Jun 6 2006, 12h02

Sometimes, you find a musical gem at a moment which you would not have expected.

Just now I listened to Genetic Drugs' album 'Drum and Tribes, Vol. 1 - Asian Breakbeats'.

If I just had listened to it in the music-store I would probably have dismissed it as a very nice Drum & Bass / Breakbeat album.

But now, while working, I have this in the background, so each track will be played in full.

Asian Vibes in a very energizing version, very unlike the preview on

And 'hidden', the one but last track, there is Dancing Drums, mixed by Genetic Drugs.

Wow! This is like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull and some Shankar relatives took some drugs and gone freaky groovin' together.

Me like.


  • Cometclaw

    It's kinda wierd. I'm not that into asian themed music, but I suppose it's okay.

    Jun 6 2006, 12h30
  • LadyParadis

    It always gives one a warm feeling to discover gems of any kind. Makes you feel like something good happened on purpose just for you.

    Jun 6 2006, 15h47
  • realpaladin

    Gems of any kind :) How true dear Lady, how true. I did find some in the last few weeks. And a lot of them were not music related :)

    Jun 6 2006, 22h19
  • Dresv

    Based on your journalentry I entered 'Drum' in the stationfinder. I picked 'drum drum drum' from the list and so far it hasn't dissapointed me ;-)

    Jun 7 2006, 11h04
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