• Review of Nickel Eye's: The Time of the Assassins

    Jan 25 2009, 19h28


    Pretty funky bass line. I like it. As this was the last song I listened, it was more of an outro for me. I will say that it sounds more interesting and original than the most of the album.


    You And Everyone Else

    The stickiest drum-bass section among all the songs. I must say that the vocal performance spoils it all for me. Intentional lack of expression is a trade mark of the Nikolai's original band and it's leading vocal, i.e. Casablancas of The Strokes. But Nikolai's version of it leaves me a bit cold. Overall: not very inventive in any sense.

    3.5/5 (rhythm section increased my rating )

    Back From Exile

    Leading melody of the guitar is nice. Vocal keeps irritating me a bit. Think that this song has the most potential on this album, although not my favorite.


    Fountain Ave

    A nice folk song featuring harmonica. I like the harmonica. Even the vocal sounds less irritating here. Definitely a plus.


    This Is The End

    Interesting start, the most authentic Nikolai's song I heard so far on this album. The vocal is still boring, but it suits the style of the song.


    Dying Star

    Rhythm sounds just like the Strokes in early days. Mandolin is the only interesting thing in this song. Not the song I will remember.

    3/5 (it would be less if there wasn't for mandolin)

    Brandy of the Damned

    Nice rhythm, but the song gets boring soon. To much repetition in words.


    Providence, RI

    Nice relaxing guitar intermezzo in the middle of the song (of course), but really nothing special.


    Where The Cold Wind Blows

    I cannot feel anything authentic in this song. The melody is a little boring as it is, but most of all it's played in a really boring way. Violoncello should have had a greater role, and the piano part could have had more imagination.


    Another Sunny Afternoon

    Nice, sweet pop melody. Actually, refreshing after I've been bored to death with Where The Cold Wind Blows.


    Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye

    Remake of Cohen's song, which I actually love very very much. I cannot hear any kind of new perception, new angle to a legendary song. And, to be honest, the performance is a little flat. Listening to this, with utter respect and admiration for him, I'd say: Nikolai, stick to the bass, please.


    Overall rating: 3

    Conclusion: Nikolai Fraiture, another member of The Strokes who decided to go solo, released The Time of the Assassins: album heavily influenced by folk and dipped in melancholy. As much as I appreciate Nikolai's work and efforts, I must say this is not a good piece.

    In overall this music lacks imagination, sometimes it seams as if the team that produced the album didn't have any idea how to pack these melodies. Nikolai is a vocal disaster. As much as I adore Casablancas' disinterested phrasing, don't think that Nikolai gets anywhere when trying to reproduce that. I keep thinking if this could be solved in production.

    And to finish this off: what kind of a band name is Nickle Eye?
  • Excellent concert of Kultur Shock last night in Zagreb

    Mar 16 2008, 13h11

    Sat 15 Mar – Kultur Shock

    I really didn't expect such attendance in OTV dom (nowdays called Boogaloo - which, btw sounds like a really lame name for a club). I think that somewhere around 1500 and 2000 people attended, but I 'm not too accurate in estimating, so the best thing is to avoid numbers and get back to music. To conclude this, let me just add that at the end of concert I had strong associations of Heysel stadium disaster.

    The show started around 10 PM, when we had the opportunity to see Kultur Shock's guest band Electric Eel Shock - hard rock/early heavy metal band consisting of three really funny Japanese guys. The gig really got us excited, since guys are extremely energetic - they played several hard rock hymns that caused head banging mania all over the place :)

    Kultur Shock started playing around 11PM, inciting ecstasy in front rows and choir singing of basically, anyone in the hall. The show could be easily described as a burst of joy - that was coming from the stage, but I am sure that the same feeling came from the audience towards the musicians.

    At the time the atmosphere was very emotional, but second later wild pogo would storm the front rows. The feeling was sadness, happiness and riot at the same time, just like as it should be in genuine Bosnian sevdah.

    Kultur Shock came back to stage for three encores, definitely showing the good chemistry between Zagreb audience and the musicians.

