LG n-n-n-nineteen!


Mar 7 2009, 10h35

Because people are starting to miss it. :P

1.I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
"Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

2.I've hoped for change
It gets better everyday
"Paramore - Whoa"

3.Hello there, the angel from my nightmare
The shadow in the background of the morgue
"Blink-182 - I Miss You"

4.Then there was rain
The sky wore a veil of gold and grey
"Coldplay - Rainy Day"

5.Where are we? What the hell is going on?
The dust has only just begun to fall,
"Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek"

6.He left no time to regret
Kept his dick wet
"Amy Winehouse - Back to Black"

7.I want it, you got it
So much
I'm crazy for
Your touch

8.A wild ride over stony ground
Such a lust for life the circus comes to town
"Def Leppard - Animal"

9.She's taking her time making up the reasons
To justify all the hurt inside
"Savage Garden - To the Moon and Back"

10.Remember me when you're the one who's silver screen
Remember me when you're the one you always dreamed
"Placebo - Special Needs"

11.Tonight I wanna give it all to you
In the darkness
"KISS - I Was Made for Lovin' You"

12.Take a look at my life, all black
Take a look at my clothes, all black
"Good Charlotte - All Black"

13.What I like about you
You hold me tight
"Lillix - What I Like About You"

14.You're stuck on a chain
And you're towing a lie

15.We'll do it all
On our own
"Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars"

16.Saturday, I feel right
I been drinking all day

17.You would give it all up in an instant
I bet you'd torch your house with your own hands

18.I drift away to a place
Another kind of life
"Alexz Johnson - Skin"

19.The more you see the less you know
The less you find out as you go

20.You and me
We used to be together
"No Doubt - Don't Speak"

21.A cloud hangs over,
It's a city by the sea,
"Incubus - Anna Molly"

22."I'm here for you," she said
and we can stay for awhile,
"Anberlin - The Feel Good Drag"

23.I try so many times
but it's not taking me

24.If you're like us,
Calling all riders,
"Thousand Foot Krutch - Phenomenon"

25.It was one hundred degrees as we sat beneath a willow tree
Whose tears didn't care, they just hung in the air and refused to fall, to fall
"Death Cab For Cutie - Crooked Teeth"

26.I wanted to be like you
I wanted everything
"Michelle Branch - All You Wanted"

27.We're both looking for something
We've been afraid to find
"Lifehouse - First Time"

28.Your lipstick, his collar.. don't bother Angel
I know exactly what goes on
"Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team)"

29.I'm on the verge, I'm on the verge
Unraveling with every word
"Jack's Mannequin - I'm Ready"

30.Well I believe there’s someone watching over you
They’re watching every single thing you say
"Travis - Side"

31.Тихо утрото е влязло
Носи градски шум
"Б.Т.Р. - Цвете от луната"

32.I haven't seen the sun in seven days
I can't remember when I saw your face

33.All I know is that you're so nice,
You're the nicest thing I've seen.
"Kate Nash - Nicest Thing"

34.Sometimes you don’t understand
Sometimes I am what I am

35.The sewers belch me up
The heavens spit me out

36.Ya better come inside when you're ready to
But no chance if ya don't wanna dance

37.You Can't Kill The Metal
The Metal Will Live On
"Tenacious D - The Metal"

38.Seems like just yesterday,
You were a part of me
"Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes"

39.Precious and fragile things
Need special handling
"Depeche Mode - Precious"

40.So I look in your direction
But you pay me no attention, do you?
"Coldplay - Shiver"

41.I never feared the unexpected
'Till I found myself in this peculiar place
"Kate Voegele - No Good"

42.Women, listen to your mothers
Don't just succumb to the wishes of your brothers
"The White Stripes - Passive Manipulation"

43.I won't suffer, be broken, get tired, or wasted
Surrender to nothing, I'll give up what I
"30 Seconds to Mars - Attack"

