MY LIFE According to iTunes


Jan 9 2011, 17h45

Immerse yourself in your iPod, CD player or iTunes for a moment. Put it on shuffle and record the songs that come up.
MY LIFE: the soundtrack

Opening Credits: That Boy That Girl

Waking Up: Romance Is Boring

Average Day: Dancing Days

First Date: Empathy

Falling In Love: Live Forever [Live]

Unrequited Love: Signs

Love Scene: Slight Night Shiver

Sex Scene: Age of Adz

Drunk: The Walls Are Coming Down

Fight Scene (verbal): Von

Fight Scene (physical): Memorial

Hung Over: Of Sleep

Breaking Up: Ballad of Distances, Part 2

Getting Back Together: I'm Not Alone

Secret Love: Comfort in Sound

Life's Okay: D'yer Mak'er

Grieving: Wild West

Chase Scene: By Some Miracle

Revelation: You! Me! Dancing

Mental Breakdown: 19:53

Driving: Bag of Bones

Reunion: Talking With Fireworks/Here, It Never Snowed

Learning a Lesson: A Star Is Born

Deep Thought: Spotlight

Flashback (good): Dreaming of You

Flashback (bad): Race : Out

Flashback (weird): Raised Eyebrows

Flashback (montage): Hafsól

Partying: Soundtrack 2 My Life

Happy Dance: Just

Regretting: Hunting for Witches

Long Night Alone: The Fear of Open Spaces

Death Scene: Gömul vísa um vorið

Closing Credits: Clever Meals


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