    And as I don't feel like writing much more I suggest you to listen to Istanbul, singing following lyrics:


    Istanbul, Istanbul,
    U tvojim očima,
    A na tvojim usnama poema,
    Istanbul, Istanbul,
    Bježim noćima,
    Traže me u sedam država

    Istanbul, Istanbul,
    Noć te pokrila,
    Lijepa si dok spavaš,
    Kao revolucija,
    Istanbul, Istanbul,
    Ubiće me dan,
    Svaka zemlja -- ista murija

    Merhaba svima pa i belaju,

    Jallah, Jallah, Jallah, Jallah,
    Jallah, Jallah, Jallah

    Godinama putujemo tudjim zemljama,
    Godinama daleko iznad oblaka,
    Murija me,
    Murija me traži noćima
    Murija me traži,
    Mene nema

    Ratujemo i pjevamo,
    Od sunca do neba,
    Ratujemo i pjevamo,
    Kako nam i treba,

    Jallah, Jallah, Jallah, Jallah,
    Jallah, Jallah, Jallah

    Istanbul, Istanbul,
    Ubićemo strah,
    Majko moja jak sam noćas,
    Ko' anarhija,
    Tvoje oči crne,
    Sad su moja zastava,
    Razvaljenog državnog sistema
  • Laibach i kriptofašizam

    Mar 1 2008, 21h32

    Nedavno sam uočila neke tagove na - u vezano uz slovensku supergrupu Laibach. Neki ljudi su Laibach okarakterizirali kao cryptofascism.

    Moram izraziti čuđenje odabirom kriptofašizma kao nepratktičnog taga i u pogledu upotrebe termina političkog izraza kojim se najčešće obilježavaju one političke ideje koje fašizam prikrivaju, najčešće lažima.

    Čini mi se da su neki trbovljane shvatili potpuno drugačije od mene. Ovako kad razmišljam čini mi se da je Laibach jedina prava supergrupa ponikla na prostorima južno od Karpata. Osim što su umjetnici posebnog kalibra, Laibach je viziju iz industrijski najrazvijenijeg dijela bivše Juge uspio raširiti mnogima. Nazivati to kriptofašizmom jedostavno je krivo.


    Alle gegen Alle.
  • yet another survey

    Fev 21 2008, 9h52

    let's see:


    1. What is your favorite genre of music?
    hard to say, I hate generalization of musical genres.

    2. Why?
    Because I think that music is much more complex than the genres themselves. The musical genres are limiting people and music, and setting the framework for all sorts of prejudice.

    3. Favourite Band?
    Joy Division
    The Strokes
    Death in Vegas

    and many others that I fave.

    4. Name your favorite solo artist(s)
    cannot decide. It might be Leonard Cohen but I like Regina spector and Beirut lately. I am also sure I am forgetting someone important to me.

    5. What is your favorite album?
    First one that comes to my mind is Is This It. I used to listen to it non-stop, especially when walking around.

    6. What is your favorite album cover?
    Really can't decide.

    7. Name your favorite song(s)
    That is really too difficult. Go to my charts:)

    8. Favorite CD you own?
    Go to question no. 6

    it jumps right to no. 12 I don't know why...

    12. Favorite vocalist?
    Regina spector, Feist and some more I can't think of right now.

    13. Favorite guitarist?
    Probably Eric Clapton

    14. Favorite bassist?
    I don't have a favorite bass player, but there are many skillful:)

    15. Favorite drummer?
    Dave Grohl

    The Bad Stuff

    1. What's your least favorite genre of music?
    I don't have one in particular.

    2. Who's your least favorite band?
    There are millions that I would never listen to, but let's say Green Day...which is funny, because I really liked them when I was 13 or so, back in the day I owned their two albums.

    3. Who's your least favorite solo artist?
    Can't tell by heart. Anyone who thinks that music is just business.

    4. Who do you think is the most annoying musician?
    Pete Doherty. He is annoying me. And I also despise Jack White a bit.

    5. If you could shoot any "artist" or "band", who would it be?
    It would be 1/2 of Croatian music scene.

    6. Who do you think is the least talented?
    Music industry is overloaded with untalented people. I don't want to emphasize on anyone.

