New $hit


Out 31 2006, 1h08

I am trying to find and download some new shit that kicks ass. Let me know if you know anything that you think i'd but i don't have yet, Thx.


  • strangenotes

    You might like Bloc Party's Silent Alarm Remixed album...specifically Helicopter (Whitey Version). Just a suggestion.

    Out 31 2006, 1h27
  • Maxchops

    I think you would like this... You gay basturd...

    Out 31 2006, 4h05
  • rickydeez

    Don't be gay. Thanks Maxchops. Goodbye.

    Out 31 2006, 17h16
  • Maxchops

    OMG I just read this and checked out my link.... Im dying! Hilarious, I am....

    Jun 3 2013, 22h44
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