My Concert List


Mai 24 2008, 19h14

13x Rise Against (Hurricane'08, 2x Columbiahalle, Alsterdorfer Sporthalle, Melkweg, Groezrock'09, Store Vega, Pier 2, Ringlokschuppen, Extreme Playgrounds: The Summer Session'11, Westfalenhalle, Hans-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, Berlin Arena)

9x Dúné (Support Fall Out Boy + Panic at the Disco + Die Ärzte, Reeperbahnfestival'07, 2x Knust, Rheinkultur'08, M.A.U. Club, Grünspan)

7x Anti-Flag (M.A.U. Club, Rheinkultur'08, Conne Island, Extreme Playgrounds: The Summer Session'08, 2x Eastpak Antidote Tour'09, Vans Off The Wall Music Night'10)

5x Die Mannequin (Reeperbahnfestival'07, Visions Spring Tour'08, Hurricane'08, Bei Chéz Heinz, Jägermeister Rock:Liga Gruppe A'08)

4x Rentokill (Support Anti-Flag + 3x Rise Against)
4x Strike Anywhere (GIAN'08, Support 3x Rise Against)

3x 30 Seconds to Mars (Docks, Alsterdorfer Sporthalle, Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld)
3x Against Your Society (Support Have Heart, Bracewar, Cold World)
3x Albino (After-Demo-Party im K9 in Berlin 15.11.2008, VeB, Café Brazil)
3x Architects (Support 3x Rise Against)
3x Bane (Groezrock'09, 2x Hafenklang)
3x Comeback Kid (Groezrock'09, Hafenklang, Imperial Never Say Die! Club Tour'10)
3x Disco Ensemble (Molotow, Reeperbahn Festival'08, Logo)
3x Egotronic (Uebel & Gefährlich, Komplex, Audiolith Festival)
3x Enter Shikari (Grünspan, Hurricane'08, Markthalle)
3x LostAlone (Support My Chemical Romance + Enter Shikari + 30 Seconds to Mars)
3x Pete Blume (Support Dúné, Molotow, Ackerfestival'08)
3x Rise and Fall (Support Have Heart, 2x Hafenklang)
3x To Kill (Hafenklang Exil - Goldener Salon, Support Betrayed + Shai Hulud)
3x Touché Amoré (Support 3x Rise Against)
3x War from a Harlots Mouth (Hafenklang Exil, Support Final Prayer, Imperial Never Say Die! Club Tour'10)

2x Aiden (2x Molotow)
2x Alexisonfire (2x Eastpak Antidote Tour'09)
2x At The Farewell Party (Ackerfestival'08, Reeperbahn Festival'08)
2x Blindside (Support Foundation, Cold World)
2x Blood Red Shoes (Omas-Teich'09, M.A.U. Club)
2x Bloodlights (Rheinkultur'08, Jägermeister Rock:Liga Gruppe A'08)
2x Confronto (Hafenklang Exil, Baltic Sea Festival 2010)
2x Cruel Hand (Hafenklang, Support Bane)
2x Death Is Not Glamorous (2x Rote Flora)
2x Foundation (Support Bracewar, Rote Flora)
2x Jennifer Rostock (Support Gallows, eWiG rocken'08)
2x Johnossi (Reeperbahnfestival'07, Grünspan)
2x Juri Gagarin (Support Bratze, Audiolith Festival)
2x Kill Hannah (Support Aiden, Logo)
2x New Morality (Support Bitter End, Baltic Sea Festival 2010)
2x No Omega (Support Anchor, More Than Life)
2x NOFX (Hurricane'08, Support Rise Against)
2x Red Lights Flash (Support Rise Against, Vans Off The Wall Music Night'10)
2x Shine Bright (Support Foxxes, Tiko)
2x Some Are More Equal (Support Anchor, VeB)
2x Stick to Your Guns (Hell on Earth Tour'08, Support Your Demise)
2x Story of the Year (GIAN'08, Taste of Chaos'08)
2x Tackleberry (Groezrock'09, Support Dead to Me)
2x Talk Radio Talk (Ackerfestival'08, Reeperbahn Festival'08)
2x This Is Hell (Hafenklang, Rote Flora)
2x Thursday (Groezrock'09, Support Rise Against)
2x The (International) Noise Conspiracy (Reeperbahnfestival'07, Hurricane'08)
2x The Blackout (Reeperbahn Festival'08, Support Lostprophets)
2x The Futureheads (Visions Spring Tour'08, Rheinkultur'08)
2x The Ghost of a Thousand (Groezrock'09, Eastpak Antidote Tour'09)
2x The Pretty Reckless (La Maroquinerie, Uebel & Gefährlich)
2x Walls of Jericho (Hell on Earth Tour'08, Persistence Tour'12)
2x Wolf Down (Support Hang The Bastard, Cold World)
2x Your Demise (Imperial Never Say Die! Club Tour'10, Hafenklang)

