Updated list of free music on Last.fm [alt-country/country/folk]


Abr 19 2009, 16h24

My other blog posts about free music available on Last.fm can be found HERE

A Jigsaw [alt-countryfolk]

The Alpha & Omega Suite [alt-country/electronic]

Anders K. Madsen [acoustic/folk]

Ashish [folk]

Blanche [alt-country]

The Comb-overs [acoustic/folk]

Corey Smith [country]

Devendra Banhart [folk]

Edith Frost [alt-country/indie]

Einar Stenseng [folk]

The Felice Brothers [alt-country/folk]

Gaia Consort [folk]

Gloria Jane [country]

Harumpotlash [experimental folk]

Hoosier Hijack [country covers]

Jake Generalli [folk]

Jason Crowgey [folk/indie]

Jim Brannigan [celtic/irish folk]

John Paul Keith & the One Four Fives [country]

Lola Mullen [alt-country/folk]

Los Alamos [alt-country]

Marybeth D'Amico [alt-country]

Ours To Destroy [folk]

Punch the pilot [acoustic/folk]

Rosie and Me [folk/indie]

Santa Cruz [alt-country/folk] (click on the albums to find the free tracks)

Spoken In Sanskrit [folk]

Shannon Stephens [acoustic/folk]

Ternipe [folk]

Tim Salmond [country/folk]

Tom Peel [folk]

Unsparing Sea [folk]

Ветер Воды [folk]

Дорога Водана [folk rock]


  • thecrowg

    I'm always honored to be included! Ideally, I'll be releasing some new stuff on last.fm soon. Thanks for the mention!

    Abr 20 2009, 0h17
  • pphilipp

    Thank you for mentioning our music in your list. The Alpha & Omega Suite will always be heard without expense to the listener. The only exception is when ordering the double-set CDs (with booklet), in which case a small shipping and handling fee must be charged. Additionally, for any musician desiring to perform music from the Suite, written lyrics with chords will be emailed at no charge. Thanks once again!!

    Abr 27 2009, 15h01
  • marybeth-damico

    Thanks for the mention. Loomer is also another great alt-country band on here that has lots of full tracks for listening.

    Abr 27 2009, 20h02
  • GloriaJane

    Thanks for including my name on your list.

    Mai 1 2009, 2h34
  • PeterMDavis

    If you like The Comb-overs, check out my other website http://petedavis.bandcamp.com for some new songs. I changed the name from the Comb-overs to my own name, but that's really hard to change on Last.FM.

    Mai 4 2009, 13h18
  • my_demons

    saw you had a Jigsaw in your list. alright!

    Mai 7 2009, 0h07
  • TimSalmond

    cheers for adding me to this list much apreciated

    Mai 18 2009, 14h17
  • westbaymonument

    thanks, as always! -lola mullen.

    Mai 21 2009, 20h06
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