• I took the female metalhead stereotype survey too!

    Nov 7 2008, 2h08

    Long hair past shoulders? Fuck yeah.

    Have tattoos? No

    Are you white? I'm pretty pale.

    Any band logo tattoos? No no tattoos yet

    lesbian, bi, only dates guys with long hair? No. But guys with long hair are fucking hot.

    Wear black boots? No

    Wear fitted/boot cut distressed jeans? no

    Wear spikes? no

    Wear a black leather/denim biker jacket? No

    Satanist, occultist or atheist? I have an interest in the occult. However I am agnostic.

    I.Q. under 95? Actually, I'm pretty smart. About 125.

    Growing collection of black band shirts? Yes

    Public drunkard? I don't like to drink... I do psychedelics. Hah. Alot better, huh?

    Does harder drugs? Yeah

    Hates most people? Yes.

    Hates the government? Yes.

    Angry, Violent, and evil? Yes

    Have a mental/emotional disorder? I'm not going to say no... it's... possible.

    Goes to at least 1 metal show every month? I wish. I try.

    Cuts? Fuck no.

    Plays/plans on playing electric guitar, bass, or drums? I play all three.

    Cannibal tendencies? No.

    Racist? No.

    Any hobbies outside of metal and/or alcohol, sex, and violence? Yeah, but not many more.