ムック (Taste of Chaos'08)
3OH!3 (Docks)
4Lyn (eWiG rocken'08)
4Paws (Support Albino)
A Bitter Pill (Ackerfestival'08)
A Life Once Lost (Support War from a Harlots Mouth)
Above Them (Support Bridge and Tunnel)
Accept The Change (Rote Flora)
Alkaline Trio (grünspan)
All Aboard! (Support Bracewar)
All Shall Perish (Hell on Earth Tour'08)
Alpha & Omega (Support Bane)
Alpinist (Hafenklang)
Always Wanted War (Support Todos Caerán)
Anchor (Rote Flora)
Animosity (Hell on Earth Tour'08)
Antagonist A.D. (Baltic Sea Festival 2010)
Aorta (Support Wombat)
Apokalypse Now (Support Backfire!)
Arya (Emergenza)
At Daggers Drawn (Support Daggers)
Awake in Fall (Support Evergreen Terrace)
Backfire! (hafenklang Exil)
Backtrack (Hafenklang - Goldener Salon)
Bad Excuse (Emergenza)
Bastions (Support More Than Life)
Beta Satan (Reeperbahn Festival'08)
Betrayed (Hafenklang)
Billy the kill (Groezrock'09)
Biohazard (Persistence Tour'12)
Bitter End (Rote Flora)
Black Gold (Support Panic at the Disco)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Hurricane'08)
Black Tide (Support Bullet for My Valentine)
Blackmail (Rheinkultur'08)
BLCKWVS (Support Alpinist)
Bleeding Through (Imperial Never Say Die! Club Tour'10)
Blonk (Baltic Sea Festival 2010)
Bracewar (Rote Flora)
Bratze (Komplex)
Break Even (Support Your Demise)
Breaking Point (Support Bracewar)
Bridge and Tunnel (Rote Flora)
Broadway Calls (Support Alkaline Trio)
Bullet for My Valentine (Grosse Freiheit 36)
Callejón (Taste of Chaos'08)
Callya (Support Albino)
Campus (Groezrock'09)
Carpark North (Support 30 Seconds To Mars)
Cataract (Hell on Earth Tour'08)
Cavalcades (Support Todos Caerán)
Caves (Support Spraynard)
ClickClickDecker (Omas-Teich'09)
Cobra Starship (Grünspan)
Cold World (Hafenklang)
Coldburn (Support Hang The Bastard)
Coliseum (Support Rise Against)
Coogans Bluff (eWiG rocken'08)
Cornered (Support Backtrack)
Coup D'Etat (Support Foxxes)
Cretin Family (Support Narcolaptic)
Critical Point (Support Pressure)
Crooks (Support Foxxes)
Crushing Caspars (Persistence Tour'12)
Dag för Dag (Support The Faint)
Daggers (Rote Flora)
Daydream (Support Tales Of Error)
Daylight (Support More Than Life)
Dead Swans (Support This Is Hell)
Dead to Me (Rote Flora)
Defeater (Support Comeback Kid)
Delayed by Suicide (Ackerfestival'08)
Deny Everything (Support Just Went Black)
Diane Parker's Little Accidents (Support Bridge and Tunnel)
Die Ärzte (Open-Air Gelände Bremerhaven)
Die kranken Schwestern (eWiG rocken'08)
Die Young (Support Confronto)
Donots (Hurricane'08)
Drop Dead, Gorgeous (Support Every Time I Die)
El Minorati (Emergenza)
El*ke (Prinzenbar)
Elefants (Support Neils Children)
Emil Bulls (Support Scars On Broadway)
Emma Heartbeat (Support The Glitch Mob)
Emmure (Imperial Never Say Die! Club Tour'10)
Empty Trash (Knust)
Endwell (Support Shai Hulud)
Escape the Fate (Groezrock'09)
Eternal Tango (Rheinkultur'08)
Evergreen Terrace (Alte Zuckerfabrik)
Every Time I Die (Molotow)
Expire (Support Foundation)
Fall Out Boy (Grosse Freiheit 36)
Falling Step (Support Some Are More Equal)
Fear Feeds My Apathy (Support Wombat)
Feed the Rhino (Support This is Hell)
Feine Sahne Fischfilet (Support Bratze)
Final Breakup (Ackerfestival'08)
Final Prayer (Hafenklang Exil)
Findus (Support Trip Fontaine)
First Blood (Groezrock'09)
First Born Blood (Support Wombat)
Flogging Molly (Hurricane'08)
Fonotone (Emergenza)
For The Glory (Support Cruel Hand)
Forever Never (Support Madina Lake)
Four Year Strong (Eastpak Antidote Tour'09)
Foxxes (VeB)
Freakatronic (Hafenklang Exil)
