Unexpected headbanging in between the week


Abr 27 2011, 22h05

Nobody.one at Korsar

What is it like when the friend invites to a gig at local pub. For a band of the guy whose video you’ve seen once. Or twice. Then, – Why not, – you reply cheerfully with the remembrance attempt of the video which wasn’t actually a reference of the local underground kind. So, what it has been?


When Steeve Vai meets James Root and pontificates in domestic booze-haikus. When Nate Mendel himself does the way he used to and Richard Gere meets young Joey Jordison, the evening rolls.


If you say nobody.one is about wah-covered up shredding from the depths of Satriani or Vai ways. You’re wrong, I played Dean, – with the full sense of confidence the frontman would replay.

Rhythm and stuff

In the half of songs played I’ve been walking around. Looking from the front and from the back. Where the magic creature been escaping, industriously toggling the two-way switch between 4/4 and 3/4 positions? Hey, don’t follow much the drum-machine approach having a real drummer. It just doesn’t make much sense. The rhythm matters a lot, even if you get the major point form noodling along the way.

Yet, it’s important to notice that the rhythm section is really co-ordinated. Indeed, it’s so much uncommon for the local scene. All you need is just fill it with dynamics, with breaks and maybe with minimal amount of pleasant complexities. Some parts have to be rewritten in that way and it obviously makes sense only if nobody.one is the band of musicians rather then just “fan-art” project of one guy about his favorite shredders.

In that way three or four songs were pretty groovy. One of was named Twelve negroes which I didn’t find in band’s tracks. It had bluesy and groovy part which worked pretty pleasant below the guitar part. Quite moody and melodic Babylon. Another good song featured folk-percussionist inS4NEx, who has been beating unsparing to one’s limbs ;-) Interesting songs have been, undoubtedly.

The sound itself wasn’t bad as it could be considering the venue. But for such content it would be beneficial to have a better one.

Encore medley and the headbanging

Briefly claming for the encore, audience got it. Here the most metal part began. To Live Is to Die, being for me the most influental Metallica’s song, couldn’t imply me to behave in different way. Hell, yeah! And it was performed great, proving musicians are fair capable. Unfortunately it was a medley and it blended to another song. There were other not bad songs, but not as great. Did My Time, something from Limp Bizkit and Red Hot Chili Peppers. And something else I didn’t recognize. The encore was kind of mind setting, since it’s been obvious it was a success. Thank you for the nice evening, guys!

P.S. Photos from the event are available here.


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