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Ago 25 2009, 1h26

A while ago, I made a series of 7 compilations for a music website entitled "Rotten Candy: The Best of Rare Power Pop, Mod and Pop Punk." They're filled with killer songs from the late 70s and early 80s. I can't believe that none of these songs wound up being hits. People seemed to really dig them, so check them out:



  • beatz78

    Radical. Im so stoked for this.

    Set 2 2009, 4h51
  • ryeriver

    Cool...glad to hear it!

    Set 30 2009, 19h19
  • paraellos

    im gonna check it first, then tell you about it.

    Nov 3 2009, 3h16
  • sipster77

    many fanx!

    Fev 24 2011, 12h46
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