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Mar 30 2012, 13h29

Just two of the season four episodes were 9s, which is nothing at all in contrast to season 3, which was the best period, and most of year 2, nevertheless a different wonderful season. I hope that somehow the creators make a comeback and display us the finest episodes of SpongeBob actually. I'm however rooting for the little sponge dude. Spongebob rocks! Even my dad enjoys the humor of it. We purchased the seasons on dvd and however view them. This is the finest out on Nick. Over time it\'s gotten superior from the commencing and the film was hilarious! Genuinely a a single of a sort demonstrate, that will final.Well, initial off, permit me go say this, but "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie" isn't that much of a excellent movie. SpongeBob is actually stupid. It is really more of "Finding Nemo" other than cornier. "Discovering Nemo" is a single of the ideal family members films actually. "SpongeBob SquarePants" is fully stupid, retarded and not humorous. General, the show is kinda silly, but okay. Well.. the present is about a sponge named bob and his wacky/random adventures in an underwater city referred to as "Bikini Bottom". The display is Hilarious simply because its so random and the episode strategies are authentic. But the draw back is that each and every new year will get worse and even worse!
so watch the initially and 2nd season... not the latest kinds please.SpongeBob is the definition of comedy with a combination of stupidity. It is a show that is cherished by all. The display is amusing mainly because of the immaturity. If you look at the show don't believe that it is immature and watching that demonstrate will make you start looking childish then theres no motive to check out it. That is what the exhibit is all about. So appreciate the stupidity, take pleasure in the demonstrate and loosen up if folks locate out if you like SpongeBob SquarePants.Spongebob squarepants is the definition of comedy and stupidity. It is a demonstrate that is beloved by little ones, teenagers and adults. If you observe the display don't assume that it is immature and observing that show will make you seem childish but no that is what the demonstrate is all about. The show is amusing due to the fact of the immaturity but not so immature that its just silly. Hey to all the 12-16 calendar year olds out there. You are still not totally older people so you much better delight in becoming immature due to the fact you don't get to when you get a work. So what i'm expressing is get pleasure from the stupidity, enjoy the demonstrate and consider off the disadvantages in there then you will think spongebob squarepants is much better than your first impact of it. I've only just commenced receiving into cartoons again after not viewing them for so very long. I listened to about Spongebob Squarepants and determined to verify it out. Now I check out every episode religiously! It is wonderful! I don't consider I actually viewed everything as surreal or as amusing in a young children exhibit as this! The exhibit requires put in Bikini Bottom, an underwater city.


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