Sarah Palin Rocks the Polls!!!!!!!!!


Jun 17 2011, 17h49

Wow! I am soooooooo excited! It is a dream for a woman to finally get this opportunty and I couldn't be thrilled!
This is a link to today's poll and article.
This is a link to Heart's Barracuda Palin's theme song!
Great tune and great news! I am Independent and am not Republican nor democrat, it matters to me who the person is and what they stand for and all though I love Sarah and a majority of her views. I DO NOT agree with all of them and it is fantastic that we may finally see a woman in the White House!
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  • grayarcadian

    A few things: 1) On what planet is Sarah Palin going to do anything for women's rights? Just because she is a woman does not mean she believes or promotes such things as health care access, life-work balance, education, gender equality, reproductive rights, environmental sustainability social justice or any of the other issues women voters tend to care about. 2) The ladies in Heart, who actually *have* done something for the equal treatment for women in their field, would like their song to not be associated with Palin at all. As a fan of Heart, I'd ask that their wishes in this matter be respected. 3) Yes, I can back any of this up with politically neutral sources. No, I will not be rooting for Palin. I prefer my politicians to not bully the town librarian. I prefer them to read periodicals every once in awhile. I prefer them to know basic US History, like, say, what Paul Revere did during the Revolutionary War. I want to see *qualified* people in positions of power regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. and there is nothing I have seen which says she is the least bit qualified. If you have something, I'd love to hear it.

    Jun 17 2011, 19h42
  • jcjohnson63

    first, let me say that i do not want to discuss politics with friends. it can be a real problem. there have been several recent examples of this with me. secondly, i AM a registered Democrat AND liberal all of my life. my humble opinion of sarah palin is she simply wants to be paid attention to. the polls of average americans basically say that she will never be president. sorry but the truth hurts.the only woman who can be president will have to reach out to ALL americans. not just the extremists that Ms. palin appeals to.if you hate me for my opinons, sorry. go ahead. i like you. you are a nice person.

    Jun 17 2011, 20h16
  • jcjohnson63

    btw- Heart have made in plain that they DO NOT suport her in any way, shape or form. nor would joan jett or any of the other female rockers mentioned for submittimg this article. or pearl jam. or a host of others listed.

    Jun 17 2011, 20h17
  • skiesrblue sent it to me and so I feel I can comment... I'm from the UK so my opinion scarcely counts. But I think Palin and her ilk are dreadful....I pretty much disagree with everything the tea party etc stands for. And hey....I'm not left wing....I just dislike the bigotry and the predujice that they feed on.

    Jun 17 2011, 21h05
  • epi_gee

    only the right woman in office will do anything for women's rights... this woman is not competent enough to run a country. not by a long shot. voting for her just BECAUSE she is a woman would be a major mistake.

    Jun 17 2011, 22h08
  • zinc_ukfr

    I'm sorry, but Sarah Palin only serves at harming women's rights. She has such an awful reputation internationally (and for good reason); she only confirms people's stereotypical and biased views on women. Say you didn't like cats. But your parents convinced you that buying a cat would remove your biased cats that all cats and stupid and evil. So you buy a cat. Except the cat you buy pisses and shits over everything you have, and eats the fish. You'd hate cats even more, even though the behaviour of that cat isn't the normal behaviour of cats!

    Jun 18 2011, 5h34
  • polkadotpolak

    You can work for women's rights and not be a woman. Obama has been pretty good with rights for all people, methinks. I agree with the general commenting public here though: There really should be a female President of the United States, and I'm sure it will happen soon, but it would screw us all over if it was Palin. (Also, her voice bugs me.)

    Jun 18 2011, 6h40
  • rwitte

    it will be a great thing when America elects it's first female president. :) From here in England, the surprising thing about American presidential elections is that frequently the less intellectually gifted candidate wins - and it is highly likely that Mrs Palin will have the edge in this regard ;) Do beware of assuming that a female leader will advance women's rights. Mrs. Thatcher's premiership here set them back in the short term.

    Jun 18 2011, 12h43
  • CrybKeeper

    Agree with rwitte - you never know what will come about. However, I definitely would like to see women equal to men, in all respects. This has not happened yet. I have seen women in my choice industry passed over for males with less qualifications and it makes me angry!

    Jun 19 2011, 4h00
  • lakebod0m

    I would rather see just about any other female in the white house. She can't even pronounce nuclear correctly..'nucaler'..such a moron.

    Jun 19 2011, 8h18
  • Brown_Sound

    Wow, must be trying to balance out all of our recent anarchist shouts, lol. If Sarah Palin gets the GOP nomination (which is doubtful, the big money folks will stop it), she will be chewed up and made to look foolish in the debates. Sorry, but to paraphase Foghorn Leghorn, "she is about sharp as a bowling ball."

    Jun 19 2011, 12h54
  • Borglanarg

    Another quality journal entry from redhotfire!

    Jun 21 2011, 18h06
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