Top 10 Most Listened To Albums


Nov 27 2010, 15h06

1. Blind Melon - Soup (2,662)

No surprise here. This is by far my favorite album and I've probably surpassed this number of plays offline. I got all 3 copies available of this record, too. I got the original digipak CD, the rare menu-shaped CD, and the vinyl of it (which is super rare). Best album ever IMO. I love every track, too, but if I had to pick 3 favorites they would be "Galaxie", "Walk", and "Lemonade".

2. Sublime - Everything Under The Sun (1,289)

This was a little surprising because I thought out of all the Sublime records the self-titled would be the most played. I guess this one landed here because I'm really fond of those acoustic jams Bradley did on here. The sound of just his voice and the guitar is amazing... very much like Shannon Hoon singing acoustic. I like all the outtakes on here, as well. My favorites are the acoustic version of "Get Out", "Marley Medley", and "Foolish Fool".

3. Blind Melon - Blind Melon (1,262)

Again... no surprise. Blind Melon have really become my ultimate favorite band. This one doesn't get as much play as Soup but it's neck-in-neck. Favorites on here (if I had to limit it to 3) would be "Time", "Soak the Sin", and "Tones of Home".

4. Sublime - 40 Oz. to Freedom (878)

When I first picked up this album (just a few years ago) it blew me away. I was more into hip-hop then and Sublime really knew how to fuse rock, reggae, hip-hop, punk, soul, or anything else into an amazing blend of music. I was a little shocked this and EUTS came ahead of the self-titled on this list but oh well. Favorites on here are "DJ's", "Badfish", and "40 Oz. to Freedom".

5. Sublime - Sublime (718)

Finally we get to this one. Same as 40 Oz. I got hooked when I first heard this record. Finding out about Sublime initially opened up a whole new door of music to me I'd never experienced before. Was quite sad - as is the same with Blind Melon - that this band was cut short from a tragic death. Favorite songs are "Jailhouse", "Garden Grove", and a tie between "What I Got"/"Santeria".

6. Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment (706)

Now THIS was a huge shock. I know I like Adam Lambert, and some songs on this album were very addictive for me, but to make this Top 10 was crazy. I had no idea I'd listened to his songs that much!! I think Adam embodies - to me - the only male pop act out right now that can both sing and entertain to the highest level. He is the male equivalent of Lady GaGa, which is great IMO. Favorites on here are "If I Had You", "Pick U Up", and "Aftermath".

7. Sublime - Robbin' The Hood (666)

Wow... Sublime really rules the roost here, don't they? What's shocking about this - besides the 666 number - is that I can't really pinpoint that many songs on this record that I really like compared to Sublime's other records. I think one of the things on here that could have propelled it to this level was the skits. Those skits of that crazy old man in the mental ward are funny as hell and I probably listened to those a bit too many times. But regardless it's a good album, just not my favorite from them. My favorite tracks on here are "Greatest Hits", "STP", and "Pool Shark (acoustic)".

8. Jimi Hendrix - The Ultimate Experience (599)

Not a huge shock because I love Hendrix and I listen to the hits compilation more than his studio albums because the sound on it tends to be better on my PC for some reason. Favorites on here include "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)", "Purple Haze", and "Star Spangled Banner".

9. Tech N9ne - Killer (458)

This represents the period between 18 and 21 when I was heavy into hip-hop (especially underground hip-hop). Tech N9ne is among 3-5 rap artists that I like the most and he's got a very unique flow and a great storytelling ability in some of his songs. This is probably my 2nd favorite album from him, but because it's a double-disc it got more hits on this chart. Favorites include "Shit is Real", "I Am Everything", and "Happy Ending".

10. Kings of Leon - Only by the Night (444)

Biggest shock on the whole list IMO. I like some songs on this album but I don't even like the whole record! I think it's because of the 3 I like the most - "Use Somebody", "Sex on Fire" and "Closer" - that this album made it on here. Kings of Leon are by far not my favorites, I just like those 3 songs a lot I guess. XD

In recap this list sort of looks weird to me. It's gotta be telling that aside of Adam Lambert, Kings of Leon and Tech N9ne everyone else (singing) on these records are dead. I don't know if I'm attracted to those kinds of things... I just think Bradley from Sublime, Shannon from Blind Melon and Hendrix made lasting music that extended far beyond their own lives. I feel the same way about Freddie Mercury, too. The sad truth is that a lot of the best musicians - mainly in rock 'n roll - die young.

It did feel weird for me transitioning from Sublime to Blind Melon so quickly in terms of how much I was obsessed with each right when I discovered them. They share a lot of similarities in their respective stories and both Bradley/Shannon were amazing front men. The thing that's different about BM, and why they seem to have stuck a lot more in me than Sublime, is that the songs are so complex beyond words or music. It's a spirit... it's music that makes your soul feel something. Not that Sublime doesn't, but this band (BM) is way more effective to me as a listener. I've probably known of or about Blind Melon past "No Rain" only for about 2-3 years, but in that time I've heard their songs over 5,000+ times and none of the songs have gotten worn out to me. I think this is the 1 band that will stick with me through and through, and I hate to pick a band like that and say "I'm sticking with this one" but it just seems I have anyway. Bottom line: this list is a mash-up of all the things I've liked the most in the past 3 years and Blind Melon seems to be the one thing that has remained consistent in that time period. BM FUCKING ROCKS!!!


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