• Albums I own

    Mar 9 2013, 20h27

    I probably forgot some, but I'll edit if I think of anymore. My album list is pathetic.

    AC/DC- If You Want Blood, You Got It (live)
    AC/DC- Highway to Hell
    AC/DC-Back In Black
    Alice in Chains- Greatest Hits
    Bad Company- From 10 to 6 (greatest hits)
    Billy Joel- The essential Billy Joel
    Black Sabbath- We Sold our Souls for Rock n Roll
    Lindsey Buckingham-Seeds We Sow
    Eric Clapton- Complete Clapton (greatest hits)
    Jim Croce- Photographs & Memories - His Greatest Hits (cassette)
    Crosby Stills & Nash- Greatest Hits
    Def Leppard- On Thru The Night (cassette)
    Def Leppard-Hysteria
    Def Leppard- Songs From The Sparkle Lounge
    Def Leppard- Mirrorball
    Def Leppard- Rock of Ages (greatest hits)
    Eagles- The best of (greatest hits)
    Fleetwood Mac- some kind of Peter Green era greatest hits I got for $6.
    Fleetwood Mac-Rumours
    Fleetwood Mac- The very best of (greatest hits)
    Foreigner- Greatest hits
    Genesis- Turn It on Again ( Collins era greatest hits)
    Iron Maiden- Somewhere Back in Time: The Best Of - 1980-1989
    Judas Priest- Playlist (greatest hits mixed with a few underrated tracks)
    Led Zeppelin- Led Zeppelin IV
    Lynyrd Skynyrd- Icon (greatest hits)
    Megadeth- Countdown to Extinction.
    Metallica- Ride the Lightning
    Metallica- The Black Album
    Motley Crue-Greate$t Hit$
    Nirvana- Icon (greatest hits)
    Ozzy Osburne- Scream
    Ozzy Osbourne-The Essential Ozzy Osbourne
    Pearl Jam- Ten
    Queen- Greatest Hits I II & III: The Platinum Collection
    Rush- Icon (greatest hits)
    Scorpions- Icon (greatest hits)
    Bob Seger- 2 greatest hits cds
    Stone Temple Pilots- Core
    The Animals- The Very Best of
    The Doobie Brothers- Best of The Doobies
    The Rolling Stones- 2 greatest hits cds
    The Who- Icon (greatest hits)
    Van Halen- The best of Both Worlds
    Stevie Ray Vaughn- Playlist ( greatest hits)
    Neil Young- Greatest Hits
    ZZ Top- Greatest hits,

    Various Artists- A tribute to ZZ Top
  • \M/ETAL

    Mar 31 2012, 18h04

    starting to really look deeper into the metal sub genres
    power thrash death prog doom traditional stoner etc

    if anybody has any recommendations id love to hear them!!!
  • beginning to listen to albums in full.

    Fev 10 2012, 3h31

    for a long time i've only listened to the "hits" of a song, but now i'm starting to give full albums a listen.
  • new group.

    Nov 2 2011, 1h55

  • music

    Out 29 2011, 16h51

    really getting into blues/folk/psychedelic rock. can't believe that i havent checked out more earlier. dummy!

    i hope to find more bands/songs soon.