Night in the story of your dream: Plot


Abr 13 2011, 16h57

Mogwai at Kosmonavt, 2011


What could you dream about for a half of last decade? Where do you walk sleeping? What beacons you the most, letting know there're ones who spread feelings that reflect yours?

When the sun speaks in waves and ground whispers. When leaves rustle on wind and beasts perform from afar. When everything is on, just close your eyes to see Slycat in syncope throughout the path.

Valley of thin marmoreal pines, slicing sunlight into two recurring pieces. Shortly along the way, the wind gets all the leaves and spins them in a spiral. Bigger, massive and taller maples are coming into the view. Creatures jumping cross the lane. Everything gets so lively, so catchy. It holds you within. You’re affected the more you go along. Then, gradually the sight fades, for a moment you’re stopped, and once a gloomy though comes to mind, a deep breath returns you to the place. You look around and ask yourself of what you are for. The gloomy thought gets back, but Friend Of Manzarek asks you to follow him.

Time goes to the evening, and the next turn the lane exposes you Slycat again. He sees you and goes along on a distance. His gait might look as a dance. From the crumpling rock on left of the lane Hunted By A Persistence joined a procession. He didn’t look resembling to Slycat, but his walk did in quite a contrary way. The motions interflowed and when, getting from the cross of lanes, Forester Authority appeared, it has become evident. Light dimmed and blinking eyes started to be interested, staring from the depths of the forest.

Then you find yourself in place when the lane opens to the meadow. In lights of setting sun it looks charming to enter. Once you start walking around it, it gets you the feeling someone guides you there. That someone’s guarding you from the hiding distance. Calm, you’re walking where but you start to realize the colors change and it’s getting warmer. Next moment, you stumble down. The fire was spreading on the skies. Little by little, flames were filling burning lakes and scorching shores. Beams were lifting puffs of smoke. Gripped by the terrific sight you’re lie motionless until it starts to fade out.

Once regaining own senses, the sound of some eastern instrument begins to attract you from far end of the meadow. Impelled by idea of hailing the stranger you go towards the sound. But as further you move as harder the wind blows. You loose the tune and nothing guides the way. The wind becomes to humming noise which covers you the whole.

Struggling to the safe area you happen to the moonlit hill. The few breaths revel the cold tremor on your back and then you hear them.
–I'm Elister Valbutame, I stray these hills since I've fallen in battle centuries ago.
–Willelmus Lester, my eye is sharp, my blade tears flesh. I am departed.
–My name is Guido Hallewell, I have lost my body in early days of the kingdom.
–I'm Jacob Myerscough, I'm mortified.

You’re finding yourself running with the wind away. Some lightness appears in your legs when you lift your head up. You feel like you’re used to run these fields and riverbeds. Like you know every tussock’s place in the neighborhood. Like you’ve become someone else.

Slycat jumped over from the gyrate bush. Looking so familiar, he smiled and would whirl away everyone who’d start listening to his purr. He ran by the lane, which twisted side to side, going up to the hill, where forest touches the cliff. As Slycat moved closer the piercing wind blew harder. It froze moves and dusted eyes. The voices of Regular Step and Forest Authrty could be barely heard. Others' took the wind. Struggling the elements for some time, the air became fresher, trees were parting. And the dreadful wind has ceased and the lake has appeared before the astonished eyes illuminated in the moonlight.

Looking at the stretching glassy surface of water and breathing humid air, something had been definitely missing. Something not major, not whole-defining, but soothing and pleasant. Once, with next gust of wind water has been become disturbing, waves have appeared. Couple of moment after, water started to bubble and was gurgling in the distant spot. Then giant tail has appeared, shaking side to side, splashing water surface in waves. Behaving massive and imperious, the body has surfaced.

Looking at the raging beast Regular Steps and Friend Of Mazarek have become possessed with idea of imitating him. You could see the former tried turning head clockwise, waging his arms like wings. The later has found himself trying to mimic the howl of the creature. A minute by, the wind has changed. It stopped being fresh and uplifting. It was bringing the stench and confusing thoughts.

Slycat appeared back again. Waving his tail he seemed to be urging to come with him. The lane moved rather flat and soft litter eased the steps. Then it became moving down the hill. High trees were changing to low bushes and clearing with wonderful plants lighted with fluorescent flowers. Friend Of Manzarek guided you cheerfully, letting look at the astonishing panorama. Forest Authority wafted the wind, so you could sniff the fragrances around the night glade.

Moving back to the lane and walking it further, you’ve seen a broken pine. The break line was twisted counterclockwise. Getting closer, you've seen that someone's pottering behind the stump. Hailed one was interrupted, deftly turning to run in direction of rye field. Chasing him on the field, you’ve felt the smell of the storm. The gusts of wind were pushing drops wild, thunder has been stunning in its peals, while you barely could see your escort. You saw the moment Friend of Manzarek lost his hat, so he danced in full stature. No one drew bridges between clouds. You were no longer following the pine breaker rather then just finding a way to the shelter to escape these raging elements. You’ve been lost and praying for the mythic creatures to let you see this land some few.

Lazy and shy rays of rising sun were squeezing through the line of horizon. The night was prepared for the last battle. You’ve noticed drenched to the bone Hunted By A Persistence who walked backwards. Everything felt at the edge of renewal.

Tired and wet, but please with an advance, you found the rest of you convoy. Forest Authority went on all fours. Slycat, expressing much of water disgust, staggered out walking. That misty moment, thoughts were no getting clearer, it felt incomplete and fragile.

And the day started to revive. Rays of sunrise were putting the horizon in a continuous firing frontline. You start to run, then stop. You shout because of feeling overwhelming power the moment brings. You feel native and accommodated with no obvious premise. Minutes by, you realize you’re alone in the surrounding space. There was no ground, and you were kind of floating. You were flying above the ground higher and higher. You’re soaring above the trees, spinning along the way. The surrounding air was warm and ionized. You’ve been anticipating something enormous. The next moment strong impact blew your imagine wings off. You fall down blazingly. But it feels like you fall not because of gravity rather then just flying on impulse in open space. Everything stops to be any distinctive. Slowly you are fading somewhere. Vision blends into blue shades. But you feel no fear or worry. You’re fulfilled and complete. Preciously complete. There’re no words or thoughts. But you comprehend everything, like someone talks to you in subconscious way. This state is imperceptibly permanent.

Sliding arrogant ball of papier-mâché pulled his finger out, and then I woke up. I couldn't be sure of aftermaths, the place I've been, or the space I dreamed. But what I know for sure, once I close my eyes, I can draw a wonderland from the eternal dream I’ve been to.


Slycat – Mr. Braithwaite
Forester Authority – Mr. Aitchison
Regular Steps – Mr. Bulloch
Hunted By A Persistence – Mr. Cummings
Friend Of Manzarek – Mr. Burns
of Mogwai.

Flow of Mogwai at Kosmonavt, 2011.


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