Jill Scott at Carling Brixton Academy, 18 July 2008


Ago 14 2008, 9h59

This was my first visit to Carling Academy in Brixton and dispite the location of the venue the inside is spot on. Once through the doors the mixture of people eagerly waiting Jill Scott varied from old to young, singles to couples and even groupies!

As the DJ finished a huge band took to the stage there was four trumpet players, two drummers, 4 back up singers and a bass player each making this a mouth watering set.

Soon after they turned up so did Jill Scott to huge applause and screams from the crowd. She instanly broke into song. Sliding from one side of the stage to another she dived into her hits new and old. One of the highlights was when she sang 'He Loves Me' with a gentle piano accompaniment she was hitting high notes like a opera singer.

Taking time out from song to song she addressed the crowd, to the women mostly, addressing issues such as relationships, vanity and equality.

Towards the end of the night the songs came in thick and fast and she only got better as the night was ending.

For her final song she sang a new track entitled: ' AND I HEARD ' to which she did much of it accapella after that the band formed a conga line and one by one exited the stage as the drummer played them out, then Jill took a final bow as the crowd roared.

Her performance whilst being great lacked something, i think if she had a male singer to duet with on a couple of tracks.

To sum it up i would say although the concert was good it won't be a night that i will remember for a longtime.

Jill Scott is great when featuring with artists but on her own her voice is too strong for the tracks she releases.

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