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Abr 16 2006, 17h07

My top 10 vs. how many listeners they have overall on

1 Fall Out Boy - 103,350 listeners
2 Alkaline Trio - 80,552 listeners
3 New Found Glory - 56,209 listeners
4 Jimmy Eat World - 143,219 listeners
5 Something Corporate - 67,077 listeners
6 Motion City Soundtrack - 44,454 listeners
7 Taking Back Sunday - 85,561 listeners
8 Saves the Day - 64,981 listeners
9 Brand New - 80,827 listeners
10 The Starting Line - 33,586 listeners

I'm surprised Alkaline Trio and Brand New are so high.
And I'm surprised New Found Glory is so low, but maybe I'm just old and most people here are too young to ever have appreciated them.


  • Bimme

    This is what my chart would look like one year ago. Nice.

    Abr 16 2006, 17h12
  • open4once

    it's a sad thought that people here are too young to appreciate nfg when i am only 19...makes me feel old. especially since i've never really given their last cd a listen and they have another one about to come out!

    Abr 16 2006, 17h26
  • ahoier

    Thanks for the reminder. Some decent bands here. I'm sure they were represented before my profile reset a couple months back ;)

    Abr 17 2006, 15h41
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