Simon Webbe


Nov 29 2006, 15h27

Blue was never popular in my country (Mexico) but about 5 month ago I was introduced to Simon Webbe's music via another friend and I have to say he's the best musical discovery I've made in years!
He's got an amazing, smooth, soothing, soulful voice that can leave one in awe. Now mix that with awesome catchy music and simple-but-not-dumb lyrics and you get the perfect pop/r&b artist.
However, I'm not exactly fond of his current single (Coming Around Again) as it's generic-sounding to me, he needs to stick to songs like his masterpiece After All This Time.
There are much better potential singles on his latest album "Grace", like Seventeen which has an infectious beat slightly resembling reggaeton, or the unrequited-love anthem My Soul Pleads For You.
Still I hope one day he releases stuff in my country so everybody sees how awesome of an artist he is. In the meantime I'm gonna keep whoring his best song:
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Simon Webbe, R and B


  • dara_bara

    He is great but personally, I think he was better with Blue. My favourite songs are Seventeen, After All This Time, Lay Your Hands, Star, Take Your Time and Ain't True To Yourself.

    Mai 21 2009, 8h47
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