Behemoth/Septic Flesh review


Jan 19 2010, 21h34

Sat 16 Jan – Evangelia Amerika tour

I missed the opening act. I have to say I was very disappointed in Septic Flesh. The cost of bringing an ensemble with them is understandable, but at least have a keyboard player? The use of pre-recorded backing tracks for all of their "orchestral/choir/symphonic" parts was glaringly obvious, which was exacerbated by the less-than-stellar sound mix, guitars and bass way too low. You can tell the bass player/frontman was going for a theatrical approach but it didn't quite work - they need to have a more elaborate live show. The set list was mainly stuff from Communion, and before I thought that if they didn't play Faust I would be disappointed, but now it seems that it's better that they didn't play it. One highlight was the drummer. Very hard hitting and precise.

Behemoth was incredible, a true force of nature. In an interview Nergal said "Energy is universal", and that's really something they had in spades. I was surprised that the crowd knew so much of their older "black metal" type material, but people still went apeshit for stuff from Demigod. I thought Daimonos would have been a killer opener but I guess that was too predictable, so they kicked things off with Ov Fire And Void, which was pretty epic in itself. For the encore they played the ending track from Evangelion and Nergal had the mask on, which was pretty sick. Overall their stage production was also excellent, with the fog machines used to perfection, and the lighting quite good as well. Mix was pretty good as well, or at least better than Septic Flesh. Definitely worth seeing live!


  • DreadfulYgg

    Bummer, I really enjoyed Septic Flesh when I saw them live at another show last year. It was my first experience with the band and I was very impressed. I can see how not having a live keyboard player would lessen the experience though. It honestly didn't bother me at the time, given the brutality of their sound. I love the symphonic meets death metal sound they've carved for themselves. As for Behemoth, I can attest to their live show. Definitely a must see live act.

    Fev 7 2010, 5h22
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