at least I know now that I don't need to be there anytime near ticket time!

    Dez 7 2008, 5h14
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