Song Of The Day - 05 Jun 2008: Les Brutes


Jun 8 2008, 22h44

Trust / "Les Brutes" / Marche Ou Crève (6) / 1981

Artist: Trust
Original Album: Marche ou Crève
Track: Les Brutes

(Note: This is a backpost, one of a series. Duty in First Life calls sometimes...)

Happy 56th Birthday to Iron Maiden sticksman Michael Henry Nicko McBrain!

Do you know much about French ? No? Hmm, neither do I except for Gojira and a little about this band. (Though apparently there's some good stuff that I'm missing...suggestions welcomed!)

But if you happened to catch Maiden during their April 1982 run through Germany on the Beast On The Road tour (I didn't catch them until August 3), then you would have caught Trust opening for them, and therefore would have caught today's birthday boy on the kit during the last of his pre-Maiden days! It was from this experience that Maiden were smart enough to welcome Nicko when Clive Burr became tired of the road after that tour and elected to vacate the stool.

The guitar playing on this is really quite good. If you can't find a copy of this album, you can find this track on the 2001 compilation Les Indispensables de Trust, along with their biggest song Antisocial, which I of course first heard as a cover by Anthrax on State Of Euphoria. Also be sure to check out La Junte and the title track. What's really interesting is to listen to vocalist Bernard Bonvoisin...his vocals sound quite a bit like Paul Di'Anno.

WIth Nicko replacing Clive, he enlarged the Maiden sound considerably and brought another skill set to expand their songs with his ability to play a variety of styles and odd time sigs (howya like the great 7/4 riff on Brighter Than a Thousand Suns?). If you want a great Nicko Maiden selection for this day, have a listen to Dream of Mirrors and marvel at the fact that the drumming in the closing minutes features only Nicko's signature single pedal kick technique - no double bass drum pedal for Nicko!

Though you have to watch out for drummers in general (they're crazy - just listen to any of the "Listen with Nicko" segments from the First Ten Years box set), credit must be given where it's due, and Bruce Dickinson does just that. Though Bruce is the one getting all the attention lately for being a pilot and flying the band around the world in Ed Force One, it was Nicko that became a pilot first and got Bruce interested in flying. In their interview with Bob Coburn on Rockline last month, Bruce described the time he went up with Nicko in his plane and Bruce thought to himself, "Well, if the drummer can do this..."

Check out his great acting chops, too! As the devil...

...and his double role as drummer and creepy, hooded hermit...

..and especially head-to-head with Sooty!

One last bragging right: I'm just four degrees of separation from Nicko! My friend Jerry Zsigo has played numerous times with Pat Travers, and in the mid-70s Nicko played with Pat Travers on his albums Makin' Magic and Putting It Straight! F'rinstance, check him out on Makin' Magic!

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