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Out 13 2011, 23h21

Shared Top Albums *

CvsJ's Whole Numbers Play the Basics (ambient) ~ Felikspopelix, Patjng
Christ.'s Blue Shift Emissions (ambient) ~ Jcotteri, Kraenk, Kristyanne
Dfrnt's Metafiction (ambient) ~ Drew8808, Kristyanne
Dimlite's Prismic Tops (ambient) ~ Drew8808, Sulphur, Kristyanne
Dntel's Life Is Full of Possibilities (ambient) ~ Ianmullen, Kristyanne
Esem's Scateren (ambient) ~ Atmospheric7t7, Ianmullen, Kraenk
Freescha's Kids Fill the Floor (ambient) ~ Beablossom, Ianmullen, Postdawn
Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest (ambient) ~ Beablossom, Der666, Patjng
James Blake's James Blake (ambient) ~ Glendement, Gotawesome, Kraenk
Kona Triangle's Sing a New Sapling into Existence (ambient) ~ Sulphur, Oeroerg
Love Spirals Downwards' Idylls (ambient) ~ Dogstarmusic, Postdawn
Manual's Lost Days, Open Skies and Streaming Tides (...) ~ Ianmullen, Postdawn
Mount Kimbie's Crooks & Lovers (ambient) ~ Drew8808, Kraenk, Kristyanne
Nicolas Jaar's Space Is Only Noise (ambient) ~ Glendement, Kraenk, Kristyanne
Ochre's A Midsummer Nice Dream (ambient) ~ Sulphur, Kraenk, Postdawn
Orange Crush's Autumn Reflections (ambient) ~ Beablossom,´ Ianmullen, Patjng
Pantha Du Prince's Black Noise (ambient) ~ Beablossom, Kraenk, Sivabo, Der666
Paul White's Paul White & The Purple Brain (ambient) ~ Sulphur, Oeroerg
Proem's Socially Inept (ambient) ~ Beablossom, Ianmullen, Kristyanne, Postdawn
Secede's Bye Bye Gridlock Traffic (ambient) ~ Jcotteri, Kraenk, Postdawn
SDS's The Slow and Steady Winter (ambient) ~ Ianmullen, Postdawn
Teebs' Ardour (ambient) ~ Drew8808, Sulphur, Glendement
Telefon Tel Aviv's Fahrenheit Fair Enough (ambient) ~ Jcotteri, Ianmullen, Sivabo
The Daysleeperss Drowned In a Sea of Sound (ambient) ~ Nihiliann, Postdawn
The Dead Texan's The Dead Texan (ambient) ~ Dogstarmusic, Postdawn
The Flashbulb's Arboreal (ambient) ~ Sulphur, Fatcaesar, Glendement

* of members in the group Dreamy Music for those who have Inner Peacefulness


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