My Top 15 RADIOHEAD Songs


Mai 24 2011, 11h36

I know, I know.. this was one of the impossible list to make. and it probably would change so frequently later in the future but for right now this is pretty much is. for now there will be no sort of explanation accompanied, I might add them in later. this is purely based on my own opinions. bear with me, guys! :)

1. Paranoid Android
2. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
3. Reckoner
4. Pyramid Song
5. Karma Police
6. Where I End and You Begin
7. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
8. All I Need
9. There There
10. Everything in Its Right Place
11. Last Flowers To The Hospital
12. Optimistic
13. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
13. How to Disappear Completely
14. Lotus Flower
15. Subterranean Homesick Alien

Album breakdown
4 songs from In Rainbows
3 songs from OK Computer
3 songs from Kid A
2 song from Hail to the Thief
1 song from The King of Limbs
1 song from Amnesiac
1 song from The Bends

And these were VERY close, I just had to mention them.
- True Love Waits
- Let Down
- Exit Music (for a Film)
- Lucky
- Codex
- Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box
- House of Cards
- Creep
- Nude

gahh, I knew this was impossible. but anyway.. did I miss anything?
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  • exhaustedsoul

    Like your list :)

    Jun 1 2011, 21h11
  • risyaa


    Jun 2 2011, 10h39
  • mcgiacometti

    Ah! Wheres IDIOTEQUE?!

    Ago 7 2011, 14h29
  • raeinbows


    Out 31 2011, 2h50
  • Jonathanzzz

    Separator > Lotus Flower

    Dez 7 2011, 7h30
  • didinofendra

    "Reckoner" pilihan yang bijak. Coba tambah bumbu macam "A Wolf at the Door" and "Kid A" dah sist hahaha

    Jul 3 2013, 8h16
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