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Jul 10 2008, 23h21

Wed 9 Jul – Crowded House

Terrible, terrible pun.

Crowded House played Liverpool as part of the Summer Pops season. Warm-up provided by Don McGlashan (part of the NZ cohort) and local band Voo. Don did a one-man band set complete with one of the most under-used instruments in popular music today - the Euphonium. Voo hhad a kind of Editor-ish vibe to them and were a cracking, tight band and quite endearing on-stage.

Crowded House were themselves as engaging as ever, even as a follow on from Glastonbury having debates with the security staff. It was a hit heavy set with only two songs from the latest album and two new songs. The crowd were warmly appreciative with a lot of dancing in the aisles. I was particularly in the mood for Distant Sun this evening and was pleased it came towards the end. And Fall At Your Feet made me as misty eyed as ever.

An encore with Jonny Marr and the Smiths song There Is A Light... was a fantastic addition and two encores was more than merited. Below is the setlist as best as I can remember..

Everything Is Good For You
World Where You Live
Love You 'Til The Day I Die
Fall At Your Feet
It's Only Natural
Locked Out
Heaven That I'm Making
Turn It Around
Whispers And Moans
Not The Girl You Think You Are
Pineapple Head
Either Side Of The World

Don't Dream It's Over
When You Come
Distant Sun

Encore [with Johnny Marr adding vocals and guitar]
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
Don't Stop Now
Throw Your Arms Around Me
Weather With You

Second Encore
Fingers Of Love
Into Temptation


  • RadioTed

    I'm already looking forward to the new CD and another appearance at the Arena. I hope that Arena killjoys won't be jobsworth's and ban them because of Neil's encouragement to the crowd not to just sit and watch arms folded, no doubt with extremely overpriced Arena refreshments in their hands.

    Jul 10 2008, 23h33
  • reallywunderbar

    I was quietly impressed with the new songs they aired. I did say to my friend that I went with that they wouldn't be invited back - but I'm sure they will. If the management can't deal with Crowded House fans having a boogie I don't know how they'll deal with teenyboppers or anything in the rockier realm of music!

    Jul 10 2008, 23h42
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