    7. Least favorite song?
    I don't think about songs that I don't like.

    8. Most annoying song?
    The same as no. 7.

    9. Most repetitive song?
    You know how the Romans said. Repetition is a mother of knowledge.

    10. Last song to be stuck in your head?
    I can't remember, sorry.

    11. Did this survey just get that song stuck in your head again?

    12. Worst band that used to be good?
    Let me think of it. There must be some, but I fail to realize right now.

    13. A good band that used to suck?
    The same as previous.

    Your musical background

    1. What was the first music you remember listening to?
    The Beatles and whatever my big sister was listening to when I was a kid.

    2. What type of music do your parents listen to?
    I remember my mum listening to The Beatles, Leb i Sol and much more Yugoslav artists that you might not be aware of. For dad I am not sure, once he mentioned that he liked The Animals.

    3. Do you play any musical instruments, or sing?
    I used to play violin, and I used to sing - now I am singing only in the shower.

    4. Do you take lessons for instruments or voice? If so, for how long?
    Not anymore. I was attending musical school 1989-2001.

    5. Do you plan to / have you gone to college for music?
    No, I haven't.

    6. Who are your musical inspirations?
    Anyone who writes and performs music and understands it's magical power of connecting people.

    7. Who was your first favorite band or artist?
    The Beatles, but when I was a young adolescent I really liked Oasis.

    8. Who is your most recent favorite band or artist?
    Blonde Redhead and Death in Vegas.

    9. What styles of music are you interested in learning about?

    I am interested in various sorts of fusions and mixes of styles.

    10. What styles of music do you already know a lot about?

    XVIII and XIX century classical music.

    1. Elvis Presley or Bill Haley?
    The King

    2. The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?
    The Beatles

    3. Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath?
    Led Zeppelin

    4. David Bowie or T. Rex?
    David Bowie

    5. Sex Pistols or the Clash?
    The Clash

    6. Blondie or the Ramones?

    7. Guns n’ Roses or Van Halen?

    8. The Cure or the Smiths?
    The Cure

    9. Blur or Radiohead?
    Both, but if I have to choose than Blur.

    10. Nirvana or Pearl Jam?

    11. The Libertines or the Strokes?
    The Strokes, definitely!


    1. Favourite and Worst of the 50s?
    Don't know about the worst. Paul Anka is something I used to listen to. Ask my sister:)

    3. Favorite and Worst of the 60s?
    I really wasn't around:)

    5. Favorite and Worst of the 70s?

    The same as no. 3

    7. Favorite and Worst of the 80s?
    80s produced a lot of crap. That's all I am going to say.

    9. Favorite and Worst of the 90s?
    Let me get back to it some other time.

    There are some other questions, but these surveys are far to exhausting, and sometimes I promise, I will be back and answer all the questions:)
  • A certain song

    Fev 11 2008, 23h23

    Just a short observation on the Hands Around My Throat

    My observation is, just like in the last journal, connected to a movie.

    The movie in question is The Animatrix.

    The Animatrix is a set of animated films, all written and directed by several different artists, all stories are inspired by the original The Matrix trilogy. The most impressive story is by all means The Second Renaissance that has two parts. I highly recommend this movie to all the people that consider themselves Matrix fan, Anime fan, or anyone who likes to watch movies.

    And what about the song?

    Ah, yeah right.

    Not long after watching it, I got the hold of this amazing soundtrack. I still listen to that soundtrack, even though I got it in 2003. That just shows how good it is. (I must say that I think that the tagging of the album isn't quite good here on Marvelous song Hands Around My Throat got me more interested in Death in Vegas who are one of my favorite artists now.

    I will conclude with only a remark on the soundtrack and the film at the same time: They are both just extraordinary!
  • A word or two..

    Fev 7 2008, 19h37

    about my (according to stats) favorite Album

    It's Pan's Labyrinth

    The movie I watched was indeed one of the best movies I watched in 2007. Combined elements of historic facts occurring in the midst of Spanish Civil War gathered with high level fantasy (fairy tail) setting.

    The music in this excellent film, directed by Gulliermo Del Toro is really special.

