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Set 6 2006, 22h57

Ok, from the top: for album sessions that didn't make the Illinois album, The Avalanche is pretty good stuff. Nothing groundbreaking or amazing, but good ol' Sufjan Stevens fun.

Errrr, I'm not super into the French Kicks...

Ok, Cansei de Ser Sexy. They've got one or two good songs (Let's Make Love and Listen Death from Above is awesome, This Month, Day 10 is pretty good but kinda obnoxious) and a ton of album filler. When they're good, though, they're good. I kinda wish they hadn't gotten so big just off their first album; all the attention might not lend itself too well to their musical growth.

Um, onegai shima-what now?

M.I.A. is awesome, and she's producing her own second album, which has me both excited and scared. It could really go either way.

Things that are coming out sometime soon that I am looking forward to: The Rapture are coming out with a new album (Pieces of the People We Love) and every song I've heard so far sounds amazing. Also Charlotte Gainsbourg's new album (5.55) has already dropped in the U.K., and the songs sound amazing. Air and Jarvis Cocker have helped her out on it. It sounds like the album that's going to get me through the winter.

P.S. Hey, could you email me the contact info for the tournaments we attended last year for quiz bowl and anything else we might need? We're off to a grand start; we snagged one of the new teachers (American History/Government, Mr. Bowman) to host the club, and he seems pretty excited about it himself.


  • thelonious22

    cool...Charlotte Gainsbourg...any relation to Serge Gainsbourg? which reminds me gotta try to pick up some of his stuff... with Quiz bowl...the one that I forwarded you a while back...that's a good one...unfortunately I no longer have the contact info for the rest...I had all of it sent to my TUSD e-mail and they didn't waste any time cutting me off of the I can't log into it anymore...just check the NAQT schedule once in a while and it'll have the contact info...the hosts are the usual guys UCLA with the fetus, UCI with Willie Chen who is a teacher at Artesia HS in lakewood now, USC, and once in a while UCR or some random HS (Linda Carpenter from Edison usually knows everything that's going on)...she's the mean coach from Edison...UCLA and USC may have a it or something to get one their mailing list...but whatever is on the NAQT site should be enough I thought you guys would have been fine without an advisor but guess you need it for ASB issues...and whoever the new guy is will be better than Weaves... wish I could say the same about our program...we may have problems finding possible opponents...and the other guy I'm working with is big on another's these multiple choice Q's up on a screen and the entire team can participate (no max # of members so it gets chaotic)...and it's lame cuz it's all done on a computer and you just submit your face-to face or anything...totally he does that format and I do the NAQT...first practice was absolutely horrid...whopping 25 pts per match...that's from both teams...never had a more miserable experience at a Q-bowl practice...I'll be happy if a team remains for rest of the year...

    Set 7 2006, 1h24
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