• Top Albums of 2009

    Dez 4 2009, 0h06

    1. Cymbals Eat Guitars - Why There Are Mountains
    2. Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion
    3. Mew - No More Stories...
    4. Bibio - Ambivalence Avenue
    5. St. Vincent - Actor
  • something bad about my top 20s

    Jul 17 2009, 4h41

    Animal Collective - they have a lot of shitty 'experimental' music and they should really be condensed into a greatest hits. they're boring sometimes

    Radiohead pablo honey is bad, the bends is overrated

    Madvillain is overall a 'lazy' combo, whether it's their really short songs or the fact that they haven't released anything like ever since madvillainy

    Regina Spektor sometimes her 'quirks' seem added in, 'far' wasn't that great, earlier albums are inconsistent, has lost some magic

    Miles Davis was quite hit-and-miss in his later albums

    Cymbals Eat Guitars album has some 'not amazing' songs

    Panda Bear first album sounded bad, young prayer was kinda hitandmiss

    Björk volta wasnt great, really best with greatest hits

    Deerhunter overrated, sometimes boring

    J Dilla isnt even that great but r.i.p.

    The Avalanches will never be able to top 'since i left you' either the song OR album

    The Microphones overrated, mostly not even that great

    Steve Reich has a lot of shitty pretentious stuff

    Ghostface Killah nothing's as good as 'fishscale'

    St. Vincent just has some not amazing songs

    Pink Floyd some earlier stuff sucks, most later stuff sucks

    Fleet Foxes overrated, whole 'lives in the past' thing is kinda annoying

    Battles slightly overrated, some 'eh' songs

    Women not very good except one really great song (group transport hall)

    Burial some stuff just isnt that amazing
  • da mothafukin music queue

    Jun 14 2009, 21h29

    stuff i have:
    regina spektor - soviet kitsch
    avalanches - since i left you - relisten
    mf doom stuff

    stuff i will get:
    rest of animal collective - first like four albums? maybe some EPs
    maybe st. vincent's first album
    harvey milk - life the whatever game in town
    maybe hercules and love affair
    van lear rose by loretta lynn? i dont like country but got insane reviews.
    outkast - stankonia

    that's about it for now. will update.