    Rich orchestration, sometimes with a strong quire or a gentle voice - sounds monumental and tender at the same time. And everything seams to be played with such great involvement of the artists that have created this ambient. The only thing left to say: Javier Navarrete is a great composer of both classical and film music.

    A word about director, too. Before I even knew about Pan's Labyrinth I watched Del Toro's other fantastic movie that also combines phantasmagoria and historical picture that represents Spanish Civil War: El Espinazo del diablo. That movie was also very good - but also creepy.

    To get back to Pan's Labyrinth, you should all go and see this movie, and then you should get yourselves the soundtrack and listen to it.

    That's all.
  • Top 50 Survey

    Jan 28 2008, 22h49

    1. How did you get into #31? The Zutons

    My friend Petra brought the CD when she was on a trip to Edinburgh, back in 2004. I liked it immediately.

    2. What was the first song you ever heard by #22? Nick Cave & Bad Seeds

    Don't remember. Somehow I think it was Tupelo

    3. What's your favourite lyric by #40? 70's porn music

    They are all mostly instrumentals.

    4. What is your favourite album by #49?


    5. How many albums you have by #13? Siouxie and the Banshees 2

    6. What is your favourite song by #50? Maps

    Lost My Soul

    7. Is there a song by #4 that makes you sad? Regina spector

    Carbon Monoxide

    8. What is your least favourite song by #15?

    Amy Winehouse


    9. What is your favourite song by #5? Death in Vegas

    Hands Around My Troath

    10. Is there a song by #6 that makes you happy? Trevor Jones

    Igrayne's Dance

    11. What is your favourite album by #36? The White Stripes

    White Blood Cells and Elephant

    12. What is your favourite song by #9? The Cure

    Close to Me

    13. What is a good memory you have involving #33? Queens of the Stone Age

    Huh, cannot remember, but I am sure I had many good tims listening to QOTSA.

    14. What is your favourite song by #26? Datarock

    Fa Fa Fa

    15. Is there a song by #19 that makes you happy? Broken Social Scene

    Cause = Time

    16. How many times have you seen #16 live? Deutsche Oper Berlin

    Unfortunately, not once.

    17. What is the first song you heard by #23? The Knife

    Silent Shout

    18. What is you favourite album by #12? Blashko

    Just a boy

    19. Who is your favourite member by #1? Joy Division

    They are all great musicians.

    20. How many times have you seen #14 live? Albert Hammond, Jr.

    Not one time unfortunatelly.

    21. What is a good memory you have involving #45? Kate Nash

    Why are these questions repeating?

    22. What is your favourite song by #16? Carmina Burana


    23. What is the first song you heard by #47? Belle and Sebastian

    Cannot remember :)

    24. What is your favourite album by #3? Interpol


    25. What is your favorite song by #17? Tenacious D

    hmm, I guess I like most of them, but I prefer Explosivo lately:)

    26. What is the first song you heard by #38? Again this question? The Sisters of Mercy

    This is getting boring, but I won't quit now.

    27. What is your favorite lyric that #21 has sung? Air

    Sexy Boy

    28. What is your favourite song by #2? Anja Garbarek

    I guess it's Dizzy With Wonder

    29. What is the first song you heard by #32? Koop

    Again this question :) I really don't have this type of memory :)

    30. What is your favourite song by #8? Blonde Redhead

    The Dress

    31. How many times have you seen #42 live?

    The Beat Fleet

    more than 5, that's for sure, but there are local band :)

    32. Is there a song by #39 that makes you sad? Johnny Cash

    yap. Hurt

    33. What is your favourite album by #12?

    Jawn. That's not an album ;)

    34. What is the worst song by #29? Kultur Shock

    There is no such a thing!!

    35. What was the first song you heard by #34?


    36. What is you favourite album by #42? The Beat Fleet

    I guess that Maxon Universal is the one

    37. How many time have you seen #39 live? Johnny Cash

    Yap, in jail back in 1950-something. Hahaha!

    38. What is your favourite album by #27? Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    Show Your Bones

    39. What is the first song you heard by #28? Tom Waits

    Maybe it would be more interesting if the question was: What will be the last song you will be hearing from...

    What is you favourite album by #7? Arctic Monkeys

    Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not