My Top 10 Iconic Album


Jun 17 2011, 11h39

10. Alanis Morisette - Jagged Little Pill

One of the most iconic rock album ever on 90s. You Oughta Know, Hand in my pocket, and Ironic are still the shit.

9. Madonna - True Blue

Such a nice pop album in the middle of 80s. Sexy, but still a sweet pure pop perfection for teenagers. No one can forget how sweet Madonna was in Papa Don't Preach and steamy hot video of her in Open Your Heart

8. Justin Timberlake - Justified
As we all know, Justin is going to be the next Prince of Pop. His Like I Love You and Cry Me a River proved that Justin can do it better than Michael ;)

7. Beyoncé - B'Day
A very fierce cover, you can see her 'smiling eyes' lol. No one can't deny, this album got a lot VERY GOOD SONGS, such as Deja Vu, Get Me Bodied, Irresistible, Resentment and Beautiful Liar

6. Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad
A very nice album for the girl that tried to change, from an innocent girl to a grown woman. From smashing hit Umbrella, to a seductive ballad like Hate That I Love You and Take a Bow, to a party anthem like Don't Stop the Music and Breakin' Dishes.

5. Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster
From nothing to something, that's what we can say about Lady GaGa. A numerous #1 hit in anything and anywhere, make her become more popular and remained by all people. I love Poker Face, Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say), Paparazzi, Again Again, Bad Romance, Alejandro, and Speechless.

4. Christina Aguilera - Stripped
A young diva is BORN TO SLAY. Seriously, I never get bored to play this iconic album all over and over and over again. I called it an iconic, because she changed BIG TIME from a sweet blondie girl into naughty dirrty platinum blonde girl. She wasn't just singing a cheesy pop just like in her 1st album Christina Aguilera, but a lot improvisastion in and everywhere, such as hip-hop in Can't Hold Us Down and Dirrty (feat. Redman), or a soul like Impossible and Walk Away, a rock track like Fighter and of course a powerful and inspired ballad like Beautiful and The Voice Within.

3. Britney Spears - In the Zone
One of the blonde that change the world. A princess of pop. Who hate her? Just morons. LOL. This album is the real ICON, because it's the album that changed everything, we can get a lot genres here, and also the big change of Britney herself. From a 'not a girl not yet a woman' into a real woman, and finally married. In the Zone got nice pop-dance track like Me Against the Music with Madonna, hip-hop track like (I Got That) Boom Boom, Outrageous and The Hook Up; a rock track like Shadow, and of course a lovely ballad like Everytime.

2. Madonna - Ray of Light
A very legendary album from a legend of pop herself. A very smashing hit album with a lot smashing hit of course, like Ray of Light, Frozen and The Power of Goodbye. Although she was 40 at that time, she proved that she can be just like another young artists lol.

1. Michael Jackson - Bad
A very brilliant album from the legend!!!!!! Woohooo. Bad, Smooth Criminal will always be remained as the best dance song, and of course, Man in the Mirror as the best peace track :)