44.I can be an asshole of the grandest kind
I can withhold like it's going out of style
"Alanis Morissette - Everything"

45.I don't know your face no more
Or feel the touch that I adore
"Keane - We Might as Well Be Strangers"

46.Breathe in for luck
Breathe in so deep
"Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down"

47.They can't get to me
I'm sitting in the back seat

48.You're cynical and beautiful
You always make a scene

49.All your twisted thoughts free flow
To everlasting memories
"Flyleaf - So I Thought"

50.Everything you say or do
I am always there for you
"Plain White T's - Come back to you"

3 Doors Down
30 Seconds to Mars
Alanis Morissette
Alexz Johnson
Amy Winehouse
Colbie Caillat
Coldplay x2
Dashboard Confessional
Death Cab for Cutie
Def Leppard x3 x2
Depeche Mode
Goo Goo Dolls
Good Charlotte
Green Day
Ill Niño
Imogen Heap
Jack's Mannequin
Kate Nash (every time I listen to her, Milan fails xD)
Kate Voegele
Kelly Clarkson
Michelle Branch
No Doubt
Plain White T's
Savage Garden
Snow Patrol
Taking Back Sunday
The Black Keys
The Smashing Pumpkins
The White Stripes
Thousand Foot Krutch
Tenacious D
Trading Yesterday


  • neutron_mus

    3. Blink-182 - I Miss You

    Mar 7 2009, 11h43
  • wasting_love

    11. Kiss - i was made for lovin you =P

    Mar 7 2009, 17h02
  • shubhangam

    15. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol What is this about btw?

    Mar 8 2009, 5h30
  • sSakurAa

    1. Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams 2. Paramore - Whoa 9. Savage Garden - To the Moon and Back 20. No Doubt - Don't Speak 24. Thousand Foot Krutch - Phenomenon 27. Lifehouse - First Time 31. Б.Т.Р. - Цвете от Луната 41. Kate Voegele - No Good 43. 30 Seconds to Mars - Attack 46. Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down Този път успяях xD нях нях ^^

    Mar 8 2009, 9h41
  • acm1899

    10. Placebo - Special Needs (ve4e se bqh ot4aql napylno) 21. Incubus - Anna-Molly 25. Death Cab For Cutie - Crooked Teeth 26. Michelle Branch - All You Wanted 29. Jack's Mannequin - I'm Ready 38. Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes 45. Keane - We Might As Well Be Strangers 49. Flyleaf - So I Thought 8, a znaeh 18.... sledva6tiqt pyt da ne pi6a 1vi kato go vidq li?!?!...

    Mar 8 2009, 16h59
  • shewantstoriot

    12. Good Charotte - All Black 39. Depeche Mode - Precious

    Mar 8 2009, 21h00
  • Imaginarie

    28. Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team) 30. Travis - Side 40. Coldplay - Shiver

    Mar 9 2009, 21h01
  • ovzata

    4. Coldplay-Rainy Day 6.Amy Winehouse-Back To Black 8..Def Leppard-Animal 13. Lillix-What I like about you {} 18.Alexz Johnson-Skin 33.Kate Nash-Nicest Thing. ama Merry Happy e po-qka ^^ 42.The white Stripes-Passive Manupulation ;P slu6ah gi edno vreme :D

    Mar 12 2009, 9h44
  • _218_5_

    33. Kate Nash - Nicest thing 50. Plain White T's - Come back to me

    Mar 13 2009, 20h53
  • teganblue

    Damn others got the ones I was gonna say, which just leaves me with: 5. Hide & Seek - Imogen Heap

    Mar 14 2009, 11h04
  • madisoncarr

    44. Alanis Morissette-Everything

    Mar 24 2009, 18h54
  • annnik

    22. Anberlin - The Feel Good Drag

    Mar 29 2009, 22h41
  • BS1der

    37. "The Metal" by Tenacious D!

    Mai 23 2009, 20h45
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