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Mar 19 2006, 16h40

...I had the strangest experience whilst walking through town yesterday. I mentioned in another journal entry about how good I think Paavoharju's music is. Well I had made a minidisc to listen to whilst I am out and about that included thier cd.

Anyway, I was walking through town listening to them, enjoying it when I got this real unsettling feeling. I felt like I was still and when I lifted my feet the earth moved from underneath me. All the people on the street were just walking round me and I was there, a rock in the middle of it all in complete stillness, calmness, and peace. Everything else was just rushing by without time to think. For that moment I was the most significant thing in the world but completely unimportant at the time.

Its good when music induces these kind of thoughts, feelings, (hallucinations).

Might I add, my only drug is music.


  • e_g_0

    i agree! do you like ES?

    Mar 19 2006, 19h53
  • rvause

    I donno. I'll have a listen and let you know. Thanks for the reccomendation :)

    Mar 19 2006, 20h10
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