Frittenbude (Support Egotronic)
Früchte des Zorns (Rote Flora)
Full Duplex (Support 30 Seconds To Mars)
Funeral for a Friend (Support My Chemical Romance)
Gallows (Logo)
gegenspieler (Emergenza)
Genetiks (Support Alpinist)
Get Well Soon (Reeperbahn Festival'08)
Ghost of Tom Joad (Hurricane'08)
Ginger Ninja (Support Dúné)
Glasses (Support Death Is Not Glamorous)
Gods of Blitz (Molotow)
Gone to Waste (Support Hang The Bastard)
Goose (Indra)
Government Flu (Zoro Festival'11)
Guilty (Rote Flora)
Hadouken! (Uebel & Gefährlich)
Hang the Bastard (Rote Flora)
HardxTimes (Support Los Fastidios)
Harm's Way (Support Rise and Fall)
Have Heart (Rote Flora)
Have It All (Support Todos Caerán)
Heatric (Ackerfestival'08)
High on Fire (Support Bullet for My Valentine)
Holger Burner (Support Albino)
Holy State (Support Blood Red Shoes)
HORSE the band (Taste of Chaos'08)
I Heart Sharks (Support Cobra Starship)
I Not Dance (Support Death Is Not Glamorous)
In Rock we trust (Emergenza)
Innerpartysystem (Support 3OH!3)
Io (Support Madina Lake)
Ira Atari & Rampue (Audiolith Festival)
Jaakko & Jay (Support Disco Ensemble)
Jaguar Love (Hurricane'08)
Jamey Rottencorpse and The Rising Dead (Marx)
Joey Briggs (Support The Briggs)
Johnny Deathshadow (Support Jamey Rottencorpse and The Rising Dead)
Just Went Black (Rote Flora)
Katy Perry (Alsterdorfer Sporthalle)
Kettcar (Hurricane'08)
Kingdom (Rote Flora)
Knuckledust (Support Backfire!)
Krieger (Hurricane'08)
kudde & die kudders (Tiko)
Lapko (Support Disco Ensemble)
Lashdown (Baltic Sea Festival 2010)
Last Chapter (Support Evergreen Terrace)
Leagues Apart (Support Spraynard)
Leitkegel (Support The Tidal Sleep)
letlive (Support Your Demise)
Liferuiner (Support To Kill)
Light It Up (Baltic Sea Festival 2010)
Lionheart (Persistence Tour'12)
Locomotif (Ackerfestival'08)
Los Fastidios (indra)
Lostprophets (Markthalle)
Loud and Clear (Support Have Heart)
Ludger (Support The Saddest Landscape)
Lukas Kasha (Reeperbahnfestival'07)
Lüneburger Schrotttrommler (Ackerfestival'08)
M.I.A. (Le Trianon)
Mad Sin (Groezrock'09)
Madcap (Support Albino)
Madina Lake (Molotow)
Madsen (Anti-Castor Demo 8.11.2008 Gorleben)
Make It Count (Support Final Prayer)
Manbearpig (Support Accept The Change)
Mando Diao (Extreme Playgrounds: The Summer Session'08)
Me and Mark (Support Evergreen Terrace)
MGMT (Docks)
Miles Away (Support Cruel Hand)
Millencolin (Hurricane'08)
Molotov Jive (Reeperbahnfestival'07)
Montreal (Support Anti-Flag)
More Than Life (Hafenklang)
Morning Parade (Support 30 Seconds To Mars)
My Chemical Romance (Columbiahalle)
My Passion (Support Kill Hannah)
Nada Surf (Hurricane'08)
Nails (Support Rise and Fall)
Narcolaptic (Tiko)
Nations Afire (Groezrock'09)
Neils Children (Prinzenbar)
Neimo (Reeperbahn Festival'08)
Nesti (Support Albino)
New Politics (Molotow)
New Young Pony Club (Support Katy Perry)
News @ 11! (Support Death Is Not Glamorous)
next to nowhere (Ackerfestival'08)
No Fun At All (Groezrock'09)
Noose (VeB)
Not Called Jinx (Ackerfestival'08)
Nothing (Support Pressure)
Nova Of Eden (Support Jamey Rottencorpse and The Rising Dead)
Oathbreaker (Support Rise and Fall)
Oceansize (Jägermeister Rock:Liga Gruppe A'08)
Ohrbooten (eWiG rocken'08)
Oli Second (Support Albino)
One Fine Day (Support The Subways)
Operator Please (Molotow)
Outbreak (Groezrock'09)
P.O. Box (Groezrock'09)
Painted Wolves (Rote Flora)
Panic at the Disco (Docks)
Panteón Rococó (Support Die Ärzte)
Parachutes (Reeperbahn Festival'08)
Patsy O'Hara (Support Death Is Not Glamorous)
Pennywise (Extreme Playgrounds: The Summer Session'08)
