10K Awards Ceremony: Nancy is Hot


Mai 16 2008, 6h29

Wow, 10,000 plays is a lot of songs. Of course it's nothing compared to my friend moik's seven gajillion plays, but it's a milestone.

Blitzen Trapper, congratulations for leading my charts. You keep releasing all these singles and EPs and Daytrotter sessions and I keep listening. I wish more of my favorite bands would put out new songs in between albums like that.

Leading the songs chart is The Lemon of Pink by The Books, but Books, you are dirty cheaters for using the same title for two different songs. Next time, follow Jeff Mangum's example: it's The King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1, and Part 2, and so on. Burial, you too: stop calling all those intros and outros Untitled.

For your subterfuge, Books, you are disqualified. Next in line is Angels, which is a great song, but instead I use my cruel and arbitrary power as king to give the award to These Boots Are Made for Walking.

Why? Because Nancy is hot. Plus it's the only song I will karaoke without protest. Johnny Cash style, naturally.

And special kudos to The Handsome Family, my favorite band introduced to me by last.fm. That quote over there in my sidebar that begins "Butterfly..."? Not only is that a great lyric, it's one of the smartest things I've ever heard anybody say.

In another six months, approaching 20K, I hope there's another band I don't know anything about right now that gives me that much back. Discovery is a wonderful thing.


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