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  • S4pphire

    Cool to see that you like Goldfrapp and Roisin too! :D Got any good recommendations based on those two? I'd tell you to check out Jenny Wilson, really good stuff. Let my shoes lead me forward and pretty much the whole newest album :D

    julho 2010
  • pontofe

    Oiii tudo bem com vc ? faz tempo que eu num passo por aqui!!! falouu se cuida

    maio 2009
  • holyck

    cool. du hörst hypem-charts. wunderschönen tag noch.

    abril 2009
  • fraport

    War halt bloß so ne SMD-Phase :) Dennoch danke, gleichfalls!

    fevereiro 2009
  • rdgz

    moonbootica all the band!!!

    fevereiro 2009
  • pontofe

    Oi sumido como vc esta ? Até mais e se cuida

    fevereiro 2009
  • pontofe

    Oi vc pode passar seu msn ? hehe até mais

    janeiro 2009
  • pontofe

    Eu estou bem !!! Pensei que vc num era brasileiro! Vc é ?

    janeiro 2009
  • pontofe

    Hello? How are you ? bye!!! XD

    janeiro 2009
  • NegusRm

    Hello I've added a new album Pulchra Manus and some of my old/new tunes Ace of Pentacles : Rodolfo Siri

    agosto 2008
  • phelex

    Komm ans Buskers Bern

    julho 2008
  • zero-inch

    Visit us at Sónar 2008 and party with us: BPitch Control Label Night // DJ Hell Release Party // D*I*R*T*Y* Soundsystem Showcase See you there!

    junho 2008
  • Doorchaser

    Hi There, Thanx for listening to my ambient project Distant Fires Burning. I hope you liked it. The first Distant Fires Burning album "Messierobjekten" is for sale on my site If you're not the buying type no problem. I'm the kind of guy who likes fully streamable tracks! you can find it here: Cheers

    junho 2008
  • NegusRm

    Thanks for playing some of my music=Rodolfo Siri :)

    maio 2008
  • ChakyMolok

    Thnx for check our music) On Wave...

    maio 2008
  • AdeltrautMeier

    Thanks for listening to my music! Greetings, David Elsener

    abril 2008
  • good_as_gold


    março 2008
  • carpenocta

    Hi, I´m paan and it´s a pleasure for me to see, that you listend to my tracks and it would be also a pleasure, if you take me to your friendlist. My next track Symbiotic Flow on the album Phosphor is finished now and I hope, that you like it. For more free listening use the playlist on my page, please.

    março 2008
  • joeyzinha

    oi, vizinho! speak portuguese? ;)

    fevereiro 2008
  • linemaluca

    i see you like brazilian music... do you live in Brasil?

    janeiro 2008
  • cccyber

    that's right :)

    outubro 2007
  • Sophie_M

    yes)I`m going to see her next week

    outubro 2007
  • devlina

    Great tips, and I see you've loadsa good gigs lined up too-enjoy :)

    outubro 2007
  • transcendentalA

    sali. under programmierer mit emene ähnliche musiggschmack sött mer sich vestah ;) gang de au as Roisin Murphy, wohne 5min vum fri-son..

    outubro 2007
  • ewikaa

    Hyh;) I know that ;D greetings!

    agosto 2007
  • Nanja

    Thnx... although it's not me :-))

    julho 2007
  • devlina

    Yeah, loving Simian Mobile Disco at the moment. Got any good tips for me? (that aren't in my top 10!)

    junho 2007

    Welcome aboard, roele! Happy listening.

    abril 2007