Pesticide (Ackerfestival'08)
PeterLicht (Reeperbahn Festival'08)
Pilefunk (Ackerfestival'08)
Poison the Well (Support Rise Against)
Pressure (Rote Flora)
Pulled Apart By Horses (Vans Off The Wall Music Night'10)
Radio Havanna (Eastpak Antidote Tour'09)
Reapers Path (Support Shine Bright)
Recon (Support To Kill)
Redemption Denied (Support Guilty)
Reflections (Support Noose)
Reuben (GIAN'08)
Rise Of The Northstar (Persistence Tour'12)
Risk Of Addiction (VeB)
Riverline (Omas-Teich'09)
Rotting Out (Support Bane)
Rückkopplung (Emergenza)
Scams (Support New Politics)
Scars on Broadway (Grosse Freiheit 36)
Scary Kids Scaring Kids (Support Every Time I Die)
Schelmish (Rheinkultur'08)
Schrottgrenze (Reeperbahnfestival'07)
Seenot (Support Just Went Black)
Selmore Driveby (Support Die Mannequin)
Shai Hulud (Hafenklang)
Short Round (Support Noose)
Shudder And Spit (Support Some Are More Equal)
Sibling Sense (Support Johnossi)
Sign (Support Aiden)
Silverstein (GIAN'08)
Sinking In (Support Some Are More Equal)
Sixxxten (Support Pete Blume)
SL stereo (Rheinkultur'08)
Slut (Hurricane'08)
Spraynard (Rote Flora)
Sternbuschweg (Tiko)
Stone Dust Engine (Support Scars On Broadway)
Straightjacket Nation (Support Death Is Not Glamorous)
Street Drum Corps (Support 30 Seconds to Mars)
Suffix (Emergenza)
Suicidal Tendencies (Persistence Tour'12)
Supershirt (Support Egotronic)
Sylosis (Support War from a Harlots Mouth)
Taking Back Sunday (Groezrock'09)
Tales Of Error (Rote Flora)
Tegan and Sara (Hurricane'08)
ter haar (Reeperbahnfestival'07)
Terror (Persistence Tour'12)
Three Chord Society (Ackerfestival'08)
Time's Up (Support Betrayed)
Timid Tiger (Support Dúné)
Todos Caerán (VeB)
Tokyo Sex Destruction (Molotow)
Trapped Under Ice (Support Bane)
Trip Fontaine (Molotow)
Trusting Nolan (Rheinkultur'08)
Turbostaat (Hurricane'08)
The 20 Belows (Support Rise Against)
The Audition (GIAN'08)
The Blackbox Revelation (Molotow)
The Blackout Argument (Support This Is Hell)
The Briggs (Hafenklang)
The Chemical Brothers (Hurricane'08)
The Faint (Uebel & Gefährlich)
The Flatliners (Hafenklang)
The Fratellis (Uebel & Gefährlich)
The Glitch Mob (Klubsen)
The Good Natured (Support The Wombats)
The Handshake Affair (Taste of Chaos'08)
The James Cleaver Quintet (Support Enter Shikari)
The Lessappeal (Molotow)
The Notwist (Hurricane'08)
The Offenders (Peter Weiss Haus)
The Pleasures (Ackerfestival'08)
the pushups (Ackerfestival'08)
The Real Danger (Support Death Is Not Glamorous)
The Red Chord (hell on Earth Tour'08)
The Rifles (Visions Spring Tour'08)
The Riot Before (Support Death Is Not Glamorous)
The Saddest Landscape (Rote Flora)
The Secret (Support Rise and Fall)
The Strivers (Support Vampire Weekend)
The Subways (M.A.U. Club)
The Swellers (Vans Off The Wall Music Night'10)
The Tidal Sleep (Rote Flora)
The Unseen (Groezrock'09)
The Wombats (Docks)
Union Of Sleep (Support Alpinist)
United Nations (Groezrock'09)
Vampire Weekend (Knust)
Velvetone (Support Die Ärzte)
Vicious Irene (Zoro Festival'11)
Vietsmorgen (Support kudde & die kudders)
Vincent Van Go Go (Ackerfestival'08)
We Came As Romans (Imperial Never Say Die! Club Tour'10)
We Were Skeletons (Support The Saddest Landscape)
Welcome Karen (Support Evergreen Terrace)
Wombat (Tiko)
Wrong Answer (Support Kingdom)
Xavier Rudd (Hurricane'08)
xGracex (Support Have Heart)
Yellowcard (Support Rise Against)
You, the Ocean (Support Painted Wolves)
Young Guns (Support Enter Shikari)
Zaiocane (Support Empty Trash)


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