Top 15 bands - first heard, fell in love with, favourites (2008)


Out 10 2008, 13h58

"Post your top fifteen bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, your favourite album and your current favorite song."

Well, here we go:

1. Vast - experimental, alternative rock
First heard: You (on a vlog on youtube)
Fell in love with: Flames
Favorite album: Visual Audio Sensory Theater
Current favorite song: One More Day

2. The National - indie rock
First heard: About Today (through
Fell in love with: Slow Show
Favorite album: Boxer
Current favorite song: Fake Empire

3. My Friend The Chocolate Cake - indie, alternative
First heard: Sirens (on pandora radio)
Fell in love with: Sirens
Favorite album: Parade: The Best of My Friend the Chocolate Cake
Current favorite song: A Midlife's Tale

4. U2 - alternative rock
First heard: Beautiful Day (on the radio)
Fell in love with: With or Without You
Favorite album: U2 18 Singles
Current favorite song: Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own

5. Stereophonics - indie rock, britpop
First heard: Maybe Tomorrow (on the radio)
Fell in love with: Mr. Writer
Favorite album: Pull the Pin
Current favorite song: It Means Nothing

6. Silversun Pickups - shoegaze, alternative rock
First heard: Future Foe Scenarios (on a friend's myspace)
Fell in love with: Rusted Wheel
Favorite album: Carnavas
Current favorite song: Three Seed

7. Lostprophets - alternative rock
First heard: Rooftops (in-flight radio on a plane to the USA)
Fell in love with: Ode to Summer
Favorite album: Liberation Transmission
Current favorite song: 4:AM Forever

8. Goo Goo Dolls - alternative rock
First heard: Iris (on the radio)
Fell in love with: Slide
Favorite album: Dizzy Up the Girl
Current favorite song: Real

9. Sigur Rós - Icelandic post-rock
First heard: All alright (through
Fell in love with: Untitled 3 ("Samskeyti")
Favorite album: ( )
Current favorite song: Untitled 3 ("Samskeyti")

10. Bon Jovi - classic rock
First heard: It's My Life (on the radio)
Fell in love with: Always
Favorite album: Cross Road
Current favorite song: Runaway

11. Stars - indie pop
First heard: Personal (through
Fell in love with: Personal
Favorite album: In Our Bedroom After the War
Current favorite song: The Night Starts Here

12. Explosions in the Sky - post-rock
First heard: A Poor Man's Memory (through
Fell in love with: A Poor Man's Memory
Favorite album: Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever
Current favorite song: Have You Passed Through This Night?

13. M83 - post-rock
First heard: Skin of the Night (through
Fell in love with: Skin of the Night
Favorite album: Saturdays = Youth
Current favorite song: In The Cold I'm Standing

14. Coldplay - alternative rock, pop
First heard: Yellow (on the radio)
Fell in love with: The Scientist
Favorite album: Viva la Vida
Current favorite song: Violet Hill

15. Lights Over Ashfield - indie rock
First heard: Another Suitcase, Another Subway (through iLike on facebook)
Fell in love with: Another Suitcase, Another Subway
Favorite album: Another Suitcase, Another Subway
Current favorite song: One Final Breath


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