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  • misguidedhopes

    You definitely are.

    15 Ago 16h50 Responder
  • misguidedhopes

    Wow such great music taste. Wow you must be such a great person. Wow.

    14 Ago 21h50 Responder
  • Londonatte

    New tattoo? I want to see it :(((

    5 Ago 13h24 Responder
  • Londonatte

    Why I don't like John Lennon... hmmm, there's not really a reason, I just don't. In fact, I grew a dislike for The Beatles (since like 3 years ago to today). Ugh, I just saw on the internet a very disgusting tattoo. It was a Pinocchio, and the big nose was the man's... lol

    3 Jul 14h23 Responder
  • Londonatte

    Well, maybe a word or something, but not a drawing in my skin. Oh, I don't like John Lennon, my favorite beatle is George Harrison. Anywways, you have other tattoos in mind, right? what do you have in mind for the moment?

    18 Jun 18h18 Responder
  • Londonatte

    Yes, you're my Muse friend :3 Well, I like tattoos, but I can't visualize myself having one, I don't know why. And if I get one, what would it be about? see? I'm not clear at all about it, so I can't get one. At least, not yet ):

    4 Jun 15h46 Responder
  • Londonatte

    I think tattoos are pretty (depending on the design and who wears it), but not everyone can have one. for example, me. I tend to change my mind with everything, so imagine me having a permanent drawing in my skin that I love, and time later I'll be like "why did I do this? hell no!". My tumblr? I need to redecorate it ): but thank you. Btw, no every time I listen to Muse I think of you haha <3

    28 Mai 13h52 Responder
  • Londonatte

    Did it hurt? you know, the tattoo... hello, remember me? yes? no? :(((

    8 Mai 0h07 Responder
  • Londonatte

    A tattoo? how interesting, I wanna see it ): Yes, I love Lana del Rey, my favorite song is Cola.

    6 Abr 13h57 Responder
  • Londonatte

    I'm not so fan of Muse, but I do like Sunburn, Muscle Museum and Knights of Cydonia :)

    5 Abr 15h14 Responder
  • Londonatte

    Hello, nice to meet you. Great music taste <3

    2 Abr 21h06 Responder
  • shellehbelleh

    ahahahaa, a good weird. I loved the whole set! When they played a simple beautiful truth, i was so happy. What was weird was after the show itself. The conversation I had with both of them was just funny weird. Mainly with Tom. They're all cute boys, but I was just taken aback at the things Tom would say. Like for example, he was saying how nice we were to show up and im like, "well make it worth it then." and he said, "maybe i will." lol crap of that sort, which i found hilarious. I'd like to see them again though, hopefully WITH MERCH THIS TIME, GOD DAMN IT.

    8 Mar 3h32 Responder
  • shellehbelleh

    LOL tell me about it! But he said it wasn't set in stone about them going to the Fonda, because of the manager. Then he just shook his head and said, " is what it is right?" And I just stood there like, "i....suppose...???" Ahahahahaa, last night was really weird for me. Still a little bummed they didn't play Plaything, but whatever. What'd you think of the show?

    7 Mar 20h54 Responder
  • shellehbelleh

    I spoke to them after the show, and Tom told me theyre coming back in October at the Fonda. So, bigger venue = merch? But, idk if they'd sell out at the Fonda. Let's hope so, cos, I WANT MY SHIRT.

    7 Mar 17h21 Responder
  • shellehbelleh

    No merch though. WHY.

    7 Mar 16h25 Responder
  • shellehbelleh

    I want to hear Daughters so BAD. And dont get me started on A Simple Beautiful Truth, cos that song is one of the best on this album. Honestly, the whole album is amazing! Agh...youre leaving early. Well, idk yet. The show sold out, which came as a shock, but good for them! I hope their merch this time around is just as great as the album cos I WANT A GODDAMN SHIRT.

    26 Fev 18h32 Responder
  • shellehbelleh

    Btw - What time you thnk on showing up to get in line? i doubt people will show up before 5.... but i could be wrong. lol its next week, omg.

    25 Fev 22h35 Responder
  • shellehbelleh

    ahahahahhahaaha good thing you didn't bust the "how dare you not support the artist!", which I will, but you know. lmao. Omg I know right! Idk, I kinda question why Wanderlust is their first single when EVERYTHING ELSE IS HEAVEN. I feel like you do about A Simple Beautiful Truth. Holy crap, if they sing that song live, my soul will leave my body. Only complaint is that these songs are too short!

    18 Fev 13h44 Responder
  • shellehbelleh

    I....know it's horrible and everything, but Present Tense is amazing omg. I'll def buy it next week.

    18 Fev 5h14 Responder
  • shellehbelleh

    I srsly think this album is gonna amazing and omg its gonna be great live <3 <3

    15 Fev 19h55 Responder
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