Lyrics Game


Jun 14 2006, 5h35

Put your media player on random and select a lyric from each of the first 30 songs that come up, then allow everyone to guess the song and cross a song off your list once it has been guessed correctly.

all i ever wanted
was to forget
bloodshot eyes and a starless sky
who the hell are we kidding?

2 Under Fire

hold on tight to the radio
coming to the end of your
life starring you
breaking through
hold on tight to the radio
it's sad but true
coming to an end near you

It's the feeling you get when you think
that someone behind is watching you
Well I can tell you now that someone is me
And I'm about to make it right

5 Settle Down

Let the heavens rain down from the sky
Let the nightmares come that stalk us in the night
The cancer spread throughout our bodies
Consuming everything in sight
Before we even knew it was alive

7 She Broke My Heart So I Broke His Jaw

8 No Reason

9 Smashed Into Pieces

This tree is dead and cold
This house is not a home
Help me now
I'm dying here all alone

11 Luckie St.

(Take me away) Where the skies aren't
(Shades of grey) Baby, let's make
(Our escape) To a place where
(We can) wake to sun again

13 Bodybag

Watch somebody fall from grace
When there's nobody there to take their place
You can't help but feel alone

Maybe I’ll be fine
Maybe I’ll be better than yesterday
Maybe I’ll take time
To understand the place where you left me

Ten frozen memories lost into your pool of interrupted thought.
I could have reminisced for hours.
But right now you are all I get to remember.
I'm waiting for something to get through to you.

17 Cicada's Song

Something seems to change
When I know you`re by my side
I start to feel a rain
And it pours until I feel alive

19 Accidents

Here she comes to ruin my day again
Right away she starts with shouting
Making this the best week ever
If only she could scream forever

21 Shine

22 Snow In Hollywood

Waiting for someone, to watch me fall asleep so I can dream tonight
Turn out the light
I'm pulling myself down
I can't stop feeling like happy endings are out of style now

24 Waiting

Empty heads fill crowded rooms
I can hear my own spine crack
I keep my collar up and wear a lions mask

I'll take it back and hold my breath (hold my breath)
I'm breaking my fist on the wall next to your door
On bended knee I'll pray for you (pray for you)
On angels wings we'll find what we've been looking for

So now the lights flash white and all you see is anger get up.
Was your life worth it?
Were you content?
Could you make everything feel perfect in your own head?

I can't tolerate your sadness
cause it's me you're drowning
I won't allow any hapiness
cause everytime you laugh, I feel so guilty

29 Dive Right In

30 D^2

A Change of Pace
Autopilot Off
Bullet for My Valentine
Cartel (x2)
Dead Poetic
Funeral for a Friend
Further Seems Forever
Halifax (x2)
Hit the Lights
In Flames
Just Surrender
Letter Kills
Over It (x2)
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
So They Say
Story of the Year
Sum 41
Zebrahead (x2)


  • Desiderata03

    9. Silverstein - Smashed to Pieces 29. Story of the Year - Dive Right In And 8 is driving me crazy because I can't put my finger on it. I think it's Sum 41 and from Chuck... 8. Sum 41 - No Reason (?)

    Jun 14 2006, 6h07
  • goldinmyveins

    5. Cartel - Settle Down 11. Cartel - Luckie St. 13. Hit The Lights - Bodybag

    Jun 14 2006, 6h09
  • Nigoki

    19- alexisonfire - accidents =]

    Jun 14 2006, 6h16
  • iCouldBeHer_xO

    2. Halifax - Under Fire 7. Just Surrender - She Broke My Heart, So I Broke His Jaw 22. Halifax - Snow in Hollywood 30. Allister - D^2

    Jun 14 2006, 7h11
  • ally525

    17. autopilot off - the cicada's song =)

    Jun 14 2006, 16h47
  • redrummm86

    Nice job, folks, all correct so far =P

    Jun 14 2006, 20h41
  • peanutbutter37

    29. Story of the Year - Dive Right In

    Jun 16 2006, 16h03
  • thoseguiltyeyes

    21. Over It - Shine 24. Over It - Waiting

    Jun 17 2006, 17h24
  • BeforeToday

    25. Emanuel -- Xeroxicide

    Jul 2 2006, 18h49
  • l3elvlySuperMan

    16. Dead Poetic - Hostages

    Set 7 2006, 8h20
  • xgayax

    1. SKSK - Only Medicine 10. Funeral For a Friend - Recovery 25. Emanuel - Xerocide

    Dez 2 2006, 14h25
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